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500+ Bucket List Ideas | From Travel to Crazy


Creating your own list of cool and unusual bucket list ideas is a powerful tool.

Bucket list ideas are more than a fun list, it’s a gift to yourself.

It’s a north star that will always help you stay on course. And even give you a sense of purpose when life seems overwhelming.

You might be asking yourself, Whats a bucket list

Creating a Bucket list is the simple process of pulling dreams from your head and to paper – or in this case website code.

Your list can be anything from epic adventures, to a simple task.

Put down anything and everything that you want to do before you die, or rather kick the “bucket” .

Personally, I had no clue what crafting my ultimate bucket list ideas would eventually turn into.

It’s no easy feat. But it’s worthwhile.


Simple! The act of putting pen to paper and writing down your own amazing bucket list ideas makes them come to life.

It makes them REAL!

Once your ideas are out, there it gives you a direction and helps your personal goals.

bucket list gives you a reason to skip that Starbucks frappuccino, train for that tough mudder, or set your sites on new life goals.

Once your list ideas are written down, they will spur you to save whether it’s for that backpacking Thailand trip or going to the biggest water park in the country.

Below are my ever-changing, never-ending, and great bucket list ideas.

Some of these are once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experiences, others are just simple bucket list ideas.

Go through this post and create your own list of fun things to do.

Then set your own bucket list goals and achieve your dreams!

So I ask you, “What are you waiting for, now is the time to start crossing off some of these unique bucket list ideas?”

Table of Contents


Let’s start big with our world bucket list!

These are some of the best bucket list things you can do all around the globe! Get ready to create your own epic travel bucket list.

