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What to See in Egypt | Best Things to See and Do

Egypt is home to some of the oldest monuments, temples, and tombs found in the world. The ancient Egyptians were master of design, architecture, and building. The step pyramids date back to 2648 B.C alone. Even today, 4,000 years later, we are baffled about how they built some of these impressive structures.

This country has so many marvelous sights that it was tough to choose the top ones to visit. I picked these because they made my jaw hit the floor.

The Great Pyramids

The first time I gazed at the pyramids, I was frozen. I even drooled on myself a little (I wish that was a lie). The Pyramids have stood the test of time. Alexander the Great gazed at them. Napoleon stood before them. Presidents and kings still look on them with awe today, and people will continue to visit them long after I’m old and grey.

They are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and no doubt, one of the most famous structures even in our own time. No other monuments in the world show what people can accomplish when they dream and aspire to make it a reality. They are beyond compare.

Just a short walk from the Pyramids, you will find their guardian, the Sphinx. It has the head of a king to symbolize wisdom and the body of a lion to symbolize power. And one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

Abu Simbal

In my opinion, Abu Simbal is the best temple in Egypt. It was built by Ramses III as an effort to make himself a God. I’ve heard story after story of people brought to tears the very first time their eyes looked upon this desert temple.

There are for four kings sitting outside the doorway. All are Ramses III throughout different stages of his life. Passing through the doorway and into the temple, you will see scenes of battles, chiseled into the stone. Ramses III was undefeated in battle and these walls display his victories. Many of the murals show his pet lion cub charging into battle with him.

The Egyptians were geniuses and constructed the temple so that on two days of the year, the sun would pierce through the opening all the way to the holy of holies in the back of the Temple and light up the statues of the gods. Ramses included himself in this grouping (prideful much).

The temple is a little difficult to get too but completely worth the journey.

Valley of the Kings.

This is the valley were the Egyptians buried their kings. They choose this valley because it lies under a pyramid-shaped mountain.

Throughout the centuries, sandstorms covered and filled the tombs of the Pharaohs, protecting and persevering the beautifully colored cartouches and hieroglyphs. Today you can wander a few of the massive tombs, peering at the original colors and drawings. These tombs are truly a marvel, and we are lucky that they are so well persevered. Of all the tombs, King Tut’s is probably the most well-known. Tourists are able to visit the tomb and see where his mummy still lies.

However, the only reason King Tut is Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh is because of the treasure found in his tomb. During his reign, he wasn’t a prominent king, a young boy really, but his tomb has been the only one found intact. That along with the mystery of how he came to such a young death has intrigued the world since its discovery in the 1920’s.

Every other tomb has been looted or badly damaged. If this average Pharaoh had such a spectacular array of items buried with him, imagine the splendor and the amount of riches that filled the tomb of a famous pharaoh like Ramses III.

Egyptian Museum

King Tut’s display is the best part of the Egyptian Museum. On display are his many coffins. Like Russian dolls, they are buried one inside another. You can also see various important items throughout his life. Nothing is more spectacular than his world-famous mask. The mask is beautiful, designed with gold and jewels. The detailing is amazing.

If you love ancient history, then Egypt is a place you need to visit. Almost everywhere you turn, a piece of history is jumping out at you. Although I shared my favorite sights in Egypt, they are only a fraction of the things to see and experience.

Tourism has dropped recently because of the 2011 revolution. Now might be the perfect time to visit, if you feel that Egypt is safe. You won’t have to fight through hordes of other tourists and although there still are many tourists visiting, you practically have this wonders to yourself. Egypt’s adventures.

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