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Uber Promo Codes | Save $25 and Ride with Uber for Free

In this post, you will find a step-by-step guide to getting and using Uber Promo codes.

By the end of the post, not only will you learn how to save $25 Off your first few rides, but you will learn how to keep earning credit and getting free Uber rides.

After all, we all love getting things free, right?

So whether you want to save on your daily commute, or pad your travel budget, Uber is a useful tool to keep some of that hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Not only will you learn how to ride Uber for free (at least your first ride). But you will also see how easy it is to keep them.

So what are we waiting for? Buckle up and let’s earn some free credit!


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    Uber Promo Codes: For Free Rides

    How Uber Works

    WHere Uber Works

    Uber PROMO CODES 2020

    Earning Free Uber Credit

    Uber Hacks for Free Rides

    Common Uber Questions & Faqs

    How Uber Works

    In case you’re new to the app, let’s briefly go over how it works, and why the app is groundbreaking.

    Using Uber’s super simple! You download the app from either the apple or the google store and setup your account and payment method.

    When wanting a ride just open the app. Upon opening, Uber shows you a map of where you, the surrounding area, and all the nearby Uber drivers.

    You choose your pick up and drop off location.

    Before confirming the ride, the app shows you different vehicles and prices.

    Pick the one you want and, click confirm. The app will show you your driver’s picture and part of the license plate number. (So you know you are getting in the right car).

    Finally, the Uber driver takes you to your location.  Another perk of Uber is that it uses GPS to let you track the progress of your ride.

    That’s it!

    If you selected to pay by card, then you just get out.Tips are also handled through the app.

    What makes Uber better than Taxis? Well, first, you don’t need physically handle cash (unless you choose to pay by cash) or cards or worry about your credit card info getting stolen.

    It’s quicker because you just get out instead of paying.

    And if you are traveling (especially in remote parts of the world like Asia), you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off or haggling with taxi drivers.

    It’s straightforward with no BS!

    What Countries is Uber In

    If you are planning on using Uber while traveling, then you are probably asking yourself, “What countries have uber?”

    Uber works in many places all around the world. And while it might make you nervous using the app in another country, I can personally say that I’ve had nothing but good experiences.

    And I’ve used Uber from the UK to Bangladesh – and everywhere in between!

    But the map of where uber works is always growing and changing.

    Right now uber works in hundreds of cities in over sixty-nine countries!

    You can see the current list of cities and countries here.

    Sign up With Uber Promo Codes


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      Chances are you’ve been with a friend who offers to grab the Uber because they get their Uber first ride free — wondering how they do it?

      Well, when they signed up on the app, they used an Uber discount code that gave them the discount and lets them ride Uber for free.

      Or they have used Uber to keep earning free rides, over and over again. So how do you get these discount codes for Uber? Let’s go over it step by step.

      Step 1 – Sign up for Uber

      First, you need to make a new account.

      Note: These Uber coupon codes only work with NEW accounts. But not to worry, if you already have an account, there are still some ways for you to earn some Uber codes for free ride. (Which we will go over below.)

      Signing up is quick and easy.

      Step 2- Make sure you already have the code you want to use to help you score a free ride in Uber.

      The company is always changing their sign up bonuses. And sometimes, a free ride Uber code isn’t available.

      I’d love it if you used my referral code: stephens1894ue which gets you $2 off your first three rides.

      (But to be honest there are better codes below.)

      Discount Codes for Uber (New 2020)

      These are the current list of promotions.

      • $25 off Up to $2.50 off each of your first 10 trips NEWRIDER25
      • $18 off Up to $3 off each of your first 6 trips NEWRIDER18
      • $16 off Up to $4 off each of your first 4 trips NEWRIDER16
      • $15 off Up to $5 off each of your first 3 trips NEWRIDER15

      These are all the uber discount codes for new users, so there are no free ride uber codes offered at the time of writing this post. (But the promos change throughout the year)

      And most rides cost more than $5, but hey, you’re still saving money!

      And you can get your first handful of rides anywhere from $15 -$25 off – depending on the code you use.

