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Financial planning as US eases travel restrictions


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Following the unprecedented global conditions of 2020, which have extended into 2021 as well, non-essential travel and tourism as a whole took a huge knock. Over and above the fact that many people are reassessing their financial standing and cutting back where possible, many countries also introduced certain travel restrictions to limit international relations. 

The United States, in particular, is now set to reopen its borders for non-essential travel in November. This will make it accessible to an additional 33 countries and travellers from there, such as China, India, Brazil and parts of the European region, however, under certain terms and conditions. Naturally, this presents an opportunity for avid travellers to start planning their next trip to explore hidden gems in the US. It is important to note that certain medical checks and criteria will need to be met in order to be allowed entry into the US, which travellers must inform themselves of well ahead of embarking on the trip.

Effective financial planning

Although there are many elements that go into planning and embarking on a trip, the financial aspect is arguably the most important because it informs all the others. For a traveller that is planning a trip abroad, an additional consideration is the currency exchange and how to go about it. In addition to the various money changer options and financial institutions that offer such services, there is the option to exchange your currency at the airport or at your travel destination, however, these last two options are often not advised. 

Currency exchanges at the airport are often done at a much higher rate, while exchanging currency at your travel destination can also be costly and put you at risk of not having the necessary currency upon arrival. This may make it challenging for you to move around or conduct small transactions before you get the chance to do the exchange. Moreover, looking into the exchange rate for USD and EUR, which are also two of the most popularly traded currencies on the forex market, can help you gauge when would be the best time to do the exchange. 

Places to visit in the USA

With some travellers already gearing up for their next trip to the US in light of the eased restrictions, there are some key attractions that are said to be worth visiting. Noted amongst those places worth visiting are:

Grand Canyon

Hailed as one of the top sites to visit in the USA, the Grand Canyon (Which is one of the best things to do in Moab Utah). (Did you know that a National Park in Hawaii has a smaller grand Canyon) offers whitewater rafting and has the Colorado River weaving through it. Moreover, its scenic views make it ideal for hiking and exploring breathtaking trails.


Another place to visit to connect with nature in the USA is Yosemite, a national park in California that offers hiking trails and boasts landmarks and waterfalls that continue to attract tourists. Additionally, one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, Yosemite Falls, can be found here.


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