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Captivating Things to do in Seoul

Are you planning a vacation to the Far East and are in need of ideas about places to go and things to do? Well, a trip to the Orient wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Seoul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Tucked away in the plains along the Han River, ‘The Land of the Morning Calm’– as Seoul is affectionately called by English-speaking non-natives- serves as South Korea’s capital.

The list of exciting things that one can engage in while there is mind-blowing, as the city boasts lots of attractions, ranging from historic architecture from past dynasties to tranquil parks that line up along the Han River. Below, we’ve detailed some of the places you can explore and things you can do to make your Seoul trip every bit memorable.

Go Hiking and Sightseeing on Mount Namsam

Hiking is one of those activities that you can engage in to stay fit during your holidays- while still having lots of fun. Seoul offers plenty of options for hikers, with the city being surrounded by eight mountains. Of these, Mount Namsam is one of the simplest to hike.

If you don’t fancy a tiring hike- though- there are cable car services that will take you to the mountain’s summit. Once there, you’ll get to enjoy unobstructed views of the city. Don’t forget to take some envy-inducing photos while there!

Get a Glimpse of Historic South Korea in Downtown Seoul

Seoul Korea

Jongno District, which is the city’s administrative hub, houses a number of palaces that were constructed during the Joseon Dynasty. These beautiful palaces are the last few remaining physical testaments to the eccentricity of Joseon architecture and are listed as world heritage sites by UNESCO. Could this be one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in the World?

Of the five palaces, Changdeokgung is the most visually captivating, as it is one of those ancient architectural masterpieces that have stayed well-maintained over the years.

Get to Experience Korean Urban Culture in Hongdae

What makes Seoul even the more captivating is that it’s not all about sites and sceneries alone, as the unique blend of culture you’ll get to witness n certain areas of the city adds to its allure. Hongdae- for instance- is one of these cultural hotspots, where there are always lots of trendy entertainment spots that play the best of Korean music.

The area also boasts numerous restaurants that serve tasty Korean cuisine, which you wouldn’t want to leave without grabbing a bite.

While at it, you can interact with the numerous young Seoul urbanites that frequent Hongdae. With cheap flights from Singapore to Seoul, you can start planning your trip soon!

Enjoy Thrilling Sports Events Inside Seoul’s Modern Stadiums

Seoul is also South Korea’s sporting hub and boasts a wide fanbase that continues to support and uphold the city’s sporting culture and heritage. Popular sports among the locals include Soccer, baseball, and taekwondo. It’s no surprise- therefore- that the city is dotted with a number of large-capacity, state-of-the-art stadiums, and sports arenas.

At the Seoul World Cup Stadium- for instance- you can catch exhilarating soccer games every time the home team (Seoul FC) places hosts to other South Korean clubs in the nation’s top-tier league.

The activities above are just but a tip of the iceberg as pertains that Seoul has to offer. Other things you can do during your vacation stop in Seoul include picnicking at any of the city’s beautiful nature parks and exploring the cities shopping malls and technology hubs.

There you have it: your ultimate Seoul travel guide to making new travel memories quotes!

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