      How to Add Promo Codes in Uber

      Follow these easy 5 steps and add your discount within minutes.

      1. Once you’re signed up, open the app.
      2. Click on the menu in the top left-hand corner
      3. Click on Payment; scroll down until you see promotions.
      4. Hit add Promo Code
      5. Enter the code stephens1894ue (or another code mentioned above)

      Popular Post on the Site

      How to Get Uber Credit

      Until now, we have been talking about all the great savings in Uber for new users. But what about people existing Users?

      Well, all is not lost. You can keep earning Uber Promo Codes repeatedly.

      The easiest way is to recommend Uber to friends.

      Uber comes equipped with your own promo code to gift friends and family. Each person who signs up saves, and you get some credit.

      For example my code, stephens1894ue gets you $2 off your first three rides. And at the same time, I earn $5 in Uber Credit.

      That means if you recommend just a couple of friends, not only will they get a discount that lets them earn free rides in Uber, but you will also have earned enough for a free ride! It’s a win, win.

      Uber Hacks for Free Rides

      Before we go on, I want to say that I’m not recommending you do these Uber Hacks.

      I love Uber and want to support them. Plus, Uber sends you promo codes every once in a while just for using the app.

      And I have never tried any of these myself. I’ve heard about them from fellow travelers.

      It’s important to note that these Uber hacks go against the company’s terms of service and can get you blocked, banned, or worse. So try at your own risk.

      Using Uber free ride hacks isn’t easy. And can only be done by making new accounts and reusing the promo codes. But the app requires different emails and phone numbers when signing up. You can’t just make a new account with a different email and use the Uber free ride codes again. You must have a new phone number.

      And while emails are simple to make, phone numbers are a little trickier.

      But there are still ways to game the system. Let’s look at different Uber hacks.

      3 Simple Uber Hacks for free rides

      1. The easiest hack is by signing up for a new account using the phone number of someone you know. Say you have a friend or family member that doesn’t have Uber. Ask them if you can use their phone number to sign up for an Uber account. Then use the promo codes again.

      2. You can also download apps that let you buy phone numbers, like Viber. Buy a phone number for around $5 a month; then repeat the sign-up and promo code process in Uber. And while you have to pay $5, that still adds up to a savings of $20.

      Of course, there are apps that provide free phone numbers and texting. But I am not sure which ones actually work.

      3. Travelers can also take advantage of the sim card hack. Going to different countries means getting sim cards in order for your phone to work.

      A new sim equals a different phone number, which means you can repeat the process. Uber promo codes are different for other countries. (More on that below.)

      And those are all the ways I’ve heard about using Uber hacks for free rides.

      Again, I am not suggesting you try it. Just letting you know they exist.

      Uber Promo Codes FAQs

      Does a promotional code for Uber expire?

      Yes, an Uber coupon code will expire 30 days after it is applied to your account.

      Do earned credits from my promo code, does it expire?

      Yes, earned credits expire in 3 months.

      Can you use more than one new user promo code?

      No, only one first time Uber code per account. And they can’t be combined with other offers.

      Can I use my code as a tip?

      No, discounts do not apply towards tipping your driver.

      Do these promo codes change?

      Yes, offer, and terms are subject to change. And so the Uber free ride code could come back sometime in the future.

      Do I have to apply an Uber Promotions Code?

      Not to worry! The discount will automatically be applied to the final price of your ride.

      Are promotions the same everywhere in the world?

      No, different countries have different sign-up bonuses.

      For example…

      • Australia $20 off
      • Colombia: COP 20,000 off
      • Hungary: 2500 HUF off
      • Ireland: €10 off
      • India: 150 Rupee off
      • Italy: €10 off
      • Thailand: $200 THB off

      (All for new users)

      Can you calculate your ride cost?

      Sure. there is also the Uber Fare Estimator.

      But I just use the app. I put in where I want to go. You will see the cost before confirming the ride.tions

      That’s it! You’re complete guide to Uber promo codes and scoring some free rides! 

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      Be Heard Uber Promo Codes for 2020

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