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Useful Travel Apps for Your 2014 Round The World Trip

If your thing is globe-trotting then these Best Travel Apps of 2014 would surely help you enjoy your travel. Simply by downloading these travel apps to your smartphone, these will guide your way from planning your trip, booking your flights and even help you for your packing list. You can download as many apps as you think could help you plan the perfect, hassle free trip from your bucket list while having a lark doing it.


e1670761-b68c-4260-be65-6170dccbd9c1This has actually been voted as one of the top ten Reader’s Choice award for 2014. The app will help you view International flights by way of maps that you can zoom in. Useful information like cancellations, departure gates to use, and even delayed flights.

Available on iPhone (£2.99), iPad (£2.99), Android (£2.99) and Windows Phone (£3.99)

Packing Pro

icon-Packing-PackingPro-FacebookThis is the guru in packing. All the information it needs is destination place, number of days stay and it will give you tips on what to bring including a split list of important documents like your passport, money that you will need, and the right clothes to bring.

Available on iPhone (£1.99)

Trail Wallet from Never Ending Voyage

icon_256Never leave home without this app. This is a budget app that lets you keep track of your money. It lets you set a daily budget for yourself and at the end of the day adds up your expenses and tells you if you’re getting out of line. It also gives you the currencies that can be used in the country that you’re travelling to and current exchange rate. This is a smart way to travel as you can plan your expenses and not leave you in the lurch because of low funds. You’re also supporting  the  wonderful travel bloggers behind Never Ending Voyage!

Available in iPhone, iPod Touch ($1.99)

icon_world_clockPerfect World Clock

Does what it says. This keeps track of time and date of thousands of places all over the World. This would be a help for you to know time zone of your destination and date.

Available on Android (free)


Sky Scanner Travel AppGives you the info regarding airline fares and gives you a list of travel sites that can offer you budget friendly options.

Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


mzl.uqalpivn.150x150-75If you are Bill Gates you won’t need this app. This is a fantastic app that gives you the lowdown information about the best budget hotels in your destination. Another positive note to this app are the reviews of people who have used it so your chances of getting into ratty hotels is almost nil.

Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)

PinPin ATM Finder

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A lifesaver if you suddenly find yourself in a strange place and worse, no money, this app will give you the nearest ATM machine that you can use to withdraw cash. Over 220 countries are listed on this app.

Available on Windows Phone (free)


tripadvisor-icon_150x150This app believes that the truth will set you free so that is what it does; tell you the truth about the restaurants, hotels and local attractions of the place that you are travelling in. But take the adventure and enjoy even if this app grumbles and says it’s not for you.

Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)

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What are some of you favorite apps to use on the road?

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  1. I’ve never heard of PinPin ATM Finder. That’s great! Shame it’s only on Windows though, I’ll have to do some research for an android equivalent. I’ve recently started using Hipmunk to find flights, it’s awesome.

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