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3 Reasons why fitness enthusiasts choose to train in Muay in Thailand

Training muay in Thailand must be on the to-do-list of every nak muay, any other way and we might begin to think something is wrong with you. The experience of training muay thai in the homeland is a potentially life-changing adventure as most visitors would confess. The training, overall lifestyle and culture of training our country is something that all who love the sport should experience whether they train for fighting or fun.

Below are the three reasons why fitness enthusiasts choose to train in muay in Thailand.

1. The quantity and quality of training

Muay Thai training in Thailand is incomparable to anything most have ever experienced. Muay Thai traces its roots in the country and without a doubt make the quality of training second to none. Many foreigners who have had the chance to train in Thailand will tell you that the experience is unlike any other. Starting with the prowess of the instructors, to the warmth of its citizens and the inhospitable heat, makes the time spent in training worth the while because it takes you to a new level within a matter of months.

Training the daily double sessions, six times weekly is hard, and anyone who can handle the training in the brutal heat, you can train anywhere. The gruesome nature of the exercise improves fitness enthusiasts in a short period. Not to mention brawling with global fighters will do you a world of good.  

2. The delightful food

Nothing can compare to the low-priced Thai delicacies. Be it the traditional pad thai, prawns or octopus; there are lots to select that would get your taste buds into overdrive. There are numerous fresh food marketplaces where fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, and meat are available at lower prices than in most first world countries. Visitors get to indulge as much as they want and end up paying very little.

For trippers not interested in the local food, they have the option of accessing international restaurants and international food markets in the more touristy areas.

3. The awesome people you meet  

For those who grew up in fast-paced countries such as the US, the chances are that they take some things lightly even forget to cherish the quality of life as they should.

A backpacking trip to Thailand will open your eyes and allow you see life in a new light. For instance, it’s normal to find people who work 70 or more hours a week and earn an equivalent of $200. Surprisingly, they’d be the friendliest and happiest people you have ever met.

No matter the workload of our people, or the kind of industry they work, they are very friendly and ready to offer a helping hand to tourists.

You’ll also get to mingle with international travelers from around the globe. Fitness aficionados from Japan, Ireland, France, England and Australia visit our country for the purposes of learning muay. Who knows, you may even make lifelong friends by the end of your visit.   

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