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Top places to go when you’re back packing through Mexico

Few countries make a more rewarding backpacking destination than Mexico. Travel to Mexico can change your outlook on the country. With its rich history, varied landscape, friendly people, and vibrant culture, a trip to the North American country should be near the top of any backpacking itinerary. It also excellent value for money, meaning you can easily make the most out of a trip through the country.

While Mexico has no shortage of exclusive resorts and five-star hotels, the finest sites that the country has to offer are usually free. Thanks to the countries rich natural beauty there are an abundance of things you can discover without breaking the bank. To help you on your way and to give you a flavor of some of the best things to see and do in Mexico, have a look at our quick guide:

Visit Tulum


The resorts surrounding Tulum may be popular with holiday-makers looking for an all-inclusive break, but the area has much to offer backpackers looking for adventure. Home to perhaps the most scenic stretch of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Tulum is also rich in ancient Mayan heritage. Once a large pre-Colombian walled city, much of the areas long history is still on display in its striking ruins. The small town of Tulum itself is also well served with activities and amenities, and has a more laid back atmosphere than the tourist Mecca of nearby Cancun to the north.

Visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Mexico is awash with fascinating pre-Colombian historical site. But few match up to the wonder of the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Once the site of a massive multicultural Mesoamerican metropolis, the area is still replete with ancient structures and monuments. The crown jewel of the area is the huge Pyramid of the Sun, the largest of Mexico’s pre-European buildings. Thanks to Teotihuacan’s proximity to Mexico City, it is very easy to reach and should be on any backpacker’s list of things to do.

And before you head off and start exploring first do some research and ask yourself “Is Mexico City Safe“.

Either way here are some great things to see and explore in Mexico.

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