  1. Make a Bucket List
  2. Wake up in a New Country!
  3. Get Lost Walking the Alleyways of Venice,
  4. Train Across the Trans-Siberian Highway
  5. Go Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls.
  6. Hike in the Rainforest
  7. Ride the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
  8. Stay a night with Bedouins in the Sahara desert.
  9. Spontaneously walk into the airport and buy a same-day ticket to wherever.
  10. Chill on the Beach in Costa Rica
  11. Eat Hundreds of different kinds of pasta in Italy! Did you know that Italy has over 300 hundred types of pasta! (Just a little fun fact about Italy for you.)
  12. Spend the Summer Backpacking Europe
  13. Take a Harry Potter Tour in Edinburgh
  14. Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.
  15. Boat Down the Amazon
  16. Learn Scuba Diving in Thailand. Thailand is one of the cheapest and best scuba diving destinations.
  17. Sail on a tall ship for a year.
  18. Let your inner child out at Disney World.
  19. Do Yoga in Bali
  20. Drive, Hike, or Camp in the Rocky Mountain.
  21. Take a Scenic Flight over Mt. Everest
  22. Stay at a T’ai Shen monastery in China
  23. Visit Padar Island in Indonesia
  24. Jet SKi to the Volcano in Santorini
  25. Paragliding in the Alps.
  26. Skydive in New Zealand (I highly, recommend this travel bucket list idea)
  27. Become a Dive Master in Thailand
  28. Spend a year traveling Asia
  29. Rickshaw Run
  30. Hike in Glacier National Park
  31. Sail to Antarctica
  32. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  33. Bike Around Gili T in Two Hours
  34. White Water Raft
  35. A Scenic Flight Over Milford Sound
  36. Discover How Amazing it is in New Mexico
  37. Go Zorbing in New Zealand
  38. Get Tattooed by a Monk in Thailand
  39. Eat New England Clam Chowder in New England.
  40. Coast Starlight Train Journey (Portland to Los Angles).
  41. Ride Horses Through the Mongolian Steeps.
  42. Visit all 7 continents.
  43. Camp in a Ger in Mongolia, Genghis Khan Style.
  44. Take a Train Across the United States.
  45. Take a Day Trip From Your House to A Nearby Place.
  46. Live in Another Country a Year.
  47. Trek in the mountains of Nepal.
  48. See the White House in Washington DC
  49. Run with the Bulls (Check out how to run with the bulls and survive ).
  50. Swim With Wild Dolphins ( Kaikoura in New Zealand is my favorite place to swim with Dolphins).
  51. Motor Bike Around Cebu Islands in the Philippines
  52. Swim with Wild Whale Shark. (Suba Diving with a Whale Shark is still a big item on my list.)
  53. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef to see all the tropical fish.
  54. Climb the Sand Dune in Colorado.
  55. Learn to Ski or Snowboard.
  56. Drive a Sand Dune Buggy
  57. Party at Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  58. Go, Camping Solo.
  59. Sleep in an Overwater Bungalow.
  60. Scuba Dive in Indonesia.
  61. Find the Highest Mountain Around and Conquer it.
  62. The Walk of Faith in China.
  63. Spend Months traveling Thailand
  64. Explore New York City
  65. Learn Rock Climbing.
  66. Try Canyoning.
  67. Take in the view of Cape Town in South Africa.
  68. Meander Through Mordor
  69. Visit a country you know little about.
  70. Cover Route 66.
  71. Venture into the depths of the Pyramids.
  72. Explore the Valley of the Kings.
  73. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru.
  74. Iguassu Falls (between Brazil and Argentina).
  75. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. (Great for Couples)
  76. Snorkel in the Galapagos Archipelago.
  77. Listen to Holiday in Spain by the Counting Crows, in Barcelona.
  78. See the Statues of Easter Island.
  79. Visit the Amazon Rainforest. (Still a major bucket list item for me.)
  80. Wat Tum Sua Temple in Krabi, Thailand.
  81. Gaze at the Pools of Plitvice, Croatia.
  82. Train the Alaskan White Pass and the Yukon Route.
  83. The Terracotta Warriors.
  84. See Hadrian’s wall.
  85. Hike in the Snowy Mountains of Canada.
  86. Road Trip Kazakhstan. The country is beautiful but super flat, so make sure to have some road trip trivia ready.
  87. See Pandas in Chengdu.
  88. Take a Cruise Through the Fiordlands of Milford Sound.
  89. Experience Paris
  90. See the Northern Lights. (Crossing the Northern Light off my list this year!)
  91. The Taj Mahal.(Another great idea for couples)
  92. Road Trip through the Scottish Highlands
  93. Boat in an Alligator Swamp
  94. Eat something crazy in China
  95. Spend a Week in the Wilderness of Denali National Park
  96. See the Grand Canyon from the Railway
  97. Drink a liter of beer at Oktoberfest.
  98. Kayak the Bay of Islands in New Zealand
  99. Hike 10k on the Great Wall of China
  100. Day hike the 4 sisters Mountain in Sichuan
  101. Motorbike Around Bagan.
  102. Ride any wobbly train in Myanmar.
