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Is Travel Insurance Actually Worth It?

Is travel insurance worth it? It is a question I get asked quite often.

Throughout my four years on the road, I have seen the value in having reliable travel insurance.

What is more important that protecting yourself, and loved ones!? Travel insurance also covers a lot more than just medical bills. It includes everything from lost bags, to trip cancellation.

Plus insurance gives you piece that if anything happens to you on the road, you’re not going to be stuck with an enormous medical bill.

Travel medical insurance may make all the difference in helping you feel secure when you’re traveling abroad.

Here are the top five reasons getting travel insurance before hitting the road.

Travel INsurnace (1 of 1)

1. Finding quality care

When you or a loved one needs medical care in another country, you want to make sure you are getting care from a reputable professional. Travel medical insurance links you with an emergency response team to help direct you to a doctor whose credentials have been verified.

2. Keeping costs in line

Doctors and hospitals in other countries will typically expect you to pay up front before starting any treatment. Everything comes out of your pocket while you are still traveling. But what would you do if the amount needed is more than you have? Or greater than the limit on your credit card?

You’d also need to keep careful records and submit everything for reimbursement once you get home. And because these doctors are outside of your plan’s network, you have no control over how much they may charge.

Travel medical insurance is designed to help with these costs at the time of service. Depending on the plan you choose, you may have a deductible. But that’s a choice you make ahead of time. Visit MEDEX for plan options and pricing.

3. Getting home in a medical emergency

Maybe it’s a broken arm from a hiking accident or something much more serious. You can get help with:

• Evaluating your medical needs
• Choosing the best method of transport — including emergency medical evacuation to get home or rejoin your trip
• Making travel arrangements for your family
• Having appropriate care once you get home

Even the cost of bringing someone from home to be with you may be covered.

4. Handling non-medical problems

The emergency response team can assist you — from a lost or stolen passport to emergency funds transfer or a referral if you need legal help. It’s a little like having a trusted friend back home to help you navigate in an unfamiliar land.

5. Safeguarding what you have already invested

For most people, traveling abroad is something they save up for, have fun planning and look forward to with pleasure. In addition to helping with medical situations, you can add coverage for lost baggage, trip cancellation or trip interruption to your travel medical policy to help with costs that may arise in those situations.

Even better? A basic travel medical policy can cost about the same as a nice meal at a restaurant. For a 7 day trip, that’s only a few dollars a day! When you think about how much you are investing in your trip, it’s a small price to pay for added confidence.

Travel Insurance Works

Travel Insurance has covered more than one hospital visit for me in expensive countries such as Europe and New Zealand.

Just four days ago I was hiking down from the top of Mt. Eden in Auckland. A girl in our group slipped and broke her ankle.

We rushed her to the hospital she got a Xray and a cast. It was all completely covered.

When I’ve Wished, I had travel Insurance


I wasn’t always the wise old traveler I am today. Back in my younger days, I did not travel with insurance. There were a few cases when I came to regret it.

1st – My phone was stolen from a hotel bathroom in Thailand. $300 to replace.

2nd – Getting Ill in Ireland. My insurance had just run out, and before I was lazy about rebuying it, I got so sick that I felt I had to go straight to the hospital. It wasn’t anything serious. In fact, I walked out 60 min later and 400 Euros poorer. My insurance would have covered it all. If only I had rebought it when I should have. (Shake first at air.)

Where to get insurance

Check out MEDEX international travel insurance plans from UnitedHealthcare Global. You’ll have a choice of coverage and deductible levels, sports riders, lost baggage coverage, and more.

Staffed by UnitedHealthcare Global professionals, the MEDEX Emergency Response Center is ready to help 24 hours a day year-round.

Travel Medical Insurance

Provides coverage for travelers overseas for a minimum of 7-days and maximum of 365-days in 3 plan levels.

– From $50K to $500K in Medical Expenses
– Medex Worldwide Travel Assistance Services
o Medical and Dental referrals
o Monitoring of treatment
o Facilitation of hospital payments
o Transfer of insurance information to providers
o Medication and vaccine transfers
o Dispatch of doctors and specialists
o Transfer of medical records
o Continuous updates to family, employer, and home physician
o Hotel arrangements for convalescence
o Replacement of corrective lenses and medical devices
o Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
o Emergency travel arrangements
o Transfer of funds
o Legal referrals
o Translation services
o Message transmittals
o Transportation after stabilization

So whether you are on a day trip or an epic adventure exploring all the caves in the United States there are a few reasons why travel insurance is not only pratical but also a wise investment.

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  1. Ugh thank you so much for sharing! I have been debating getting travel insurance for my upcoming trip and have been postponing! Now I will definitely get back to it.

    I have a question- what are your thoughts on getting insurance for a Europe-only trip? I have never gotten travel insurance for trips where I am only going to Europe (Africa, asia, etc. its obviously needed)… what are your thoughts?

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