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World Venture – The Next Trip Around the World

World Ventures are important. Lately, I have been a silent about my recent and upcoming world ventures. Instead, I have focused my content on travel tips and advice. I get a lot of questions, and I have written travel posts to answer some of the most frequent ones.
I want to supply you guys with all the info and advice you need!
But as I gear up for my next world venture I’m stoked to get started writing about my travels again.
Plus, I want you to vote on where you want me to go! Let’s dive into the post and talk about the upcoming world ventures.


First, I briefly want to fill everyone in on where I have been the last few months.
For the last five months, I have been living and working on the Oliver Hazard Perry, and sailing the east coast of America on another tall ship the Mystic. Not unlike the tall ship that made our list of the top things to do in Galveston TX.
Although, I have not written anything about it.
As I am preparing for the new world venture, I will be busting out a lot of fun and detailed post about working and living on a sailing vessel.
I’ve been traveling the world almost three years straight at this point, I have not left America this entire year. It is the longest I have been in the country in a decade!
While I love sailing, I am ready to get back to foreign lands and let the world venture begin.
Now, I am getting prepared to pick up my backpack and start the new world venture.



On October 13th, I arrive back in one of my favorite spots in the entire world, Southeast Asia. I will be in Bangkok for a week chilling with other travel bloggers like Backpacker Banter, and TravelFreak.
From Bangkok, Backpacker Banter, myself, and a few lovely ladies will be exploring Cambodia and crossing off our Vietnam Itinerary  for a couple of months.Exploring the temples of Angkor Wat, and doing a ton of other awesome activities!
These are both countries I am a little ashamed I have not seen since I have spent about a year backpacking in Southeast Asia. I couldn’t be more excited to wander the ancient city of Angkor Wat, and take a refreshing dip in Halong Bay.
Everytime Backpacker Banter and I travel together, it is madness, like that time we survived a tropical storm.
We have some really cool stuff planned for the next couple months so make sure you stay updated on our adventures.


I will be flying from Vietnam in December to spend a week in London.
Here I will be catching up with lots of travel buddies. Including one of my Mongol Rally teams,which I drove 7,000 miles in a clutchless car with across central Asia. Yep, you read that right.
After the week with them, which I am sure will involve lots of Vodka and slight liver damage, I am flying into Venice. Finally, after years of work, I have convinced my family to travel to Europe for the first time.
For 2 ½ weeks, I will be showing my family around my favorite country, Italy.Yayy
I can’t get enough of backpacking Italy!
I am spending Christmas in Rome, a massive bucket list item for myself. Double Yayy
From Rome, we are flying directly to Paris to spend New Year’s Eve under the bright lights of the Eiffel Tower. After my family heads back to Ohio.
I will spend the rest of the month traveling from France back to Italy to head to Carnival in Venice.
Bring on the mask and cape! From Carnival, I will head to Spain for either a week or a month, but then back to Asia.

WORLD VENTURE – LEG 3:China / Thailand ( February –  April)

In February I will be traveling to China to spend Chinese New Years with locals. This will be a great adventure and one that I am looking forward to alot. One of the many facts about me is that I can’t get enough of Thailand and China. They are two of my favorite countries in the world
After that I will be heading back to one of my favorite cities in the world to lay low and catch up on work. I mean even though I have an awesome travel job it still takes a lot of work. 


Skydiving in New Zealand
Around June, I am moving to New Zealand for a year.
Here I world ventures slow down a little as I’ll explore the same country for a year. Exploring all of New Zealand points of interest.
I visited New Zealand a couple of years ago and fell completely in love with the country.
I also fell out of a pink plane; luckily I was strapped to a bearded man with a parachute.
I foaming at the mouth at the thought of climbing the snow-capped mountain ranges and meandering through the lush landscapes.
New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world. And I plan on embarking on as many as I can while exploring this unscathed country.
I also plan to let you guys vote on some of the activities I do while living in New Zealand.

What do you think next world venture?

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  1. A very interesting way to write an article! Also I tried to vote, but couldn’t quite work it – I vote India/Nepal (and maybe even a bit of Sri Lanka if you can get down there – with a quick stop over in the Maldives?) I am excited for you adventure!! And if you make it up to Chiang Rai I’ll show you a few local haunts (and pick your brains about your sailing adventures!! Have fun and safe travels!!

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