34 Unusual Things to do  
in Paris

Backpacking France Travel Tips

Looking for the ultimate list of unusual things to do in Paris?


Every year, millions of tourists travel to the city of lights. 

They see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, feast on bread, cheese, and wine; and snap those Instagram worthy pictures. 

Most never realize all the cool adventures and off the beaten path sites, they miss. 

By the time you’ve reached the bottom of the post, that won’t be you. 

Let’s take a look at 35 strange places to visit in Paris that will make your time in the city of lights unique.

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Unusual Things to do in  
in Paris

Louvre Night TourLouvre at Night

Taking the Mona Lisa out of the picture (pun intended), the Louvre’s still one of the top museums on the planet. The sheer amount of quality historical artifacts, paintings, and statues is mind-blowing.

But with great popularity comes great throngs of tourist and long-lines. Is there anything more frustrating than waiting years to visit a place to be met with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds? To even get in front of the Mona, Lisa takes shoving and elbowing your way past dozens of other tourists. It’s madness.

Luckily an unusual thing to do in Paris is taking a Lourve night tour. This lets you escape the biggest crowds and takes you on a guided tour of the Lourve. Giving you more insights into the history of these artifacts and paintings.

If you the Lourve is on your Paris Itinerary, but you want to escape the crowds you can visit it during this self guided tour of Paris at night

Louvre Info: 

Address: Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France


  • Monday 9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 9AM–9:45PM
  • Thursday 9AM–6PM
  • Friday 9AM–9:45PM
  • Saturday 9AM–6PM
  • Sunday 9AM–6PM

Louvre Night Tours

Chocolate At Germain-Des- Pres

Discovering Paris off the beaten path isn’t all movies, cathedrals, and hanging with locals. For our next unusual experience, let’s turn our attention to a treat we all love: chocolate.

Coco addicts – like myself – should put aside an entire afternoon wandering around Saint- Germain-des-Pres. Where over a dozen of the city’s best chocolatiers ply their trade here.

Sant-Germain-des-Pres is a cool place for chocolate-themed souvenirs. Chocolate comes in all shapes in sizes here. You can find chocolate made into animal shapes like fish, dogs, and various other creatures.

A visit to Saint- Germain –des-Pres makes for a fun day of eating your weight in chocolate. And finding some funky chocolate souvenirs.

The chocolate in Saint- Germain-des-Pres is reason enough to add Paris to any Europe itinerary.

Best Places for CHOCOLATE

  • Debauve et Gallais
  • Jean-Charles Rochoux
  • Patrick Roger
  • Pierre Hermé Maison
  • Georges Larnicol
  • Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

Offbeat Neighborhoods

Off Beat Neighborhoods in ParisEveryone wanders the neighborhoods surrounding the Eiffel Tower or along the Seine River.

But these touristy zones aren’t the “real Paris.”

Luckily, the city has a handful of charming areas that visitors never see.

Trade the well-worn Seine walkways for St Martin’s Canal, Rue Montorgueil, or Sentier. Here you will find beautiful walkways along the water, some of the oldest streets in Paris, busy food markets, cafes, and taverns.

Other atypical neighborhoods in Paris are La Chapelle & Little Sri Lanka. The rich culture and vibrant colors transport you from France to Asia in a few steps.

There’s a thick Indian, Sri Lankan atmosphere. Which means a lot of delicious cuisines to try.

For a glimpse into local life head to the small areas of Gambetta and Père-Lachaise neighborhoods. Perfect for browsing local shops, or sipping a cup of coffee with Parisians in the cafes.

The ivy- and moss-covered Père-Lachaise Cemetery holds an eerie beauty. It’s a worthy place to spend a few hours.

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I Love You Wall Paris

Paris - I Love You Wall

Ah, Paris, the city of love. Is there a bigger hotspot for honeymooners and couples? And if you are looking for some romantic things to do in Paris, then I can’t think of a better spot to earn tons of brownie points than the I Love You Wall.

This 416 square-foot wall consists of 611 lava tiles. Spread across the tiles the phrase “I love you” is featured in 311 languages.

Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito

How did the artist gather all the different dialects?

They ran around the city, knocking on doors, talking to neighbors, and visiting embassies. Asking everyone, they could find how to say the phrase and kept all their findings in a notebook.

The wall includes 192 languages of the United Nations plus other languages.


I Love You Wall Faq

Looking to earn some extra points? Then, memorize these Wall of Love facts.

When Was the Wall of Love Built?

They created it in 2,000.