  103. Ride a Bike to a Neighboring State.
  104. Enjoy Big Sur
  105. Climb Mt. Fuji
  106. Walk the Steep Streets of San Francisco
  107. Take the leap at Bungee Jumping Queenstown
  108. Or maybe Bungee jumping NZ (If New Zealand is too far! Then go to the nearest bungee jumping experience and jump!)
  109. Live in a Silent Monastery a Week.
  110. Road Trip the Coast of Ireland
  111. Sail Halong Bay in Vietnam.
  112. Venture into the Largest Cave in the World in Vietnam.
  113. Kayak the Colorado River.
  114. Zipline through the Red Woods.
  115. Explore the Temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
  116. Sleep Under Millions of Stars in Mongolia.
  117. Look for Nessy in Loch Ness.
  118. Embark on the Cass Scenic Railroad.
  119. Visit Stonehenge on Summer Solstice ( The only day of the year there isn’t a fence).
  120. Sand Board.
  121. See the Chinese Pyramids.
  122. Drive the Great Ocean Road.
  123. Visit an African Tribe.
  124. Stay in an Underwater Hotel.
  125. Take a Helicopter Ride of Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier in New Zealand.
  126. Rent A Vespa and Ride Around Italy.
  127. Road Trip From North America to South America. Make sure to have a good road trip camera like a GoPro.
  128. Touch Antarctica.
  129. Complete the Annapurna Circuit.
  130. Trek to the Orangutan’s in Borneo
  131. Camp in the Grand Canyon.
  132. Sail the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.
  133. Gaze in Awe at the Colorful Morticians in China.
  134. Wade Through the Streams of Antelope Canyon.
  135. Visit an off the Beaten Path Country like Bangladesh.
  136. Visit Everest Base Camp.
  137. Walk the Edge of Toronto’s CN Tower.
  138. Float in the Dead Sea.
  139. Skydive Over Mt. Everest.
  140. Visit the Home of the Gods on the Top of Mt. Olympus. (A bucket list goal that I have crossed off my list.)
  141. Sail the Nile River.
  142. Drive the Transfagarasan highway in Romania.
  143. Try your hand at Volcano Boarding.
  144. Let Your Jaw Drop at the Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand.
  145. Trek the Azores.
  146. Horseback Ride Through the Wondrous Iceland Landscape.
  147. Live like a Local at a Malaysia Homestay.
  148. Snorkel or Scuba in Egypt’s Blue Hole.
  149. Zipline between two Sky scrappers in Las Vegas.
  150. Sail the Best Islands in Greece
  151. Ride a Camel in the Desert.
  152. Hike the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii.
  153. Party at the Yacht Week in Croatia.
  154. Go Paragliding.
  155. Visit a Unesco World Heritage Site
  156. Camp in Yellowstone.
  157. Drive the East Coast of Australia.
  158. Great Migration Safari.
  159. Climb the stairs to the Monastery at Petra.
  160. Motor Bike Through Vietnam.
  161. 4X 4 Around the Greek Islands.
  162. Visit every country on a Continent.
  163. Drive the Ring Road in Iceland.
  164. Kiss the Blarney Stone.
  165. Take Your Chances At Dracula’s Castle in Romania.
  166. Driving 1/3 the Planet on the Mongol Rally.
  167. Feel the heat of the Gates of Hell Kazakhstan.
  168. Drive a Jet Ski.
  169. Sleep on a Beach.
  170. See the Book of Kells in Ireland.
  171. Visit some of the most beautiful places in the world.
  172. Venture on the Milford Trek.
  173. Ride Sled Dogs rides in Alaska.
  174. Hike to See Wild Silverback Gorillas.
  175. Go on Awesome Day Trips from Paris.
  176. Spend the night camping in Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan.
  177. Go Cliff Jumping into Water Anywhere It’s Safe.
  178. See Whale in the Ocean.
  179. Road Trip Across New Zealand.
  180. Try Surfing in Bali
  181. Take in the Chichen Itza
  182. Celebrate Your Birthday at the Moulin Rouge.
  183. See the sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia. There is nothing like a sunrise hot air balloon at Cappadocia.
  184. Venture to Mumbai and Get your Bollywood Career Started.
  185. See the Snow Monkeys in Japan.
  186. Climb the Top of Queenstown Hill.
  187. Go Rappelling in Dalat, Vietnam.
  188. Drive the PCH (Pacific Coastal Highway).
  189. Kayak under a Glacier in Alaska.
  190. Camp in Yosemite National Park
  191. Hold an Eagle in Central Asia.
  192. Spend a Day in the Zion Narrows.
  193. Look for Snow Leopards in India.
  194. Discover the Larapinta Trek.
  195. Drive Coast to Coast in America.
  196. Get Dangerously Close to a Komodo Dragon in Komodo National Park.
  197. Kayak in the Quirimbas.
  198. Discover Zero Gravity.
  199. Climb Mt Everest.
  200. Go Backpacking Around a Country Regardless of your Age.
  201. Hang Glide in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
  202. Scuba Dive Between Two Continents in Iceland.
  203. See the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
  204. Enjoy a Las Vegas Holidays with friends.
  205. Go to the Super Bowl!

