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These Are the World’s Best Cruise Destinations for Adventure Lovers

Cruises are often interchangeably synchronized with slow-paced and relaxed excursions. The reality is that cruises can take you anywhere and make your trip whatever you like. No matter if you are in for new cultures, beautiful beaches, exciting history, or breathtaking landscapes, there are many cruise destinations for adventure seekers too.

And cruises continue to be the ultimate hottest way to travel on an adventure, honeymoon, anniversary, or holiday. Like a cruise to Koh Samui in Thailand . If you happen to be the adventure seeker who is looking for suggestions on where to embark on the next trip, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are in the search of winding remote islands, stunning fjords, or mesmerizing rivers, these adventure cruises will make you want to travel the world for life! Check our top choices and enjoy the beauty of each cruise destination.


From unique and endemic species to stunning landscapes, Galapagos (check out of review of G Adventures Galapagos tour) is the home to many. There’s hardly any place on Earth similar to Galapagos. After all, who wouldn’t want to travel in Charles Darwin’s footsteps and learn more about the theory of evolution?

The ultimate Galapagos Islands cruise consists of visiting remote locations and smaller, scattered islands throughout the archipelago. We know that you can see beaches in many countries, however, it’s hard to find remote and secluded beaches like on these islands. Some of the most famous ones are Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island and Garder Bay on Spanish Island.

While you’re there don’t forget to see the giant tortoises and amazing array of wildlife that can only be found on these special islands.

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Indonesia is best for discovering volcanoes, giant reptiles, and mesmerizing beaches with crystal-clear waters. Cruises typically embark from April to October and trips during the monsoon season are avoided. Indonesia is rich with 18,000 islands, however, it doesn’t take a lot to explore the archipelago and focus on the areas that are tourist-based.

Bali is the main tourist attraction where you can explore a chain of islands known for their volcanic nature. Java is the most popular one, while Rinca, Satonda, Lombok, and Sarangi are also worth visiting. The trip to Komodo Island will be a delight where you’d get to see the famous komodo dragons.

A getaway to Tana Toraja hills will take you on an extravagant ride of funeral sites and boat-shaped houses. If you want to enjoy the coral reefs and escape the noise, the pristine reefs of Raja Ampat are the perfect corner for it.


Across Peru, you can see the Amazon shining with its rainforest, jungle, and waters. If you want to see plenty of diversity in one place, this destination is the right choice for you. However, do not expect to run your itinerary on time, just go with the flow and enjoy the Amazon culture.

Amazon is home to 2.5 million insects, thousands of plants, and animals. Many areas in the jungle can be accessed only via a boat, so you can stay in the eco-reserves and isolated resorts during the time of your trip.

Many reasons contribute to putting Amazon on every adventurer’s list:

  • The food: Over 3000 types of fruit grow in the rainforest
  • The little villages where you can learn more about the Amazonian culture, traditions, and customs; plus you’ll find many shamans, healers, witch doctors, and medicine men
  • You can see Amazon and Amerindian, indigenous tribes

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The Kimberley

While we head off to the Aboriginal side of the Earth, it’s time to visit the Kimberley. The breathtaking landscapes, endless reefs, and indigenous villages are the focus of adventure seekers. Tumescent boabs, rugged desert, and unreconstructed wilderness are just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you dive between Darwin and Broom, you can see the Montgomery Reef and enjoy the view from the Horizontal Falls as the coral is rising 400 sq km above water. The usual itinerary consists of a trip across the salt flats, the Vansittart Bay, and the Bigge Island where Wunambal people depicted their encounters with the Europeans.


Sepik is an isolated destination in Papua New Guinea. You can take a multi-day river cruise and visit the upper and middle sections of the region where you can see ritual skin scarification. The river’s beginning is at Madang, the part where the village lies between the Kanganaman and Chambri Lake.

In Sepik, you can see colorful, traditional dances, greet locals and learn a slice of their history. This remote community is very popular among adventurers and tourists, so if you have the chance of visiting it, do not think twice!

Book Your Trip

We’ve talked about the most famous adventure-pleasing destinations, now it’s the time to take action and book your trip. 

Before heading on to your next adventure, make sure you’re informed about the latest traveling trends, and tips on how to pack, or which places to visit. All of this, and more, you can find on our blog.

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