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Travel like a king: Why Air Travel should be a priority for you!

Air Travel: The best way to travel

Perhaps the epitome of the human civilization and its technological advances, air travel is a marvel in itself, fulfilling man’s long desire of taking to the skies and flying among the clouds, soaring high above the land.

A paragon of man’s expertise in engineering and science, air travel has revolutionized the world unlike any other means of transport preceding or succeeding it.

With a path built to cover distances through the aerial route, countries and places came together, and the world was more connected than ever. Movement of goods, services, and people was made easy, thereby providing unprecedented thrust to the wheel of progress!

An evolution that brought a revolution

Right from the time when the Wright brothers flew the first glider, to the modern-day commercial carriers, air travel has always been the best possible means of commute for people. 

Convenient, comfortable and hassle-free, covering large distances no longer took months of journeying; a single flight now got you from one continent to another in a matter of hours! 

Statistically, air travel has been proven to be the safest means of travel, with fatalities and accidents the lowest among all commercially viable means of transportation. 

A plethora of amenities and luxuries are provided to air travellers, making the trip in the sky a one worth remembering. 

A journey of thousands of miles is completed within hours, thanks to the marvel of air travel! The internet is now filled with queries and searches for air travel, with tickets made cheap thanks to incentives like Etihad coupon codes– special promotional feature run the Abu Dhabi bases carrier for its flyers.

Carriers galore

The rise and popularity of air travel can be attributed to a host of factors. Firstly, from only a few carrier services in the early decades of the 1900’s, we now have countless carriers and their fleets of aircrafts, ferrying people from different parts of the world. 

Second, with the world now getting more and more globalized and countries and cultures coming together, a need to quickly and efficiently transport people and goods over large distances in the shortest possible time is only possible through air travel. 

Lastly, with advancements in tech and science, air travel is now cheaper than ever, thereby encouraging more and more people to fly to their destination. No surprise, then, that popular carriers like Emirates and Etihad now offer services to almost all major cities in the world. Thanks to their superior services and unmatched in-flight experience, travellers make a bee-line to book tickets to travel through them. Booking platforms hence, see a lot of Emirates promo codes being used for flights provided by the carrier.

Fly Emirates, Fly Etihad: Fly better

All over the world, countless airlines operate, covering every nook and corner in all continents and hemispheres. From traditional ones like Lufthansa to new ones like Vistara, travellers now have more choices than ever. Each airline competes for the traveller’s booking, each boasting of an unmatched experience and unique offerings. Two carriers deserve a special mention here, and they shall be the in the spotlight below: Abu Dhabi bases Etihad Airways and United Arab Emirates based Emirates Airlines. 

Starting operations just a few decades back, these two airlines have grown by leaps and bounds and now define the gold standard of air travel. Providing unmatched flying experience thanks to some industry-beating amenities and services offered on-board, the rise of these two young airlines runs parallel to the region’s rise as a global tourist and development centre. 

Tickets are put on offer, often subsidised with offers like Etihad coupon codes that can be redeemed for savings on your Etihad tickets. Synergising well, these two carriers have now helped the region being established as a global transportation and transit hub. 

Thanks to their world-class airports and infrastructure, the UAE and the Emirates region is now a transit hub, acting as a connecting point between Asia and the West. Flights between the two regions now make a stop here, making it convenient for travellers.

Providing unmatched experiences

Symbolic of the affluent and thriving economy of the region, Emirates and Etihad are the gold standard of air travel, boasting of some of the most luxurious facilities that flyers can experience on-board. 

Be it gourmet food, the choicest of wines and liquor, in-flight entertainment systems or the general flying experience, Emirates and Etihad have set the bar very high for air travel. Their business class is a thing of beauty, providing lavish luxury and comfort to flyers. 

The well-trained and highly capable crew further make sure to provide you with the ultimate flying experience. It’s hard to travel to any other airline once you get used to the bar being set so high by these two! 

No surprises, then, that these carriers have dedicated frequent flyers who choose only to fly with them. The carriers, further, go the extra mile to provide them the ultimate flying experience, with savings guaranteed by using features like Etihad Promo Codes.

Global Footprints

Not limited to air travel, Emirates and Etihad are now global brands, synonymous with a lot of things over the world. The Emirates group is well renowned for its football partnership with some of the most prestigious football clubs in Europe. Gargantuan clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain and many more. Etihad too is deeply associated with football, with the airline’s parent group owing the famous Manchester City Football Club in the English Premier League.

With services to all major cities in the world, fly Emirates for an unmatched experience. Right from the moment you board your flight till the landing, a combination of excellent in-flight services and a super-helpful crew will surely make your flight memorable. Use Emirates Promo codes to book tickets and fly to major destinations like New York, Boston, London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and many more metropolises around the world.

With a reputation for providing unmatched luxury and comfort to flyers, Etihad flights are a truly remarkable experience in luxury. With a staff and crew that’s truly global, everything comes together to provide you an unforgettable flying experience. Savour the gourmet food, sample the wines and entertain yourself with an industry-leading in-flight entertainment system while you reach your destination. 

Fly Etihad to all major destinations like Madrid – a great place to visit when you spend a month in Spain, Barcelona, Cape Town, Brussels, Singapore, Mumbai and many more. All tickets made cheaper by Etihad coupon codes.

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