Unique Bucket List Ideas

There are a lot of standard bucket list ideas that you might come up with. Some of them are the typical things that people include: climb Mount Everest, go to Paris, fall in love and so on. There are so many other unique options out there that people tend to miss out on because they don’t think outside the box.

We’re going to cover some unique bucket list ideas here that we hope you’ll like. These are unique ideas that might not have even been considered by many people yet. Sometimes, the most unique things are just right under our noses!

  1. Do something you’ve never done before
  2. Go to the highest point in your state – This is such an insightful way to see how much there is to your country.
  3. Or reach the highest point in all 50 states.
  4. Learn How to Cook Your 3 Favorite Meals from Another Country
  5. Spend the Night in a Haunted Hotel
  6. Visit a Former Prison

Simple Bucket List Ideas

Looking to get started with your bucket list, but want to start with small personal goals in life?

Below are a few simple bucket list ideas that are quick and easy.

  1. Adopt an Animal
  2. Read 12 Books A Year
  3. Give Three Hugs A Day
  4. Wake Up And Watch the Sunrise
  5. Volunteer at a Shelter
  6. Do Something Kind Everyday
  7. Visit a Museum
  8. Learn a New Skill
  9. Think of a Fun Idea every week. Then act on your great ideas!
  10. Throw a Surprise Party for a Friend
  11. Go for a Bike Ride Once a Week
  12. Try Skinny Dipping (Take it one step further and take skinny dipping pictures) P.S. I’m not brave enough for skinny dipping photos.
  13. Make Friendship Bracelets with your Bestie! Is anyone else thinking about that episode of friends with the silver friendship bracelets?
  14. Set 5-year Personal Goals, then create a personal goals list, then start heading down that road.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Let’s get started with our summer bucket list! The summer is the perfect time to cross off some of those goals. Here are some bucket list ideas that are to add to your list of summer activities.

  1. Go to the Beach.
  2. Host a Party.
  3. Try Paddle Boarding.
  4. Paint a Landscape.
  5. Pick Berries.
  6. Go Swimming in a Watering Hole, or Creek.
  7. Go Somewhere New.
  8. Spend a Weekend at an Amusement Park.
  9. Grab an ice cream recipe online, and then make Your Own homemade Ice Cream.
  10. Go to a Fair.
  11. Try a New Food.
  12. Feed the Birds
  13. Have a Costume Party
  14. Spend a Weekend Hiking.
  15. Act Like a Kid Again.
  16. Bake Cookies
  17. Road Trip With Friends.
  18. Go to a Concert.
  19. Do a Wine Tasting.
  20. Learn How to Fish.
  21. Master Making Your Favorite Summer Cocktail.
  22. Visit an Apple Orchard.
  23. Go to a Sports Game.
  24. Prank a Friend.
  25. Have a Movie Marathon.
  26. Relax in a Hammock.
  27. Volunteer.
  28. Work Out
  29. Go Camping.
  30. Strive to Be A Better Person.
  31. Stay Offline for a Weekend.
  32. Try Ultimate Frisbee.
  33. Go Kayaking.
  34. Take a Well Earned Vacation.
  35. Shop at Your Local Farmers Market.
  36. Watch a Sunset.
  37. Visit a UNESCO Site.
  38. Experience a Sunrise.
  39. Learn How to Barbeque.
  40. Master the Grill.
  41. Read A Book Outside.
  42. Learn How to Play an Instrument.
  43. Eat Your Weight in S’mores.
  44. Host a Family Reunion.
  45. Make Lemonade
  46. Go to an Outdoor Play
  47. Make Tie-dye t-shirts.
  48. Schedule some “Me” time.
  49. Lose Some Weight
  50. Visit a Family Member.
  51. Hop on the Plane.
  52. Play Cards With Friends
  53. Take a Trip to a Water Park
  54. Visit the Zoo.
  55. See Fireworks
  56. Mail a Letter.
  57. Try to Build Something.
  58. Go Bird watching.
  59. Fly a Kite
  60. Make a Suncatcher
  61. Go Boating
  62. Have a Bonfire
  63. Learn to make a Dessert
  64. Grow Your Own Herbs.
  65. House sit for a Friend
  66. Trying House sitting Abroad.
  67. Find a Seasonal Outdoor Job.
  68. Learn How to Make Ice Coffee.
  69. Go Backpacking in a New Country.
  70. Take a Road Trip By Yourself.
  71. Visit a Museum.
  72. Bake Something for Your Neighbor
  73. Go to a Move-in-the Park Night
  74. Build A Sandcastle
  75. Play Summer Sport like Volleyball.
  76. Slip n Slide.
  77. Write a Story
  78. Give Your Best Friend a Present
  79. Learn how to Rock Climb
  80. Visit a National Park
  81. Sit on the Porch and Watch the Rain.
  82. Jump on a Trampoline
  83. Visit Your Local Library.
  84. Take Your Parents Away for a Weekend.
  85. Take Your Kid to a Children’s Museum.
  86. Gaze at the Stars.
  87. Go to a Local Festival
  88. Go Cliff-Jumping.
  89. Visit Somewhere In Your Hometown that’s New.
  90. Sing Karaoke.
  91. Watch a Parade.
  92. Make Hot Sauce.
  93. Camp in Your Own Backyard.
  94. Go to a State Park.
  95. Learn How to use a Hula Hoop.
  96. Go Running At Least Twice a Week.
  97. Try Mountain Biking.
  98. Sit Outside With Your Family Once a Week.
  99. Make a Dream Catcher
  100. Try to Skateboard.
  101. Go to the Pool
  102. Catch a Firefly
  103. Go Zip-Lining