Who Made the Wall? 

Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito. 

Location, Please.

Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France.

Hang With Locals

Being a tourist has certain drawbacks. 

Sure, we get to see famous sites and have fun adventures. But as roaming, we never stay in a place long enough to experience local life. 

Now we can use sites like Withlocals to book experiences with the best Paris local. Whether you’re looking for home-cooked dinners, odd tours, or to “live like a local” for a day;  there are a variety of options.

Getting involved in the local life of Paris is fun, and shows a side of the city that most travelers never see. 

Find Local Experiences

Cathedral Basilique Saint-Denis

Paris France Cathedrals

Everyone knows Notre Dame for its stunning Gothic architecture. (Though heavily damaged at the moment.) But no one seems to visit the Basilique Saint-Denis, a fantastic Gothic cathedral. And a place where history and legend collide.

The cathedral’s named after the patron saint of Paris, Saint-Denis, who suffered an ill fate when he was beheaded by the Romans.

Local lore says that after his gruesome execution, Saint-Denis picked up his head and walked several miles to the top of Montmartre.

Odd, right? Well, apparently, his head was preaching a sermon the entire time.

Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis Info: 

Address: 1 Rue de la Légion d’Honneur, 93200 Saint-Denis, France


Monday- Saturday 10AM – 6:15PM

Sunday – 12AM – 6:15PM

Architectural style: Gothic architecture

Paris Catacombs

cool things to do in ParisDeep beneath the city lies a massive maze of underground tunnels and catacombs. And when I say massive, I mean it. Spanning over 300 km (186 miles) these tunnels crisscross the city. Simultaneously making Paris’s underground look like a piece of swiss cheese and one of the most hidden things to do in Paris. 

The catacombs are so big that they require their own police force (cataflic patrols) that roam them. In 2004, the police found a cinema, with electricity, and a stocked bar, operating in the catacombs. 3 days later, the police came back to trace the power back to the source. The lines were cut, and a mysterious note left that said, “Don’t try to find us.”

The catacombs are also an important part of Paris’s history. They were a haven for those hiding in the French Revolution and WWII. They are also a cemetery with 6 – 7 million Parisians buried throughout the tunnels.  

Today, they are a tourist attraction with guided tours that take to. And only a small part of the catacombs – Denfert-Rochereau Ossuary – is open to visitors. (Only 1% is open to the public). 

Without a doubt, the catacombs are one of the most unusual things to do in Paris.

Paris Catacombs info

How Deep are the Paris Catacombs?

20 Meters (65 Feet)

How Long is the Tourist Section?

Around 1.2 miles.

Paris Catacombs Entrance Fee: 

Most people book a guided skip the line tour of the catacombs, but you can enter yourself. And the entrance fee is 13 Euros.

Saint Martin Canal Cruise

Fun Things to do in Paris

One of Paris’s major tourist attractions is a boat trip along the Seine River. Few people realize Canal Saint-Martin’s another choice away from the tourist traps.

Canal Saint-Martin, a system of canals from the 1800s. The cruise takes you through an underground tunnel, guides you through locks, and swinging bridges. A Paris Canal Cruise is a relaxing way to spend two hours in the city of lights.

This mini-adventure lets you enjoy lovely scenery and areas of the city removed from the tourist trail. While these cruises aren’t as beautiful as the Seine River Cruises that showcase the Eiffel Tower. Yet they hold a unique experience.

Saint Martin Canal Cruise

How Long Does The Cruise Last?

2 – 3 Hours

Cost of the Cruise

18 Euros

Where to Book

You can book on via Canauxrama and TripAdvisor


Day Trip to Provins

Day Trips from ParisParis is lovely. But sometimes you need to follow that urge to get outside of the capital and explore some smaller corners of France. Those of you looking for a great day trip from Paris then head to Provins. A medieval city of eternal beauty. Just look at the Provins reviews!

What draws people to Provins are its rare charm and allure. The city’s a UNESCO site and has a castle, the rose gardens, the Christmas markets, well-maintained ramparts, and the Church of St Quiriace to explore.

But Provins is far from touristy, and there’s a good chance you don’t have to share this fantastic place with other travelers.

Getting from Paris to Provins

To get from Paris to Provins, you need to hump on the SNCF Transilien Line P. Trains leave every hour from Gare de l’Est. 

The journey takes around an hour and a half and costs around €11- €14. 

