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What Shoes are Best for a Backpacker

There is nothing more exciting than discovering the beautiful scenes and sights that the world has to offer. If you have grown interested in backpacking, you are probably in a continuous search for the best shoes for your backpacking trips. The overwhelming number of shoes made for backpacking trips can be quite daunting to look at when you are out to find a pair for you. Will you go for one with waterproof features or one that is breathable? Will you go for a high-cut or a low-cut design?

Coming up with a decision is an extremely hard battle that you have to go through with yourself. So if you want to finally decide and purchase one for your next backpacking venture, check out which among these pairs fit your style, personality, and needs.

Top Picks for Your Next Backpacking Trip

Say goodbye to your outdated backpacking shoes because we have lined up the best backpacking kicks for you. If you want convenience, light, efficient, reliable, and comfortable pairs for your ventures, read on. 

Waterproof Sneakers from Loom

If you are someone who values the breathability of your pair, then this is definitely one to check out. Ideal for backpackers who love to venture out in the tropics or in areas that are a bit humid and hot, this pair from Loom got you covered. This pair is known for its amazing temperature regulation technology which utilizes merino wool to keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable. This type of material also has anti-microbial properties to make sure your feet smell good even after long hours of venturing outside. 

This is great for those who hate having shoes that tend to keep insulation and heat inside, leaving you with sweaty and stinky feet. The great thing about this pair is that even with the breathability factor, it features premium materials for waterproofing. Though not capable of keeping your feet dry when submerged in water, it can definitely keep it dry from splashes of mud, water, and raindrops in a fairly strong storm. 

Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Low Hiking Shoes from North Face

This pair makes a great choice for those who love rough and exciting mountaineering and trekking adventures. The Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Low Hiking Shoes from North Face is made of polyurethane-coated leather uppers that make its exterior capable of giving your feet premium protection despite sharp and rough grass and more. This also has a breathable membrane (Gore-Tex) that keeps your feet feeling cool and comfortable even during hot weather. 

The same membrane has waterproofing capability which means you do not have to worry about water seeping through your shoes. This model from North Face also features excellent chaffing management and abrasion resistance, thanks to its mesh lining. If you are looking for a reasonable and a bit reasonably priced pair, this one is a good choice. 

Targhee III Mid WP Boots from KEEN

The search for reliable and excellent-performing backpacking boots can be tough because others fail to deliver excellent results. The Targhee III Mid Boots from Keen is ideal for those who love shoes that can show nothing but grit, toughness, and versatility. It has breathable membranes that are at the same time equipped with waterproofing features. This is made for women who want fresh and good smelling feet even after hours of walking, running, or hiking. 

Rest assured, the Cleansport NXT treatment feature of this pair has got you covered. This can be used in varied terrains because it delivers good traction, ankle support, and premium protection in style. This is definitely lighter than old-school pairs, but this is not too lightweight for those who want to experience a barefoot feeling when trekking or backpacking. 

Access Mesh Approach Shoes from Five Ten

For a person who is always on-the-go and someone who loves to be active, the Access Mesh Approach Shoe from Five Ten is the perfect fit for you. The name came from the concept of being a pair that encompasses all types of movements, hence, the name “approach shoes”. It features a stealth S1 rubber locate on the shoes’ bottom to make sure your grip and traction remain on-point as you use it in varied terrains. 

Apart from that awesome feature, it also has a breathability factor that lets your feet remain cool and smelling fresh after hours of use. This is paired with a synthetic mesh to facilitate drying in case you encounter splashes or soak them accidentally. It also has an exoskeleton lacing system that is rubberized to make sure you get sufficient torsional support. Overall, this pair boosts breathability, excellent grip, support, and a lightweight build.

Grand Traverse from Vasque

There are shoes made for backpacking and there are those that are made for other activities. The Grand Traverse from Vasque lets you stay on your feet while feeling comfortable the entire day. Ideal for use when traversing varied terrains and hopping from one city to another, make sure to give this one a look. It features Vibram Ibex soles that are made to last for a long time. 

They come with two rubber units that have their own functions. The first one is called the Idrogrip which is design for wet-rock traction, on the other hand, there is the Megagrip which is designed to facilitate and maintain balance. This pair is one of the best because of its lightweight build, excellent grip, amazing traction, and cushioning. 


Backpacking trips are definitely something to look forward to. However, not having the proper gear for it can turn a supposedly beautiful trip into a nightmare. Be prepared and maximize your backpacking venture by having the correct and most suitable shoes with you. You need shoes that are reliable and durable. You need a pair that will let you endure long hours of walks without giving your bruises, aches, and discomforts. Browse through this list of the top shoe picks for backpackers and find the best and most suitable pair for you.

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