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Below you will find the ultimate list of travel resources. We live in an age where travel companies are a dime a dozen.

Hundreds of travel companies and websites endlessly vie for our attention. But which ones add value? Which ones should you trust? Let’s find out! Now, as travelers, we are very driven, hard-working, and focused.

After all, it takes a lot of work to make your dreams a reality, and discipline to save every penny to earn enough to go on that next trip. (Go ahead and give your self a hearty pat on the back.) One reason I put this travel resource list together is to reward us for our hard work and make our lives a little easier. Are these all the best companies in the world? Probably not, there are probably some great companies I’ve never heard of or used (If you know one shoot me a comment)

However, these are companies, websites, resources I use, trust, and get my stamp of approval. If you find this post useful, then consider bookmarking it so you can reference it on your travels.

Travel Resources 
By Region


Rome 2 Rio is one of the best transportation websites out there. The site shows you the easiest way to get from A to B. Plus, gets you up to date prices on the tickets. 

This is a site I use almost daily on the road. 

Skyscanner is one of my go to sites for flights. It is great if you have open dates or do have a specific country in mind.

Check out how I use skyscanner to find insanely cheap flights

Wowair is making massive waves with there discounted tickets to Europe! 

You don’t get many perks flying with them but with such low prices who cares! 

Air Asia is the most popular budget Airlines for flying around Asia.

It is popular among backpackers, and frequent flyers as they offer some of the best deals for flying around Asia. 

Just be sure to follow the fare rules.

Trip is the new and improved C-Trip. It is the best sites for booking flights, buses, and trains in China and Taiwan. 

They have recently expanded to cover a lot more of Asia. 

A couple things I love about Expedia is that they offer great flights and deals. 

One reasons I like this sites is that they offer a rewards program that gives cash back on certain bookings.

Freya Stark –

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

I Trust

Eurail offers a selection of train passes you can tailor to your trip.

Eurail is worth it and my favorite way to travel Europe!

Walks of Italy offers exclusive tours with expert guides. 

Read my Walks of Italy Rome Review.

G Adventures is one of the biggest tour companies in the world! 

Check out my G Adventures Review here

Intrepid Focuses on small group tours and getting off the beaten path. 

Intrepid Tour Review here.

Intrepid Focuses on small group tours and getting off the beaten path. 

Intrepid Tour Review here.

Context offers cool and affordable walking tours of destinations. 

I’ve never used them but have heard great things from other people. 

Jennifer Lee-

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Resources for Accommodation

top hostels in Europe


Hostelworld is the best place to book hostels! There are  

This is a service I use almost weekly while traveling! 

Airbnb sits somewhere in between Hostels and Hotels. When I want a little more privacy I use Airbnb. 

Check out how to save $100’s using Airbnb Coupon Codes

One of the best sites to book hotels on the web. 

Booking.com offer great deals and competitive prices. 

Other Important
Travel Resources

WorldNomads is my go to source for travel insurance. The cost of insurance has saved me thousands in hospital bills over the years. 

Check out my World Nomads Review

T-Mobile is the best phone service for traveling overseas. You get unlimited free text and 2g data in over 100 countries. While 2g isn’t the fastest it is awesome getting off the plane and immediately being connected. 

Eat With is a cool service that lets you grab a home cooked meal with some locals and other travelers. 

Each host sets there own price for the meal and can be a cool way to connect with locals.


REI is one of the best places to grab backpacking gear online! Get everything from backpacks to solar charges! 

Marcel Proust –

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

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