Things to do in Provins

  • Rose Gardens
  • Saint – Quiriace
  • César tower
  • The Eagles of the ramparts – Vol Libre Production
  • Grange aux dîmes

Paris Bird Market

The flower markets in Paris are world-renowned. But day each week one market turns into a multitude of fine-feathered friends. 

The Marché aux Oiseaux or Sunday Bird market has a variety of birds, coming in all shapes and sizes.

Sounds of tweets, caws, and chirps fill the air as you walk down the street. The market isn’t reserved for only birds, and there is everything from fish to gerbils for sale.

What makes the bird market an unusual things to do in Paris is because it’s out of the ordinary for the city. 

It seems like something you would most likely see in Asia.

Eat Les Choux from Popelini 

Best Food Things to do in Paris

France, a country known as a culinary paradise. Famous for eclairs, macaroons, and all-types of epic sweets. While you should indulge in these on any trip to Paris, skip them one day. Instead, pretend you’re a Parisian and try their favorite treat. Les Choux is a light pastry filled with cream that will take your breath away. The dessert hails from Italy, but the Parisians have perfected it.

Popelini are a group of bakeries in the city that specializes in these little balls of heaven. They offer a bunch of different flavors which change throughout the year. I prefer regular or dark chocolate. But trying them all in recommended. 

There are a bunch of Popelini  around the city. Below is the closest one to River Seine.

French Movie Night

photo via tedxParis

I need to confess. I love taking an evening and going to the movies when traveling in other countries. I’m not sure why. Maybe because theater lobbies are an excellent place to watch local life? Or drawn to the odd commercials and previews? Perhaps, because a movie’s a perfect way to take a night off from the sightseeing and recharge your travel batteries.

Whatever the reason, I recommend having a Paris movie night. Hundreds of cinemas are spread across the city of lights. And many are unique. There’s the gorgeous Le Grand Rex, the biggest theater in Europe. The theatre resembles an old European Opera House.

Across Paris, there are venues on barges, in ivy-covered homes, and small buildings.

What makes this unusual things to do in Paris? Well, most travelers never think about. They shy away from assuming that the shows in French, and hence they can’t understand them.

This isn’t the case. Lost in Frenchlation is a weekly event around the city to bring French cinema to the masses. The events held in historic theaters, French movies are played with English subtitles. Enjoying a night at the French cinema lands on the coolest things to do in Paris.


  • Grand Rex
  • Le Champo
  • Cinéma du Panthéon
  • Pathé Beaugrenelle Movie Theatre
  • Studio 28
  • UGC Cine Cite les Halles

Lost in Frenchlation info

  • Stand UP Comedy Nights
  • French Movies With English Subtitles
  • Recent French Movies
  • Drinks and Classic Movie Snacks
  • Other Events

Les Passages Couverts

LES PASSAGES COUVERTS ParisLess than 30 of these Les passages couverts (covered passages) remain. The 19th-century passages date back to the middle-class rise of the French Revolution. 

Today, they are one of the best-kept secrets in Paris. 

Today, the glass-covered passageways are filled with little shops where store owners showcase their wares, which include everything from stamps to stones.

They adorn some passages with artwork and mosaics. These passages are one of my favorite places to visit when getting off the beaten path in Paris.


Address: 5 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris, France

Strange Museums

Unusual Things to do in ParisThere’s a ton of unusual things to do in Paris. But you could spend your whole trip visiting the quirky museums and not see them all.

There are strange museums dedicated to monsters, extinct creatures, carnival attractions, the history of the city, and radiation. Odd, yes I know; but they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures. A collection devoted to the undead and all their musings.

The Museum of the History of Medicine. Featuring rare collections of medical equipment from medieval times.

Musée de la Contrefaçon. A whacky museum consecrated to counterfeiting and fakes.

Musée National de la Marine. Museum that outlines the naval story of France. Inside lie old diving suits, marine artifacts, and a ship used by Napoleon.

Musée Marmottan Monet. Located in a Duke’s former hunting lodge is an assortment of impressionist art. Even a painting given to the gallery by Monet’s son.

List of WEIRD Museums in Paris

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures.

A collection devoted to the undead and all their musings.

The Museum of the History of Medicine.

Featuring rare collections of medical equipment from medieval times.

Musée de la Contrefaçon.

A wacky museum consecrated to counterfeiting and fakes.

Musée National de la Marine.

Museum that outlines the naval story of France. Inside lie old diving suits, marine artifacts, and a ship used by Napoleon.

Musée Marmottan Monet.

Located in a Duke’s former hunting lodge is an assortment of impressionist art. Even a painting given to the gallery by Monet’s son.