Fall Bucket List Ideas

  1. Crave Pumpkins
  2. Take a Road Trip Somewhere.
  3. Admire the Changing Leaves on a Hike
  4. Solve a Corn Maze
  5. Pig out at a Carnival
  6. Get Your Pumpkin Spice On
  7. Run a Themed 5k
  8. Have Friends Over from a Bonfire
  9. Create a new Summer Bucket List
  10. Roast Your Own Pumpkin Seeds
  11. Have a Picnic in the Park
  12. Binge Watch TV on a Cold Day
  13. Learn a Skill… like Knitting
  14. Bake a Fall Pie. Like Apple Pie
  15. Master Creating the Perfect Hot Chocolate

Cool Bucket List Ideas

  1. Traveling by Train
  2. Visit the “Top of the Rock” in New York
  3. Renting out a pool at your local hotel
  4. Swimming in ice cold water.
  5. Try a different cuisine for every meal for one month.
  6. Visit every continent of the world
  7. Live under a different alias for one month.
  8. Live in a different country for six months, no more no less.
  9. Create a video with another vlogger on YouTube to go viral
  10. Make a video in each state you visit

Funny Bucket List Ideas

Okay we have enough adventure ideas. What about a fun activity that are simple and fun. Some of these crazy bucket list ideas will keep you entertained.

  1. Object at a Wedding Ceremony.
  2. Call A Random Person Just to Talk.
  3. Go to A Themed Wedding.
  4. Ask a Stranger If You Can Have a Hug.
  5. Ask a Stranger to Coffee.
  6. Build a Snow Fort
  7. Hold the Door Open for People.
  8. Introduce Yourself to Someone New Every Day
  9. Play an Extra in a Movie
  10. Dance in the Rain
  11. Teach Your Dog to Respond to Tricks in Another Language.
  12. Dress Ridiculous and Go Shopping
  13. Send a Message in a Bottle
  14. Had Out Flowers to Random People
  15. Learn a Card Trick
  16. Make Jello Shots
  17. Help a Random Person
  18. Cut Your Beard in a Funny Style
  19. Learn How to Juggle
  20. Geek Out at Harry Potter World
  21. Spend an Hour a Day Learning a New Talent
  22. Go Christmas Caroling With A Group of Friends.
  23. Make Up a Card Game
  24. Invent a Cocktail
  25. Hit Your Friend with a Water Balloon
  26. Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons as an Adult
  27. Do a Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Marathon
  28. Play a game of Croquet.
  29. Build a Blanket Fort
  30. Go to a Comic Book Convention
  31. Play in the Rain
  32. Make Your Own Recipe
  33. Play Mini Golf
  34. Go to an Arcade
  35. Name a Star After Yourself
  36. Send Yourself a Letter
  37. Make a Movie.
  38. Start a Nerf War
  39. Host a Movie Night Outside
  40. Plant a Tree
  41. Spend a Day Coloring
  42. Have a Pillow Fight
  43. Take a Selfie every day for a Year
  44. Walk Around Barefoot for a Day

