Insurance for Long Term Travel Explained

Insurance for Long Term Travel Explained You’re putting the finishing touches to plans for an epic adventure which you expect to keep you on the road for several months. You start looking at travel insurance options, and you see an ad flash up for annual policies at fantastic prices. Perfect, you think. I won’t be

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3 Countries Best Explored By Backpacking

Just as the pandemic subsides and people get comfortable travelling again, those of you hit by the travel bug are likely to head straight out to explore new countries. However, with the economy going downhill, many will want to look for travel experiences that doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket. If exploring the world

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things to do in Torre The Point

32 Epic Things to do in Guayaquil

Looking for the best thing to do in Guayaquil? Look no further, here are 32 things to do, see, and experience that will keep you busy during your travels to this sunny country!  Guayaquil is the largest city in this South American country. A few key features are the lively port, vibrant buildings, and great

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