Unusual Desserts in ParisNot all unusual things to do in Paris revolve around sightseeing. Financiers are a classic example. This aptly named dessert was invented near the stock exchange on Rue Saint-Denis. Savvy bakers made this almond cake to look like gold bars. Hoping to draw in the bankers in the area. 

Nowadays, it’s a Parisian dessert loved by all. A perfect combination of brown butter and egg whites make the almond cakes outside crispy, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. I just drooled on my keyboard?  

Nowadays, Financiers have taken Paris by storm and are found all over the city. You’ll see them in pâtisseries windows, or on the restaurant’s dessert menus. 

Some silly people (you know who you are) try to pit a financier vs madeleine? I’m not sure who would win that battle. But I say why not eat both. And eat a lot of them (I gain weight every time I visit Paris). Trust me, the financier calories are worth every bite! 

For you inspiring MasterChef contestants out there, you can try yourself using this financier recipe.   

Delicious and budget-friendly, this is one of the best cheap things to do in Paris. 

Financiers info

financier cake pronunciation

Where to Get Financiers

Scoop me a cookie Menilmontant
Address: 5 Rue Crespin du Gast, 75011 Paris, France
Boulangerie Utopie
Address: 20 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, France
La Grande Epicerie de Paris
Address: 38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France

Day Trip: Palace of Fontainebleau (Château de Fontainebleau)

River FONTAINEBLEAUA trip to Paris isn’t complete without visiting at least one castle. Those looking for an alternative to Versailles should plan a visit to Château de Fontainebleau.  Why? Well, because most tourists haven’t heard of Château de Fontainebleau which means that this UNESCO has much more manageable crowds. And makes it a unique experiences in Paris. Throughout history its been home to French royalty like Orléans and Bonaparte. 

Today the remarkable castle is a series of museums. There are galleries for a Chinese Empress, Napoleon, and furniture and painting exhibits. The castle’s gardens are extensive and lush. The castle grounds has a lakeside pavilion and an enormous park. You could spend days at Château de Fontainebleau and not see everything. 

Getting to Château de Fontainebleau from Paris

This castle takes around an hour and a half to reach; the same time it takes to travel to Versailles. 

To get to chateau de Fontainebleau first head to Gare de Lyon. Then hop on a train for either Montereau, Montargis Sens, or Laroche-Migennes. Jump off the train at Fontainebleau-Avon station and get on Ligne 1 until you reach the Château stop. 

5 Fun Facts About Château de Fontainebleau

1 -The forest of Fontainebleau is the second-largest national forest in the country.

2 – Château de Fontainebleau has 1,500 rooms

3 – Chateau was built in 1137

4 – The castle has the first built Turkish boudoir.

5 – The castle gets about 1/7th the number of visitors as Versailles

Fontainebleau address

Fontainebleau hours

Fontainebleau tickets



It’s hard to put 59 Rue Rivoli into words. It’s part-art gallery, part experiment, and something of an artistic laboratory. This strange place is the center of contemporary art in Paris and a place you have to see to believe. Every inch of the building is covered in text, painting, or sketches.  Local artists illegally occupied the art laboratory. Living in the building and working on their craft. The first year it opened to the public over 40,000 people visited.
59 Rue Rivoli was on the brink of getting shut down, due to its illegal status. Luckily, some sympathetic politicians intervened and today 59 Rivoli is now declared as an official artist collective.
Today there are around 20 artists live at 59 Rue Rivoli between 3 and 6 months a year.
All the rooms in the building have a different theme and art style that reflects the artist.

Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France)

National Library of France BookshelfWhen it comes to books, Shakespeare & Co is Paris’s heavy hitter. Famous for the beloved writers like Joyce and Hemingway that used to hang out in the shop. Fewer travelers visit (or even know about) The Bibliotheque Nationale de la France (Or rather the National Library of France).

Housed in a beautiful domed building, are over 10 million books. Several of them haven’t left this collection since the era of King Charles V, almost 700 years ago. The impressive writing collection rivals anywhere else in the world.

The library houses more than stacks of dusty book volumes and manuscripts though. Louis XIV’s assortment of Globes settled here after the French Revolution.

Sub Shakespeare & Co, for the library. Or visit both! The National Library of France is one of the best alternative things to do in Paris.

The incredible building, history, and book selection are unforgettable.

Villa Léandre

British Street ParisFor those who haven’t made it across the channel yet, you’ll want to check out this unusual thing to do in Paris. Welcome to Villa Léandre. 

