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Island Guide: Things to do on Gili T

Gili Trawangan, popularly known as Gili T, is a small Island just a few hours by boat from Bali, and one of the best places in South East Asia. Now when I say small Island, I mean it. You can ride a bike around the whole island in around an hour. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of things to do on Gili T.

By Indonesia standards Gili T is a little more expensive, than say cities like Kuta, but it doesn’t break your bank like some places I’ve been. I been to places in South East Asia where just window shopping has cost me more than a whole day in Gili T.

Actually Gili T is a perfect place if you are looking for a few days off from backpacking around Asia, or just looking to escape the hustle of everyday life and spend some time on the beach. Gili has become a favorite amoung those backpacking Indoensia.

There is something special about this Island and a lot of people I met were on their third of fourth trip to Gili T. Are you curious what are some things to do on Gili T and what makes it one of the best places in the world?

Well, be curious no longer, because this guide is your one stop shop to Gili T.

Getting to Gili T

The best way to reach Gili T is from Bali. You can easy get a bus and a boat to Gili T. The whole journey takes a half a day. However, Bali is a beautiful island with many things to do and see. Make sure to spend a couple days exploring Bali before heading to Gili T. This guide will help you choose where to stay in Bali.

Best Things to do on Gili T

Dive or Snorkel

The reefs in Gili Trawangan are world renowned and are beautiful places to dive. Chances are you can see some reef sharks on any given dive.

Snorkeling in Gili was so incredible. Just going out a few meters you have a good chance of seeing trigger fish, pipe fish, and sea turtles.

While I wanted to  scuba dive, I just couldn’t pull, myself away from snorkeling. Yes, it was that damn good.

However, I did stay at the dive school Chris, and I found via Asia Rooms, Gili Divers, and it was one of the nicest places I have stayed in a long time. I mean check this out! Heaven on Earth. They also offer dorms, but hey, I was taking a break from backpacking.

Bike Around the Island

First thing you will want to do before you bike around the island is get yourself a mask, snorkel and rent yourself a bike. You should get the whole combo for around $10 for the day.

Now you have the freedom to make the 1 hr bike take as long as you like. If you see a spot, you think is good for snorkeling then stop and snorkel. While exploring the island you will have beaches to yourself, see some untouched coast and find quiet places to watch the golden sunsets.

Take A Vacation from Your Problems

Bali is all about relaxing. There are no cars on the island, no cops, and time doesn’t matter. Gili lets you take a break, and unwind from the normal everyday stresses of life. They don’t exist here. This is one of the reasons I think it is one of the best places in South East Asia. (Though not as good as Halong Bay Vietnam)

Wonderful, eh? It gets better!

If you are looking for some time to yourself, you can easily find a private beach. Here you can relax, snorkel, take some time to read, or have a some a quiet drink. There is no hustle and bustle on Gili T which is why I think it is one of the best places in South East Asia.

Gili T Bars

There is no shortage of Bars on Gili T. You can find a chill bar to sip a cocktail while listening to some live you music or you can find a massive party for dancing if you feel like it.

My favorite Gili T bars are.

Sama Sama

A reggae bar that has live music nightly. If you’re going to this Island chances are, you will be at this bar a few nights. It has an easy atmosphere, is a nice place to make some new friends, and is the place every goes to start the night. Sending an evening at Sama Sama is one of the classic things to do on Gili T, and I found it to be the most popular of the Gili T Bars.

Warning consuming to many Mojito’s results in an extreme morning headache even if you in one of the most popular places in Asia ….trust me.

Tri Na Nog (Irish Pub)

One of the hottest spots on the island, this Gili T Bar hosts the Wednesday night party, which can get pretty wild. Also, the bartenders know some entertaining magic tricks if you ask them nicely.

Every other night a bar is in charge for holding a party. This is the Gili T current party schedule, but is subject to change.

Monday – Blue Marlin

Wednesday- Irish Pub (Tri Na Nog)

Friday- Rudy’s Pub

Eat at the Night Market.

Yummm. Night markets and myself as close friends. I try to eat at them every chance I get. If you choose wisely you can get some massive pile of food for under $4. Yep, and you gorge yourself on tasty island food. My advice is to  not to worry about your pants getting a little bit snug around the waist line. This is vacation after all, and one of the best things to do on Gili T.

If you are looking to escape the real world for a bit Gili T is just the place. It has a thumping nightlife for the younger crowd that doesn’t get in the way of people looking to lay around on the beach.

There are a lot of things to do on Gili T, and if this list isn’t enough then check out all the things to do on Gili Air.

As you can One of the perks this island being so small is that you are never far from the things to do on Gili T.

It is truly a paradise and personally makes it one of the best places in South East Asia.

Getting to Gili T: The best way to get to Gili T is from Bali, on of the biggest hotspots Indoenesia. Check out this list of things to do in Bali for more information.

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  1. Gili T is really one of the best destination. There are lots of wonderful and exciting activities that every traveler can do there.

  2. Ahhh Gili T! I stayed there 2 weeks and loved it!
    I would mention that apart for the bar, Sama Sama has also cheap rooms on the back! :))

    Oh and another “activity” (at least for me) was taking the sunset view point path (by bike or walking) and get a bit lost in the forest before seeing one of thr best sunsets of your life.

    I dont think i’ve ever taken as many pictures of asingle sunset as in Gili T!

    Also, one day island hopping to Gili Meno and Air is very very cheap!

  3. Awesome! This makes me even more excited for my upcoming trip to Bali and Gili T… and I have a feeling that the mojito headache might hit me too. Oops.

    Happy travels ( :

  4. Very interesting. of course, the time will determine an itinerary we also make a schedule of activities that we will do. and of course it adjusts the accommodation that we will get. nice post.

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