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Financial planning as US eases travel restrictions

Table of Contents Following the unprecedented global conditions of 2020, which have extended into 2021 as well, non-essential travel and tourism as a whole took a huge knock. Over and above the fact that many people are reassessing their financial standing and cutting back where possible, many countries also introduced certain travel restrictions to limit

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How To Plan A Romantic Trip To New York

How To Plan A Romantic Trip To New York Table of Contents Whether you are a honeymooner or a long-time married couple, a romantic getaway can help rekindle your romance and better connect. Amongst the many destinations, New York City is one place that makes for the ultimate couple getaway. And it comes as no

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11 Awesome Things to do in Estonia (June 2020)

18 Amazing Things to do in Estonia Few people I have met on my travels know about all the things to do in Estonia. Actually, most people don’t even know about this baltic state.  This is a shame because the country is amazing. The country has found a fantastic balance between modern technology, history, and

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Backpacking Europe: Everything YOU Need to Know (New 2021)

Backpacking Europe | Everything You need to Know Backpacking Europe, those two words conjure up pictures of sipping wine under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, soaking in the sun on a Greek Island, or partying the night away in Berlin.  Europe holds some of the best beaches, historical sites, and coolest cities in the

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30 Best Places to Travel in the USA (NEW 2021)

30 Best Places to Travel in the USA in 2021 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on stumbleupon Picking the best places to travel in the USA, is no easy task. America’s the third-largest country in the world, and full of diverse cities, any type of national park you can imagine,

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5 Things You Can Do To Help Save Our Oceans

5 Things You Can Do To Help Save Our Oceans Note About Traveling During Covid-19 We are trying to stay updated with the latest travel restrictions during this crazy time, of the coronavirus, that has hit the tourism industry hard.  But as rules for visiting a destination change quickly, it is important to check with

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Packing for Europe

Backpacking in Europe Packing List | Save Time and Money Packing

Backpacking in Europe Packing List | Save Time and Money Packing If you’re a backpacker and you want to travel to Europe, it’s important to do your homework, especially when it comes to your backpacking in Europe packing list! Europe is a lot more than just beautiful scenery, monuments, and natural wonders. There are

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All Your Etias Visa Wavier Question’s Answered

ETIAS VISA WAVIER | ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED Are you confused about the upcoming ETIAS visas? Wonder exactly it will affect you, and your next trip to Europe? You’re not alone! Many travelers whether you’re from the United States or a country on the other side of the world have a lot of ETIAS visa

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2020 Guide to Using Kayak Explore Before we dive into Kayak Explore, I will say that in my line of work I fly a lot! These days I average about 55 flights a year. Like many of you, I am obsessed with finding insanely cheap flights. When searching for a flight I spend hours sitting

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