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The Enormous Importance Of World Ventures

World Ventures: to make or embark upon a venture; dare to enter or go around the world.

Each week I get emails from readers, asking travel questions and advice on how to plan a world ventures

But, I also get emails from people that have reservations about embarking on a world venture.

Many feel it is too risky or dangerous, others are to nervous to commit to such a large undertaking.

They ask me how I do it, and how they can settle their reservations and take the plunge and take their own WorldVentures DreamTrips.

Always remember one of the favorite quotes about adventure.

[Tweet ““Everything you want is on the other side of fear,” ― Jack Canfield”]

This post is born out of my passion.

Helping others travel has become a cause I deeply care about.

I want to see the nervous and reserved people break out of their shell and take that long awaited world venture.

I also believe that doing this will affect and transform other aspects of your life. The same way world ventures have changed mine.

The Importance of World Ventures

World Ventures are important. Traveling around to some of the most beautiful places in the world will have a lasting impacts.

You will grow as a person, and you it will change your view of the world forever.

Although, I feel I should warn you World Ventures are addictive and if not careful can take over your life.

My first trip two week trip to Ireland completely altered the direction of my life in unexpected ways.

Since that fateful trip, almost a decade ago, I have eaten, slept and breathed travel. I am still not anywhere near done and have only accomplished a handful of the world ventures I have planned.

So what makes a world ventures so beneficial? Why do they leave such an impact? How do they change your life?

Here are some ways that world ventures affected me. Making me a more passionate traveler, and also a better human being.

World Ventures Taught Me To Push Myself

An important aspect of travel is pushing yourself and discovering your limits.

There are many ways to push yourself while traveling. You could visit a country that makes you a little uncomfortable. Take on a challenge that scares you, like skydiving in New Zealand or take the first step to saving for your trip.

So many aspects of travel force you to push yourself, and it is wonderful.

Pushing yourself is one of the most rewarding parts about traveling, and a must on any would venture. This lets you see things with new eyes.

There are a few reasons I feel this way.

1- Pushing yourself forces you out of your comfort zone and you discover that it isn’t that bad.

2- You learn aspects of your personality that you might not have even known existed.

3- Shows you that you are strong.

As I pushed myself traveling, I have learned to trust my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.

I have bravely faced fears like running with the bulls or driving the wilderness of Mongolia.

Pushing myself to do things I am not always comfortable on my world ventures has taught me who I am. More importantly, I have learned who I want to become.

The Truth that Money Doesn’t Make You Happy

On your world ventures, you will be in big cities and small villages. You will travel through both wealthy and developing countries. Throughout all this, you will see a huge contrast in the way people live.

I’ve seen some things on the road that have broken my heart.

Yet, even in the poorest of places there is light and happiness that bring a smile across your face. Some of the happiest people and most willing to share everything that I have seen, on my world ventures, have been the poorest.

Always Value the Small Moments

One thing that I have learned throughout all my world ventures is how vital the small moments. The small moments are the moments I cherish most.

Life is so hectic, and everyone’s so busy racing around that we forget the small, simple things. World ventures bring these moments to the forefront and show you their worth.

There are so many small moments I will never forget.

The first time I saw the Colosseum, 7 Wonders of the World Modern Day..

Finishing the the odyssey at the top of Mt Olympus

The night I sat on the bank of the Nile drinking tea with a Bedouin and listening to his girl problems.

Nearly freezing to death with my brother at Stonehenge.

Even small interactions, like how the Russian Cops took me to lunch.

And eating at a local’s house in Thailand are unforgettable.

Every interaction has the potential to become an impactful moment. This shows how truly important the it is to pay attention to the small moments in life.

Human Nature is Good

We see a lot of bad things in the media. Places from all over the world look war-torn and dangerous. This can make people hesitant to travel.

But, in my experiences, even in places the media deems unsafe, people want to help and guide you around.

I was in Egypt during parts of the riots. On TV screen, it looked as if the Cario was in ruin. Yet, when I got their people explained that the protest were organized at certain times of the day.

People told when which areas to stay out of at which times.

I didn’t have one problem, and I spent over a month in Egypt, similar to the time I spent month in Spain. I felt completely safe traveling Egypt the entire time.

On world ventures, you learn a lot about human nature. In my experience, 90% of the people you meet want to help you and show you a phenomenal time in their country.

This is why I have never been nervous to travel alone, or in places that the media deems hazardous.

Now, I am not saying travel everywhere. It is important to use your own common sense and do research before picking certain places to travel (Like Halong Bay Vietnam.).

World Ventures Make You A Better Person

My world ventures have changed me in a lot of ways. They have taught me patience, and humility. My journeys have taught me how to interact with people from different cultures. They have also improved how I act with people from my own country.

I’m not saying that I am phenomenal persons, but travel has taught me that how treat people better.

You Realize Can Do What You Dream

Saving for my first world venture seemed impossible, but something down inside of my wouldn’t let me give up. I knew I wanted this trip more than anything, and so I made it happen.

When I finally saved enough and left home for the first time, I was nervous.

Could I take care of myself in a foreign country? Where would I end up? Is traveling safely?

Despite my fears I knew I had to go. Within days of landing, all those fears had subsided. Navigating a foreign country was easy the majority of the time.

My first solo world venture taught me the most valuable travel lesson of my life. It taught me that not can I dream big, but I am capable of making those dreams a reality. Now I always dream big, and I will never give up on those dreams.

So if the thought of traveling the world scares you, take a deep breath, and push yourself. Traveling the world is 100% worth it. I have never regretted a my choice to be a long-term traveler.

World ventures change and impact your life!

Have you own travels changed your life? Let me hear your WorldVentures Reviews in the comments below!

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