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Why You Should Add a T-Top to Your Center Console Boat

A center console boat is a spectacular investment. If you own one, you need to keep it in great condition, and proper maintenance is key. You also need the right accessories for your boat, and one key accessory you should consider is a boat t-top. Right now, adding a boat t-top is the most popular upgrade for center console boats.

Some years back, if your boat didn’t come with a t-top, you had to part with thousands of dollars to have a custom t-top built and installed.

Nowadays, there are several high-quality universal t-tops that don’t require special skills to install. Let’s take a look at the benefits of adding a t-top to your boat. 


Nothing is more miserable than getting fried in the scorching summer heat while sitting on your boat in the afternoon. A good t-top from Stryker T-Tops will protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and although your boat’s OEM Bimini provides enough shade, it won’t give you enough space to stand up. Also, the bimini must be removed when trailering or traveling at 35 mph or higher. With a t-top, you will have shade even when traveling at over 35 mph, and you won’t have to duck when standing under the t-top. In addition, a t-top provides a safe place to stand when it is raining. 


If you are looking for ways to make your boat look better, adding at-top is a great way to complement your boat’s look. There are many aftermarket t-tops that are designed to look OEM or even better, and they will make your boat appear spectacular and visually appealing. 


Adding the right t-top to your boat provides additional storage, which is important when you are heading out with a large crew. If there is fishing equipment or any other thing that you don’t want to get wet, you can store it in the overhead storage provided by at-top. Storage provided by a t-top is appropriate for storing electronics, navigation tools, antennas, lights, and rod holders. 

A place for mounting equipment

If you acquired your boat for fishing, adding a t-top offers you a convenient place to mount equipment. To make your center console boat more useful, you may want to mount equipment such as antennas, speakers, lights, outriggers, and extra rod holders, among other things. 

Improve its resale value

There has been an increase in demand for center console boats recently, and there is no doubt that a well-maintained boat, especially one with a t-top, will fetch more money. You may not be considering disposing of it at the moment, but if the time comes when you choose to sell it or upgrade, a quality t-top will attract premium pay. 


Installing a t-top comes down to your personal preference and your boat’s primary use. Apart from fishing, you can enjoy cruising with family and friends on your center console boat, and we definitely recommend adding a t-top to your boat. Regardless of how you enjoy your boat, you need protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and elements, and you need more storage as well. 

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