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“I Want to Travel The World!” Then, Stop making excuses!!

“I want to travel the world” is a phrase I hear a lot.

However, when you ask them why they don’t go for a travel through Europe, or spend a month off the coast of Thailand everyone says the same three excuses.




We live in a very fast paced society, and because of that people often forget that if they don’t stop and take some time and have a travel holiday that there are just letting a majority of their life pass by them.

I don’t want to be one of them, and I don’t want you to either. Whatever style of traveler you are, backpacker or luxury, there are some important lesson that traveling teaches you. So you if find yourslef looking at the entire list of Greek Islands and feeling the urge to explore the best islands in Greece don’t put it off.

That is why I feel that travel is the most crucial thing a person can do during their lives.

This is why is bother me when people tell me say ” I want to travel the world”, because the only thing that is stopping you….is you!

My first backpacking trip!

One of the first lessons you will learn when you travel is that the world is a diverse and magnificent place. As you learn about other peoples and cultures all your previous perceptions of how the world works evolve into an understanding of the world you can only have if you travel – sometimes the jobs to travel the world is just about learning about yourself.. It is like inspirational travel quotes about adventure from Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those that have not traveled have only read a page”.

Travel is also a deeply personal experience. You will never learn more about yourself, and how strong you are, then when you traveling. When things go wrong, and they will, you learn quickly how to handle resolve situations that you would never normally get into. Travel help you realize how strong of a person you are.

The last thing I going to talk about is how travel life changing. One thing you have while traveling is time. Many people use to time to review their life and reassess their priorities. Many people come home changed, focused, and with a clear head. They redefine their lives and find themselves doing the things that they have always dreamed of doing.

Traveling the world will change your life; make you a stronger person, with an added bonus of exploring the world and seeing the sights. So if you feel a little lost or consumed about how your life has turned out then put the excuses of time money and work out of your mind, take some time, and travel.

Don’t let life pass you by, get out there explore the world, travel through anicent temples, and travel Europe. So the next time you say….

“I want to travel the world”

Do it!  Visit the most beautiful places in the world,challenge the norm, and live a life like it was a quote about adventure

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