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 This blog is full of stories, advice, and tricks to help you avoid the missteps I’ve made along my travels.

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Relax and rejuvenate with the Komodo cruise

Relax and rejuvenate with the Komodo cruise Are you looking to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful period in your life or at work? If you are, consider taking a cruise on the Indian Ocean in the islands of Indonesia. This cruise exposes you to a world you have not

Macedonia Guide

Skopje: The Complete Travel Guide to Northern Macedonia Capital (UPDATED 2020)

Skopje Macedonia: The 2019 City Guide Reasons to  Visit Skopje Not Overly Crowded With Tourist Awesome Food Cheap Great Local Food Fun Day Trips Hundreds of Statues Iconic City Pin this Post Skopje Macedonia’s capital city, isn’t anything like I expected.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was picturing in

Traveler’s dream: getting the most out of your TEFL career

Traveler’s Dream: making TEFL into a career For years, TEFL teaching has been a hidden secret for degree holders to discover once they have graduated. It has proved to be the perfect new employment for those seeking adventure and the thrill of seeing the world. Furthermore, for many, it has become

The Alternative To Backpacking – Fewostay

The Alternative To Backpacking – Fewostay One of my favorite things about backpacking around the world is the hostel lifestyle. For the last decade, I’ve basically lived in hostels… thousands of them all around the world.  And as much as I love hostels, sometimes backpackers like us occasionally need a

41 Best Places to Visit in the United States (As Chosen by Travel Bloggers)

The 41 Best Places to Visit in the United States (With Photos) There are countless places to visit in the United States, from the thick canopy-covered jungles of Hawaii to the salt-sprayed coastlines of the Atlantic.  The vastness of the US makes it a country awash in almost every type

30 Best Things to do in Turkey (NEW January 2020)

The 30 Top Things to do in Turkey From your first moments in Turkey, you start to realize you’ve landed somewhere special. Cities like Istanbul’s have an atmosphere, unlike anywhere else in the world.  The country has endless things to do that cover thing like cities built deep underground to

Best Day Trips from Dublin

The Ultimate List of Day Trips from Dublin (NEW 2020)

The 25 BEst Day Trips from Dublin (NEW 2020) Today you’re going to discover the best day trips from Dublin. Many of us that travel to Ireland’s rocky shores use Dublin as a home base – if only for a part of our trip. And why not? Dublin’s smack dab in

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