A street that looks as if it was picked up from an English village and transplanted in Paris.  

Once full of mill and vineyards, this street has become some of the most expensive real estate in the city. The streets lined with English style houses, all different from each other. Several of the homes even have pitched roofs, little gardens, and traditional lantern doors. 

Odd and out of place, Villa Léandre’s one of the best unique places in Paris. 

Comptoir General

COMPTOIR GENERAL BarPart bar, flea market, tropical garden, and Ghetto Museum make Comptoir General unlike anywhere else in the city. And hands down one of the oddest places in Paris. In fact, it seems out-of-place. 

It is something you’re more likely to see in hipster heavy Camden Town in London, or stumble upon in the artistic atmosphere of Barcelona.

The sheer size of the Comptoir General will blow you away. There are a couple of decently priced bars that offer exotic cocktails and organic beer. 

And allows you to sample rare foods and flavors from all over the world. (Most of the drinks and cuisine is inspired from Africa.) Throughout the year there are concerts and live music.

Comptoir General’s shows a side of Paris most people never see. And it’s a relaxed place to chill with a group of friends or hostel mates looking to experience something different from the typical tourist hotspots. 

Or people searching for a unique date idea. Although the stuffed animals and the row of skeletons don’t make Comptoir General the most romantic thing to do in Paris.

If nothing else, it’s a good place to stop for a drink and snap a quick pic for your Instagram profile.

Comptoir General – located right off canal st martin Paris –  is a cool place to visit, and perfect for a strange evening out in the city of lights.

Musee de Cluny

Medieval Museum ParisHistory lovers looking for strange things to do in Paris should head to the Musée de Cluny; a.k.a. the National Museum of the Middle Ages. In the Latin Quarter, they constructed this gallery on the remains of 1,700-year-old Roman Baths.  

Inside is one of the best collections of art and objects from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. 

The museum houses an impressive range of collections. The Piller Des Nautes; from the 1st century; Lady and the Unicorn, six tapestries from the 15th century, and Roman baths from the third-century are a few of the highlights. 

According to the Musée de Cluny, part of the grounds are closed for renovation. Although, you can still view a lot of the museum’s features. 

Floating Island

cool things to do in ParisDouble down on the brownie points and after the Wall of Love head go out for one of Paris’s best desserts, i.e., the Floating Island. 

To imagine this sweet, picture a volcano-shaped mountain of soft meringue. But substitute lava with a thick pool of custard that’s oozing over the sides. Culminating in an explosion of flavors worth writing home. 

This incredible dessert has roots in French history. The first floating island recipe dates back to 1651. First featured in the cookbook Les Cuisinier François.  In which François-Pierre de la Varenne, the father of French cuisine shared a similar dish. Although it’s a slightly different recipe than we see today. Back in those days instead of custard, they covered it with egg yolks and a little sugar before baking it. 

Today we consider this a classic French dessert. It’s up there with macaroons and madeleines. But for all its fame in France, only the culinary keen tourists know about it. But once eat it French deserts aren’t the same.

The dish has two different names and looks on the menu for either eggs in snow, or floating island.   

Carousel of Endangered Species

This Carousel is great for families with small kids. Instead of a typical carousel with horses or elephants; kids can ride an aepyornis, horned turtle, panda or dodo. Often referred to as the Dodo Manège all the animals on the carousel are extinct or endangered.  

The Carousel of Endangered Species is near the natural history museum. 

Statue of Liberty Pont

(Statue de la Liberte Paris)

In 1886 France gave the United States the Statue of Liberty (Even though we took it begrudgingly) But did you know Paris has its own version of the iconic monument. They installed the statue three years after America’s and serves as another symbol of the bond between the two nations. 

Paris’ Lady Liberty is only a 1/4th of the size of the Americas, there are still some great views such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre; Arch De Triomphe. To reach the Statue de la Liberte, take a scenic walk down the Seine River.

Cimetière du Calvaire

Cimetière du Calvaire is the smallest and oldest cemetery in Paris. Started in 1688, with a purpose to bury select members of the church. Cimetière du Calvaire houses 85 gravestones in a tiny 6,500 square feet area. Some prominent figures in the city’s history lie here. 

What’s the downside of visiting this unusual things to do in France? Visiting Cimetière du Calvaire isn’t easy. The cemetery is closed. But opens its doors twice a year, for a short period. Only open to the public on November 1st (All Saints’ Day). And Paris’ Heritage Day. 