Bucket List Items for Self Improvement

  1. Travel… Just Travel.
  2. Be a Responsible Tourist.
  3. Write a Book.
  4. Figure Out How to Drive A Manual.
  5. Take Guitar Lessons.
  6. Wake Up Early.
  7. Start a Passion Project.
  8. Before bed write one thing you want to do the next day!
  9. Then Do It!
  10. Find Your Passion
  11. Put Your Camera Away, and Enjoy a The Moment.
  12. Learn How to Love on a New Level.
  13. Surprise someone you care about with a selfless gift.
  14. Strive to be more present in the mundane activities of the day.
  15. Master One Skill.
  16. Watch at Least One Sunrise a Month.
  17. Read a Book a Month for a Year.
  18. Lose 10 Pounds.
  19. Learn How to Ski.
  20. Act in a Play.
  21. Start Cross Kit.
  22. Cook a new Dish Every Week.
  23. Face A Fear.
  24. Figure Out an Escape Room.
  25. Take a Gap Year.
  26. Give yourself permission to Fail.
  27. Take Cooking Lessons.
  28. Try Intermittent Fasting.
  29. Take a Photography Course.
  30. Give at least 1 Hug a Day.
  31. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.
  32. Meditate 5 Days A Week.
  33. Teach English in Different Country.
  34. Challenge Yourself Daily.
  35. Take a Bubble Bath with a Book Weekly.
  36. Piano Lessons.
  37. Set Aside Personal Time With Yourself.
  38. Paint a Picture.
  39. Watch a New Documentary once a Month.
  40. Buy A Homeless Man Lunch.
  41. Raise Your Credit Score.
  42. Graduate College.
  43. Visit a New Country Every Year.
  44. Learn a Magic Trick.
  45. Go With Friends to a Murder Mystery Dinner.
  46. Tell Someone You Love Them Everyday.
  47. Conquer a Fear.
  48. Start a Conversation with a Random Stranger.
  49. Keep a New Years Resolution.
  50. Write Down Your Dreams.
  51. Spend Less time Watching TV.
  52. Make a list of great date night ideas list. Then take treat your significant other to those great date ideas.
  53. Master Shuffling Cards.
  54. Volunteer in Local Groups.
  55. Find a Role Model.
  56. Talk to Your Role Model.
  57. Start Thinking Now Like the Person You Want to Become.
  58. Judge People Less.
  59. Make a lot of Mistakes, but Learn From Them.
  60. Surprise Someone with Flowers.
  61. Volunteer in Another Country.
  62. Play a Sport.
  63. Take a Masterclass.
  64. Chase Your Dream.
  65. Listen to Podcast.
  66. Live Life Like there is No Tomorrow.
  67. Keep Chasing Your Dream When You Fail.
  68. Cook with your Family Once a Week.
  69. By School Supplies for a Kid in Need. This is also a great summer bucket list idea.
  70. Donate to a Charity.
  71. Expect Magic in Each Moment.
  72. Start a Travel Blog.
  73. Save a Pet at the Humane Society.
  74. Join a Gym.
  75. Go to a Seminar.
  76. Spend Time in Nature.
  77. Use Said Gym Membership.
  78. Run a 5K.
  79. Fly in a Plane.
  80. Start a New Business.
  81. Make a Long-Term Investment.
  82. Stop Caring About What Other People Think.
  83. Discover a New Band Every Week.
  84. Set aside time for friends.
  85. Work for Yourself.
  86. Take Flying Lessons.
  87. Plan for the Future.
  88. Learn From Your Mistakes.
  89. Build Something, Anything.
  90. Tell Your Mom You Love Her.
  91. Master a Skill.
  92. Travel with your Family.
  93. Solve a Rubix Cude.
  94. Learn Taekwondo.
  95. Take VideoGrapher Lessons.
  96. Try Public Speaking.
  97. Vote!
  98. Take Swimming Lessons.
  99. Never, Ever Give Up.
  100. Read a Book on Self Improvement.
  101. Limit Your Weekly Phone Time.
  102. Educate Yourself.
  103. Find a Podcast that Inspires You.
  104. Schedule Your Time!
  105. Then Rigorously Follow that Schedule
  106. Find Your Discipline
  107. Focus on Small Improvements.
  108. Stop Thinking About the Future.
  109. Learn to Live in the Moment.
  110. Let Your Actions Reflect Your Goals.
  111. Create a list of great dinner ideas, or great appetizer ideas that everyone should eat once. Then eat them!

