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What’s Going on With the Mongol Rally?

Have you been wondering why there has been a lack of Mongol Rally updates?

Well, I could say that I’ve been too busy having adventures in Egypt or that I lost track of time exploring the best islands in Croatia.  In truth, I could list a ton of valid excuses, however, the real reason that I’ve had a lack of updates is because I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.

Over the last two months, things were changing almost every week for our team, and I didn’t want to drag you guys into the all the drama of The Drama of Llama.

Now that preparations are almost finished, I can explain to you why I’ve been so quiet about the Mongol Rally and catch you up on what has been happening over the last couple months.

The Drama Begins

Once upon a time, (I think it was April) we had a perfect team of 4. We all loved traveling, exploring, and adventuring into the unknown; however, this team wasn’t meant to last. Suddenly, our impeccable team of 4 got bumped down to 3 when one team mate had an unexpected job offer that couldn’t be refused, and then to 2 when another had some budgeting issues.


This just left Norbert and me doing the rally.

Not only were we now a team of two, but a team of two with no car!   you see, one of our former teammates owned the car we were suppose to use.  In just a couple weeks, we went from a full team with a car to 2 lonely people with no car.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if our team would make it.  Almost overnight gas, food, and other expenses where being divided 2 ways instead of 4 and we needed to buy a car.  I didn’t know if my budget would allow me to stay in the rally.

Things were not looking good, and for a couple of weeks no one knew what was going on.

Then, out of nowhere, things started to look up. Norbert and I were lucky enough to find 2 other ralliers.  Leif, from The Runaway Guide, and Alex Humphries, a friend Norbert had met in a hostel. Yes, one problem down! One of the fun facts about me is that adventure pump me up!

However, we were still careless. (Have you ever tried car shopping with four other people who are all on different continents? Let me tell you, that it’s not easy).   Vitalli, a former teammate who had to bail, came to the rescue. He offered to sell us his car at a great price.  Great, right!  (And the crowds roar)

Unfortunately, things got restless again when we all started having visa issues. I was biting my nails as I almost had to request my passport back before the visas were approved. It actually arrived just five short days before this journey began, and Norbert got his just two nights before his next flight but that is nothing.  The  Mongol Rally is less than a week away and Alex is still waiting on his. (All three of us have cut it extremely close)

With the rally so close, I have my fingers crossed that the drama is done.  From here on out, I hope it is all excitement, open road, and adventure.

Just thinking about the upcoming journey gets my blood pumping. Soon we will be zooming 10,000 miles across 2 continents and 19 countries.

While I have traveled a lot of Europe, the rally is an entirely new type of travel for me for a few reasons. For one, it is my first international road trip, and while I’ve done a lot of road trips venture to the best caves in North America, my last one left me staring down a grizzly bear.  I’ve never done a road trip that involved different languages, different countries, and different continents.  Two, it’s going to be hilarious learning how to drive a stick shift (not my strong suit) with the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car.

Yet, with the hard road ahead I hope that the drama is over, I can’t wait to start this “epic” adventure. I’m looking forward to the trials and tests.  i know it will be a blast but also challenging, and that I will have to push myself. I know it will shape me into stronger and better person.

Travel is about throwing yourself into new elements, and experiencing the unknown. It’s venturing to the best places to visit in Europe, or wandering through the barren steeps of central Asia. This Rally will be a wicked combination of both, as well as,  a way to stretch myself.  I am so looking forward to it.  So lets get started!

We have pledged to raise $5000 for Set Her Free. Your donation of just $10 can support a girl for a week.

Help fill the Llama donating today! (That’s a sentence I never thought I would say in my life)

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