Take a Cooking Class

Fun things to do in ParisTaking a cooking class is one of the fun things to do in Paris. Cooking classes checks a lot of boxes. First, it connects you with the culture and makes lasting memories. They let you pick up a skill you can take home. Classes are an excellent way to connect with travelers. And last, and arguably the most important, is that you get to eat. 

There are many cooking classes spread around Paris. Having the sweet tooth I do, I would choose one focused on French desserts like Madaline’s or Macaroons.

But Paris has all kinds of courses. You can take boulangerie courses and pastry cooking classes.

Take an Alternative Paris Tour

Cimetière du Calvaire is the smallest and oldest cemetery in Paris. Started in 1688, with a purpose to bury select members of the church. Cimetière du Calvaire houses 85 gravestones in a tiny 6,500 square feet area. Some prominent figures in the city’s history lie here. 

What’s the downside of visiting this unusual things to do in France? Visiting Cimetière du Calvaire isn’t easy. The cemetery is closed. But opens its doors twice a year, for a short period. Only open to the public on November 1st (All Saints’ Day). And Paris’ Heritage Day. 

House of Nicolas Flamel

Harry Potter fans will recognize Nicolas Flamel as the long-living character who had the sorcerer’s stone (or philosopher’s stone). But did you know, he was a real person? And the most famous alchemist in the history of Paris. Legend says he acquired a vast amount of wealth by discovering the philosopher’s stone. 

Flamel, born in the early 1400s, worked as a bookseller for the majority of his life. But even while he was alive rumors spread that he stumbled upon an old text that taught him how to change ordinary metal into gold. 

Outside the house are odd symbols adding to his legend. This helped him achieve great wealth in his lifetime.The house of Nicolas Flamel is located at 51 Rue de Montmorency in Paris. 

The outside of his house has remained virtually untouched. But now operates as the restaurant, Auberge Nicolas Flamel.

The Green Walkway

A lot of travelers never visit Paris’s parks. Maybe because everyone’s busy crowding around the Mona Lisa or climbing up the steps of the Eiffel Tower. 

Whatever the reason their loss. But your gain. The parks in Paris rival any in Europe. None more so than the Green Walkway. 

Sometimes referred to as Paris’ secret garden, this park sits at the top of a former viaduct. And is the oldest elevated park in the world. Little rectangular pools go down the Promenade. On either side flanked by lush vegetation. This is a great area to sip some wine, read a book, or people watch. 

Going to the Green Walkway is one of the best things I did in Paris. 

Worlds oldest Basketball court

Basketball has become synonymous with America. It is one of the country’s most popular sports. But did you know that the oldest basketball court in the world isn’t in the ol’ US of A. Nope, we find it at the YMCA in Paris? Two years after basketball’s inception, the first game took place on this court.

While there isn’t much to see here and some parts, have been redone. (although it is made to look old.) But it’s an awesome sight for people wanting some fun things to do in Paris with kids. Or a pilgrimage for hardcore fans of the game.   

The Treaty of Paris Plaque

Historic Plaques in ParisThe Treaty of Paris Plaque is a small yet important place in Paris. Especially for the Americans reading. 

This spot, inside Hotel D’York on September 3, 1783, John Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin sat down with a delegation from King George III. Gathered together to sign a treaty which ended the American Revolution.  

And while we were proclaiming ourselves independent for years before the signing it became official in Paris. 

Thanksgiving Grocery

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a short- or long-term traveler.

Sometimes we all crave those safe creature comforts which remind us of home. Food is one area that always gets me. When a craving hits me when in Paris, I head straight to Thanksgiving Grocery. Want some Jif peanut butter. They got it.

Maybe you need a Pop-tart fix? No, worries they sell those.

This store’s a one-stop-shop to satisfy all those needs.

Paris bouquinistes

The Treaty of Paris Plaque is a small yet important place in Paris. Especially for the Americans reading. This spot, inside Hotel D’York on September 3, 1783, John Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin sat down with a delegation from King George III. 

Gathered together to sign a treaty which ended the American Revolution.  And while we were proclaiming ourselves independent for years before the signing it became official in Paris. 

There you go! 35 Unusual Things to do in Paris. Which one are you doing first? 

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Parc André-Citroen

Imagine seeing Paris and the surrounding landscape from the sky. This is one of those fun things to do in Paris that will give you an adrenaline rush. For somewhere between 10 -15 Euros you get to ride in the biggest hot air balloon in the world. And take in some spectacular scenery as well.

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