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

  1. Get a tattoo of a map of all the places you have been or want to go. You can even get it as a temporary one. How cool would it be to have a map of your travels on your body?
  2. Purchase a plane ticket as soon as you get your first paycheck and go to that place for the first time. The thing about travel is it really helps you realize how small our world is. We are all so interconnected, and the sooner we realize this, the better our world will be. Take the time to travel if you have the means to do so, and don’t let anyone talk down travel as a waste of time or money.
  3. Go to all 50 states in the United States (U.S.). This one is pretty self-explanatory!
  4. Improve your language skills by going on an immersion trip to a country where they speak that language.

More Travel Bucket List IDeas

  1. Spend New Year in New York.
  2. Become Conversational in another Language.
  3. Get Wet and Wild at Song Kran.
  4. Stare in wonderment at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.
  5. Visit Times Square.
  6. Drink a Shot of Whiskey at the Jameson Distillery in Dublin.
  7. Shop the Floating Markets of Bangkok.
  8. Drink a Guinness in Ireland.
  9. Drink Wine on the French Rivera.
  10. Get Fat Eating in French pastries in France.
  11. Hear the Echo of Gladiators past in the Colosseum.
  12. Get Soaked on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.
  13. See the Statue of David in Florence.
  14. Go to a Movie Premier in LA.
  15. Listen to the Beatles in The Cavern Bar.
  16. Go to KTV in Asia.
  17. Alaska Railroad’s Coastal Classic.
  18. Meet the Dalai Lama.
  19. Walk Across Abby Road.
  20. Watch the Sunrise at the Taj Mahal
  21. Watch Meteor Shower.
  22. Climb the Stairs of the Eiffel Tour.
  23. See what is left of the Berlin Wall.
  24. See the Wonders of the World.
  25. Stay in a Hostel.
  26. Spin a Globe and go Where it Lands (Unless it’s the Ocean).
  27. Celebrate New Year in Another Country.
  28. Wander the ruins of Pompeii.
  29. Drink Vodka in Russia.
  30. Visit East Hollywood in Yinchuan, China.
  31. Shop the Quirky Markets in Camden Town, London.
  32. Go Swimming with the turtles in Ningaloo.
  33. Fall in Love with Lisbon.
  34. Boat Inle Lake in Mayanmar.
  35. Binge Watch Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.
  36. Learn how to make pasta in Italy
  37. Check off all the things to do in Florence
  38. Apply to be on the Amazing Race (Then Win and Split the Money with Me for the bucket list ideas).
  39. Date a girl from a Foreign Country.
  40. Do a Pub Crawl in Amsterdam.
  41. Watch in Bruges…..in Burges.
  42. See Wild Elephants.
  43. Drink Absinthe in Prague.
  44. Stay With Locals a Week in Another Country.
  45. Explore Stockholm.
  46. Rent a Car and Drive the Coast of Portugal.
  47. Visit Cape Town.
  48. See the thousands of year old faces of the Terracotta Warriors.
  49. Visit a Hindu Temple.
  50. Become a Tourist in Your Home Town.
  51. Walks the Walls of Dubrovnik ( Game of Thrones fans know it as Kings Landing).
  52. See a Play on Broadway.
  53. Eat French Fries in Belgium.
  54. See the Pope at the Vatican.
  55. Travel to Madrid.
  56. Learn How to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans.
  57. Make your own list of great dessert ideas from around the world, and then start making your way through the list.
  58. Travel Solo
  59. Climb to the Top of Phi Phi Island.
  60. See the Black Sea.
  61. Train from Athens to Istanbul.
  62. Drink Egg Coffee in Vietnam.
  63. Have A Drink at a Speakeasy.
  64. Have an Indian Jones moment as you walk through the Canyon to Petra.
  65. See the Hollywood Sign.
  66. Over Indulge on French Crepes in France.
  67. Swim with Pigs at Pig Beach, Jamaica.
  68. Make the Newspaper for an Achievement.
  69. Sing in a Flash Mob.
  70. Drink Sangria in Barcelona.
  71. Take Fencing Lessons.
  72. Visit the Black Pebble Beach on Santorini.
  73. Learn How to Blow Glass.
  74. Travel to the Shire in Middle Earth (aka New Zealand).
  75. Ride a Bullet Train.
  76. Swim in the Ocean.
  77. Complete a tough mudder race.
  78. Explore Japan
  79. Visit a Winery.
  80. Eat Sugary Waffles in Belgium.
  81. Ride a Ferry.
  82. Watch Stunning Sunsets in Santorini.
  83. Go on a Trip With Friends.
  84. Chow on some Baklava in Istanbul.
  85. Get Lazy on an Island.
  86. Kiss a Strange on New Years Eve.
  87. Get on Live TV.
  88. Eat Tapas in Barcelona.
  89. Get Blessed by a Monk in a Buddhist Temple.
  90. Couch Surf at a Locals.
  91. See the Volvo Ocean Race.
  92. Visit Chiang Mai.
  93. Join an Ultimate Frisbee League.
  94. Work on a Yacht.
  95. Start an Online Business.
  96. Go Shopping in Milan.
  97. Get Colorful at Holi in India.
  98. Eat in a Michelin Star Restaurant
  99. Visit a Location of your Favorite Movie.
  100. Touch 4 States at Once.
  101. Take a Photo With A Stranger.
  102. Bike Around Europe.
  103. Learn to Draw.
  104. Drive without a Destination.
  105. See Tom Riddles Grave in Edinburgh.
  106. Gamble in Vegas.
  107. Party in Ios, Greece.
  108. Take a Haka Tour in New Zealand .
  109. New Chinese New Year’s in China.
  110. Be an Extra in a Movie.
  111. See the Funeral Ceremonies in Varanasi.
  112. Live in Another Country.
  113. Swim at Katharos Beach when backpacking Greece.
  114. Learn Kite Surfing.
  115. Experience a Japanese Tea Ceremony.
  116. Eat French Fries in Burgess.
  117. Spend a Night on a Boat.
  118. Drink Wine in Tuscany.
  119. Watch the Horse Race in Sienna, Italy.
  120. Stay in Night in a Windmill in Greece.
  121. Play in (and win) a Rugby Game.
  122. Understand Rugby Rules.
  123. Learn how to Ride a Horse.
  124. Eat-In and Out Burger.
  125. Learn to Cook.
  126. Run a 4 Minute Mile.
  127. Live Life to the Fullest.
  128. Write Down “What Should I Do Today?”.
  129. Then do It!
  130. Watch a Meteor Shower
  131. Go to a Planetarium

