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The Alternative To Backpacking – Fewostay

One of my favorite things about backpacking around the world is the hostel lifestyle. For the last decade, I’ve basically lived in hostels… thousands of them all around the world.

And as much as I love hostels, sometimes backpackers like us occasionally need a break from bustling hostel dorms, getting woken up by drunk travelers at 3 a.m., loud common rooms, climbing onto the top bunk, and no privacy. Plus, running this travel blog means a lot of long work days, which don’t always lend themselves to hostels.

Luckily we live in the golden age of travel. Travel has never been easier or more convenient than it ever has been. Every year we get more options, and opportunities to travel than ever before. And we should take advantage of it!

So for those of us who need a little luxury, and a short break from hostel culture, there are affordable options out there.

One of the best sites to book a little getaway is Fewostay.

What is FewoStay? And Where Can you Use It?

Fewostay, which is an abbreviation of the german word Ferienwohnung – the German term from Holiday Home. Believes that is helping you make your vacation memorable.

Fewostay’s an awesome website where you can book over 2,600-holiday homes. But what really sets the site apart is that the options aren’t just limited to holiday homes and apartments but also villas, hotels, chalets, and bungalows. Each place gives a detailed description and photos.

Another perk is that on each description, there’s the contact info from the landlord. This means you can contact them before booking with any questions or concerns. And anyone who’s booked a lot of accommodations can tell you how big of a difference that makes.

They have cheap holiday home rentals in over 49 countries, mostly in Europe, America, and Asia. But new destinations are always being added.

Say, for example, you’re looking at holiday rentals in Bavaria or Germany in general. Well, there are over 1,000 options on the site.

Hotels aren’t always the best place to stay. And that’s when you should check out Fewostay.de. This makes it a good option for travelers looking for a little luxury or just better digs than a crowded hostel dorm room.

What Makes Fewostay a Good Alternative Booking Site?

There are a lot of reasons travelers flock to Fewostay to book accommodation. If you’re traveling on a budget, then there are great options on Fewostay. Solo travelers can find affordable bungalows or hotels.

People Travel as a family or with friends will love the ability to book an entire apartment or private accommodation. You can even find places if you’re traveling with a four-legged companion, there are also more great places to travel to in the US..

Basically, Fewostay is good for an occasion.

Final Thoughts on Fewostay

Fewostays like many other booking sites out there. But their extra perks, booking options, and prices set apart from their competition.. They are a great option to check out when booking your next holiday home.

What do you think of Fewostay? Try them out and let me know what you think.

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