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Why Orlando is the Most Relaxing Place on Earth

Orlando is one of Florida’s most popular cities, mainly because of Disneyland. However, there’s a lot more that Orlando has to offer. 

It’s probably not an understatement to say that Orlando is one of the most relaxing places in the world, with spas, boutique hotels, and public swimming pools in every part of the city and palm trees, flowers, and smiling faces lining the streets. There truly is nowhere else in the entire world like Orlando.

Here are all of the reasons why Orlando is as relaxing as it is, and why you should consider visiting this year!

Global ranking

America is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s not hard to see why, since it has such a variety of attractions and places to visit. This data table from Compare The Market considers a number of factors that make up the most relaxing cities around the world including spas, meditation studios, climate, 5-star hotels, and more. Right at the top of the list is, of course, Orlando. 

Vibrant mix of cultures

Florida is a melting pot. The state’s culture has been shaped by the various peoples that have settled there, as well as the indigenous tribes native to it. For example, Orlando has large Cuban, Indian, Chinese, Haitian, and Mexican populations, which all mix freely with one another. The various different cultures of Orlando make it an incredibly interesting and unique city, not mention some very famous restaurants located there.

Easy to get to

Orlando is quite an easy place to travel to. The city has its own airport, Orlando Int’l Airport, as well as a number of different train stations. There are lots of hotels in the city, so you’ll never struggle to find somewhere to stay. Additionally, the residents of Orlando are calm, friendly, and welcoming, so they can help you get where you need. Life in Orlando is slow, unlike in other parts of the United States, so you won’t feel the hustle and bustle of city life here.

Beautiful weather

The United States is a huge country. Because of its immense size, different states and regions have unique climates. Florida, where Orlando is, is called the Sunshine State because the weather’s beautiful throughout the year, and there’s plenty to do in or even around the city. For example, you can go scuba diving off the coast of Florida.

Friendly locals

Because Orlando is a magnet for tourists, locals are used to seeing, dealing with, and communicating with tourists. But Orlando’s natives are always friendly, polite, and very welcoming. Tourism is a big industry in Orlando, so it’s in the locals’ best interests to keep them happy.

Renowned landmarks

If you’re interested in visiting Orlando, then obviously Disneyland is worth visiting. However, if you want something more relaxing, there are a number of different spas that you can visit. Alternatively, just a stone’s throw from Orlando’s city center are a number of beaches. Orlando itself is not on the coast, but there are connecting townships that are. A lot of people find that fishing is a very fun thing to do in Florida, because of the huge variety of fish you can catch off of the Floridian coast. If nature interests you, then a trip to the Everglades is something else that’s worth considering.

Orlando is a great place to go on vacation. If you plan on visiting, it’s a good idea to book accommodation and plane tickets in advance, since the earlier you book, the more money you can save.

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