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Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Ski Trip

The U.S. has a host of amazing ski resorts, with some 462 being in operation last season and a similar number predicted for the 2022/2023 winter season. Of course, you may have your sights set further. You may be planning a winter getaway to a swish resort in France, Austria, or Australia. While ‘the land down under’ isn’t as well known for its skiing as its desert land, it actually has five thriving ski resorts, with Perisher and Thredbo in New South Wales being particularly well-known. To add a bit of fun to the equation, you may be thinking of taking your dog along. If so, keep the following tips in mind.

Preparing All Necessities

Your pet should have a dedicated bag with all they will need for travel to a snowy land. This bag should include items like a first aid kit (containing items like tweezers, bandages, and antibiotic skin cream), bowls, fresh water, food, and snacks. Bring along a food-grade paw balm made with natural ingredients, so your that snow and ice do not harm your dog’s sensitive skin. If you need a coat when you’re on the snow, chances are, your dog will also need a little extra protection. Invest in a snow-proof dog jacket and booties. Some dogs find using boots awkward at first but they soon get the hang of it. Practice before you leave so your pooch is completely comfortable once he hits the snow. Bring a few snacks you can feed him while you’re on walks to ensure he is fueled up.

Preparing for Air Travel

It is best to avoid air travel with any pet that is too large to fit under your set in a travel-approved crate or bag. This is especially true during very hot or cold months, as your dog may be uncomfortable travelling with cargo. Every airline has a specific pets policy, so before you book your tickets, work out if your chosen airline has pet-friendly norms in place. Different countries also have specific policies. Countries like Australia have made pet travel easier. In 2021, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority finally overturned a no-dogs-in-the-cabin rule, though as of 2022, no major Australian airline permits pets in cabins. Other important tips include ensuring your pet has all pertinent vaccinations, which should be indicated in their pet passport. You will also need to obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian within 10 days of your flight. If your dog is traveling in a crate, label the latter clearly with a big sticker saying LIVE ANIMAL. Include your name and contact details, a photo of your pet, and a destination telephone number. Carry a spare photo of your pet with you as well.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Resorts

There are many ski resorts that welcome dogs, including the Justin Trails Resort in Sparta (in Wisconsin), The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch (in Colorado), and Hyatt Place Keystone (in Colorado). In this type of resort, your pet will be treated with a treat when you arrive, and you will find a host of trailers where you can ski and snowshoe with your canine. Many also have off-leash areas and dedicated dog parks.

Bringing your pet along is a great way to make a ski trip even funner. To ensure your pet is safe, pack a first aid kit and all the relevant documentation your dog may need. Aim to forego air travel unless your dog is small enough to fit beneath your seat. If your pet must travel in the cargo hold, label her crate clearly and tell as many airline employees that your pet will be in the cargo hold. If there is any delay, staff should check on your pet to make sure they are okay.

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