And there we go! Hundreds and hundreds of great bucket list ideas! Enough ideas to keep us busy for a lifetime!

What was your favorite bucket list idea on this list?

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16 thoughts on “500+ Bucket List Ideas that are Both Cool and Unique”

    1. Awesome! If you have any Ideas to add let me know. I am always looking for New Adventures. Maybe New Years in New York should be up there!

  1. Hi again!

    Here are some of my top ones:
    Live with Buddhists monks in Nepal and learn meditating.
    Hike the Inka trail to Machu Pichu
    Go on pilgrimage to Santiago De La Compostela, Spain
    Climb Kilimanjaro
    Bungee jump over the Iguaçu falls
    Scuba Dive in the Galapagos islands
    Hang glide over Rio de Janeiro
    See the Zebra-migration in Serengeti
    Cross a country on a bicycle
    Visit the Easter Island

    Here’s a link to my bucket list of traveling; http://pursuit-of-life-satisfaction.com/my-bucket-list/
    I hope you can find some inspiration for future travel destinations there! So much fun with bucket lists!

  2. wow what a great list! 🙂 hope you make it to the dead sea- it is such an amazing experience. wish I was able to stay there longer! Make sure you have NO cuts at all anywhere on your body or you will run as fast as you can out of there! And I’ve always wanted to be in a flash mob too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Deepak@Trekking in Nepal

    Thank for sharing really nice information which is very usable for every traveler. Great festival i would like to see as soon as possible.

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