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5 Slightly Unusual Things to try in Tokyo

While an increasing number of tourists are visiting the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan can still seem like a far and mysterious place to some. And there’s no denying that you can find some strange things to do in the capital city, Tokyo. 

You’ll find tons of articles showing you the “best” things to do in Tokyo. So instead of following the crowd, I’ve decided to tell you about the more unusual things to do that probably isn’t on all the shortlists of tourists visiting the city.

Napping Salons

Yep, you read that right…there really are nap salons in Tokyo. 

If you think about it, it isn’t all that crazy; Japanese businessmen are known to be some of the hardest working guys on the planet, so it makes sense that they might pop into a nap salon to quickly recharge their batteries before getting back to the grind. 

After doing some research into price per nap and more, we found an article by Let’s Visit Asia that mentions that a 40-minute nap costs 800 Yen at Good Sleep Salon in Tokyo. That’s the equivalent of around $7.32USD. 

The same article also mentions that you can strangely have oxygen pumped into your room for an extra 500 Yen…I’m not sure I’ve ever thought “you know what, I fancy some more oxygen during my nap today”, but I suppose it’s very accommodating…

We also found a more ‘premium’ looking nap salon in Roppongi Hills, for those that want more of an upmarket napping experience, called Airweave. This place offers the option of a customizable bed mattress to best match your physique, as well as a space for a short nap. Pretty intense. 

So next time you’re exhausted after walking around Tokyo and are about to retreat back to your hostel or hotel for a short nap, you could treat yourself to a premium napping experience at a nap salon instead.

Meguro Parasitological Museum

If you’re easily put off your food, then you might want to give this one a miss. 

In the Meguro Ward of Tokyo, you can visit a Parasitological Museum. In plain English, it’s basically a museum of parasites – with many worm looking things on display in glass tubes. 

It was founded in 1953 and contains over 30,000 parasites for you to look at. If you have a super strong stomach, you can take a look at the monstrous tapeworm that’s said to be the longest tapeworm in the world; it measures in at a length of 8.8 meters, making me feel really sorry for the guy who’s buttock it came out from.

My favorite thing about Meguro Parasitological Museum is that there’s even a gift shop where you can treat yourself to some t-shirt and mobile phone straps embedded with real parasites. It’s safe to say that I didn’t buy any phone straps to take home. 

Mr Kanso

Ever strolled around Tokyo and fancied eating some canned goods? Well at Mr Kanso, you can! 

It’s basically a bar that offers customers a wide range of canned food/snacks to enjoy along with their beer. 

Again, this won’t lead to you experiencing some of the best food you can try in Japan. But it’s definitely unusual enough to make the cut in this article, for sure.

Chicken Sashimi

Disclaimer: Try this at your own risk… 

When I first saw mention of ‘Chicken Sashimi’ on social media, I thought it was a joke. I was pretty shocked to find that it actually exists as a menu item in Tokyo.

Before you start labelling all Japan ese people to be weird, it’s not a ‘normal’ thing in Japan, and you should step out of your comfort zone when backpacking Japan.. It’s classed as a delicacy, and while it’s on offer, not everyone in Japan eats this stuff. 

If you’re interested, you can find Chicken Sashimi in some Yakitori restaurants (Yakitori is cooked chicken on sticks), such as Toriki

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to people. It doesn’t exactly taste nice, but apparently the raw chicken is so fresh that it minimizes the risk of getting salmonella – even so, you probably shouldn’t try it if you have a weak immune system or anything like that. 

I’ll definitely still be sticking to the cooked chicken on sticks, but you can see why ‘Chicken Sashimi’ makes the cut in this article. 

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