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Where to Stay in Lima

Where to Stay in Lima

Lima is a great home base when traveling Peru. It’s a major travel hub, making it easy to get around the country. But before you grab that bus from Lima to Arequipa, you should stick around and spend a few days in the city.

Where to stay in Lima is an important question to ask yourself when planning your trip. One exciting thing you’ll notice, when looking for places to stay in Lima, is that the accommodations are cheap. Staying in South America is much cheaper than backpacking in Europe and even some places in Asia.

And if you are using Lima as your home base as you adventure around Peru, then this guide is for you.


Everything from bed in breakfast, hostels, and hotels are affordable. As a traveler this is a good thing and cheap accommodations are necessary to help our budget. It lets us save a little extra money to have more adventures on the road.

In this post, we will be looking at where to stay in Lima.

A couple great options for travelers are Airbnb and Hostelworld.

Airbnb is primarily used to find short or long-term apartments. Make sure to check out how to use these Airbnb promo codes to save some money.

Hostelworld is great at finding hostels, B&Bs, and even some hotels.

Another perk of staying in Lima is that it is easy and cheap to get to into and out of the country. You can use airlines like LAN which has multiple routes around the area and make your travels easy.

So let’s look at some of the best places to stay in Lima. And if these don’t suite your travel style check out your alternatives for Airbnb.

The Lighthouse Guesthouse

Places to stay in Lima

The Lighthouse is a small and cozy bed in breakfast located in the Miraflores district of Lima. This homely guesthouse has everything travelers need. Plus, the cheap private rooms make it a fantastic choice for people wanting a break from crowded dorm rooms.

The Lighthouse has many perks that make a good choice for accommodation in Lima.

One perk is that you can save more money by cooking meals yourself. Lighthouse offers a fully equipped kitchen and patio area for guest to hang out and have BBQ’s..

Typical cost is around between $15- $30 a night. They have single and double private rooms.

So if you are traveling with one other person, you can stay in a double room for under $20 a night each. These are excellent prices for private rooms.

Open Guest House Lima

Places to stay in Lima

Cleanliness and comfort are a couple things that come to mind when talking about Open Guest House.

One of the good things about this guest house is that it is affordable without sacrificing money, comfort, and customer service.

Some perk of the Open Guest House includes a full kitchen, a nice little area to read or plan your travels, and a common room with a tv, and a dvd player.

The average cost of Open Guest House is $36 for a standard double bed private room (So $18 a piece) or $20 for a standard single private.

How cheap is that?

Miraflores House

Where to stay in Lima

Miraflores House is one of Lima’s highest rated hostels on Hostelworld. They confidently boast “ We have a higher than average rating because we have higher than average standards.

Miraflores House is also is an excellent neighborhood in Lima, and they have a friendly staff and comfortable hostel.

They have a total of 8 nice rooms which each having a private bathroom. A couple things I like about Miraflores House is the décor, and that they have free internet ( Always a plus to a travel blogger). This is a quiet hostel. Thisis not the hostel for backpackers looking for a wild hostel full of parties.

Red Psycho

This echo friendly hostel has an amazing staff. This hostel is also located in the Miraflores area and right near to many of the main attractions that draw travelers to Lima. The hostel is also very clean and has a goal of reducing the environmental impact that tourism has on Lima.

This hostel also has some activities like riding tours and Peruvian cooking classes. It is a great hostel for people looking to meet other travelers.

So what are you waiting from grab your Uber promo code, and head to Lima. Lima is a great city for travelers and there are many places to stay. These are a few great options when traveling around Lima. In each of these places you are sure to have a great time, meet other travelers, and be greeted by warm and friendly staff.

These are just a few of the great options when staying in Lima. If you are looking to travel to South America then make sure you check out Lima.

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  1. Yes, this is a most useful question for every traveler to planning a Lima trip. You are suggesting this place is so amazing look & best facilities with low budget. Thanks for share it.

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