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Dream Holiday Destinations for Animal Lovers in Australia

Dream Holiday Destinations for Animal Lovers in Australia Table of Contents Australia is a wildlife lover’s paradise having over 90% of animals found nowhere else in the world. It is home to approximately 7,500 animals. From land animals to aquatic animals, here live some of the most extraordinary animals in the world. Thankfully, with the

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5 Best Campervan Road Trips in the UK

5 BEST CAMPERVAN ROAD TRIPS IN THE UK Table of Contents It’s easy to forget just how many incredible destinations there are in the UK. From the soaring mountains of Scotland down to the sunny south coast of England, you’ll find plenty of beautiful places to explore. The best way to tick off multiple destinations

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VENUSTAS Men’s Heated Down Jacket: How Does It Stack Up?

VENUSTAS Men’s Heated Down Jacket Review Table of Contents As with many travelers, when I am on the road, I like to keep warm when headed somewhere cold. If there is one thing I hate, it’s the cold.  But most of the time this means packing heavy winter coats, which are not particularly comfortable to

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Traveling through Italy

Five Bucket List Destinations in Europe

Table of Contents Europe is a breath-taking continent, a hotbed of history, cultural, wonderful sights and wonderful people. Its constituent countries dominate the list of most-visited countries by US citizens; if you were putting together a bucket list of travel destinations, full to the brim with adventure and history, an adventure vacation in Europe could

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19 Best Gift for Travelers NEW 2022!

19 Best Gift for Travelers | New 2021 Looking for the best gift for travelers in your circle of friends and family? This gift guide includes some of our favorite travel essentials, gear, and gadgets that we use on our travels or want to get for ourselves. This is a list of 19 Gift

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Is Malta A Country Worth Visiting? (New 2021)

IS MALTA A COUNTRY WORTH VISITING? Table of Contents Is Malta a country worth visiting? Is it one of the most underrated countries in the world? Today I want to introduce you to a country that will surprise you. This is a Mediterranean country packed with ancient ruins, Medieval cities, stunning coast, crystal clear water,

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How to Switch Off When You Run Your Own Business

How To Plan A Romantic Trip To New York Table of Contents If you’re a freelancer or have your own business to run, switching off outside of work hours can be difficult. There is always something you need to do, and this makes relaxing feel impossible. Sometimes you have to let non-urgent tasks wait until

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How the Pandemic Affected the Cruise Industry

How the Pandemic Affected the Cruise Industry Taking your family or friends on a cruise used to be the epitome of fun and glamour, especially in the 1980s, with beloved television shows like The Love Boat gracing the airwaves. However, things have changed considerably since then. The industry has begun to suffer massive losses, primarily

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Financial planning as US eases travel restrictions

Table of Contents Following the unprecedented global conditions of 2020, which have extended into 2021 as well, non-essential travel and tourism as a whole took a huge knock. Over and above the fact that many people are reassessing their financial standing and cutting back where possible, many countries also introduced certain travel restrictions to limit

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