If you’ve never lived in the far Western points of Canada, you might think there’s not much out there for you.  If so, you’re missing out on one of the most incredible cities in the country.  Vancouver is an island city that everyone’s heard of from film to business talk, and yet it avoids the expenses of city living you’d find in places like Toronto.

Here are the top reasons you should look into Vancouver and why it’ll surprise you.

Stars and Filming In Every Corner

Because of the beautiful surroundings and the tax cuts possible for filming in Toronto, tons of top-of-the-line films are shot in Vancouver.  These include Tim Burton’s Big Eyes and the classic Happy Gilmore

Vancouver also has a habit of popping out stars since it’s responsible for famous names like Jensen Ackles and Carly Rae Jepsen.  Vancouver has a way of finding leads and making real names out of them.

Tech Jobs and The Benefits 

Vancouver has been home to many large tech booms, and it seems like this city isn’t going to stop any time soon.  This rapidly growing industry bubble isn’t just for tech jobs directly, though.  Because of this industry, thousands and thousands of other jobs are open and well-paying. 

This can range from receptionist and data entry jobs opening up to more call centers and foodservice work.  Everyone in the city benefits from the tech industry being nested in Vancouver.

Rated Best City Continuously 

Vancouver has been rated the best city in the world by multiple publications. 

The Telegraph claims that this is all true because of low crime rates and beautiful views, and this makes sense for anyone who’s visited the city.  Not only do people feel safe walking down the city streets at night, but they also mention that any time of the day can have amazing views to take in.

Skiing A Short Drive Away

Whistler, a skiing and snowboarding hotspot, is less than two hours away from Vancouver. 

This means that anyone can sneak away for the weekend to enjoy gorgeous mountains and fun winter sports, unlike anywhere else.  Although Vancouver has the water games and fun on lock, it can be fascinating to have a different kind of fun and feel like you’re taking a massive vacation despite the short drive.  

360 Views All Over The City

There’s nothing like a gorgeous view to increase your quality of life.  Instead of living in a city where you only see the buildings, nearly every street in Vancouver has a picture of either the water or the mountains. 

These sights can leave people who live in the city feeling like they won into a lottery just by looking at homes for sale in Vancouver.  If natural beauty isn’t thrilling to you, the city is full of art, from graffiti walls to interesting sculptures and museums scattered throughout.  You’d have to consciously try to ignore all of Vancouver’s beauty to be unable to notice it.

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