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Trekking on Your Mind? Things to know before you go!

To begin with, trekking is far different from regular travel. It requires a lot of training, planning, and practice before you take the first step. You simply cannot go on a trek without having a proper plan in place. If possible, get your trekking expedition booked through a trusted service provider and make sure all the transportation is covered. If happen to live anywhere down south in India, you might have to take a flight to the closest destination from where the trek starts.

Start looking for cheapest flight tickets in India domestic and get them booked as soon as you get the best deal. While this is only the first step, read down to get a thorough knowledge about the things you should keep in mind before going on a trek.

  • Trekking can be risky, so make sure you are never going on a trek alone. Always have a partner who can help you in tough times. Trekking is not easy; there are many hurdles that one may have to face while hiking to the top. From facing health issues to getting lost, anything can happen on a trek. Treeking can lead to some of the best destinations in the world.
  • Know your way to the destination, take help from maps, compass, and guides if possible. If you are going alone (which is not recommended) join any group, you see on your way and follow it. Why? Groups usually have guides who know the in and out of the trail, they can rescue anyone well from toughest of the situations.
  • Layer yourself with warm clothes so that you can remove them as you proceed. If you wear just one warm jacket, the temperature changes can make you feel uncomfortable, because you won’t be able to remove that single clothing item. Which makes layering a sensible decision.
  • Never take shortcuts and switchbacks on a trek. Your safety is in your hands, and you need to do that job with full devotion.
  • Mark the places where you can refill your water bottle Also, if you are on a trek that would last for more than two days, make sure you have two ample sized bottles.
  • Trekking is not a race. If you are with a group, don’t aim to finish first. Instead, go slow. It’s the key to finishing any trek without getting tired and losing breath.
  • Altitude sickness is normal. Carry proper medication and ask the guide before popping it in. Just don’t panic.
  • Always carry a high-quality trekking pole with you. They effectively take the load away from your thighs and knees.
  • Pack as light as possible. Overloading the backpack with useless items would make it difficult for you to carry it all the way to the top. However, don’t compromise on water. Take enough water to last for one side of the trek.
  • Gym shoes? No. If you are trekking for the first time, here’s a tip – never trek wearing casual sports shoes. Always wear high-quality trekking boots when on a trek. They will save your feet from getting wet from snow and skidding as well.
  • Keep away your phone for a while and get immersed in the beauty of nature. You anyway always have your eyes on the phone, so when on a trek, give a break to that.
  • Pack a few extra pairs of socks. Snow might wet your feet and in return make your sick and unfit for the rest of the trek.
  • Enjoy every second on the lap of nature. Take a few hours of rest and enjoy every other second of the trek by enjoying the beauty of nature.
  • Bring back memories in the form of stones, a few pictures, and conversations with your trek mates.

If you are new to trekking and clueless about where to start from, get your expedition booked from any of the popular travel websites like Yatra or MakeMyTrip to get everything planned and sorted before you start the trek.

Happy Trekking!

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