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5 Best Fjords in Norway

Any traveler who has once been to Norway can affirm that the main treasure of the country is its unparalleled nature. Norway is the kingdom of sparkling Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, of gorgeous mountain peaks and, of course, fantastic fjords. Especially fjords. 

So if you’re planning an upcoming trip to this part of Scandinavia, make sure that you’ve included some of these fantastic masterpieces of primeval nature to your itinerary. 

And in this piece we want to introduce you to the most famous and breathtaking Norwegian fjords, you would definitely love to see with your own eyes.


Being the largest in Norway and the second largest in the world after Greenlandic Scoresby fjord, marvelous Sognefjord is a true natural thrill, extending from the north of Bergen right to the stunning mountains of the Jotunheimen National Park. 

This postcard-like formation is rightly called the “King of Fjords” as Sognefjord rams the coast for 200 km (125 miles). The shores of Sognefjord are distinguished by some truly amazing panoramas with lovely towns, tiny villages, wooden churches with intricate carvings, crystal glaciers, and beautiful national parks.

Moreover, Sognefjord has lots of no less scenic arms including Lusterfjord, Fjærlandsfjord, and Finnafjord, characterized by the emerald color of their waters thanks to glaciers. One more arm that deserves special attention is unparalleled Nærøyfjord. Apart from being the narrowest and wildest arm of Sognefjord (only 250 meters or 820 feet wide), Nærøyfjord has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And UNESCO just won’t steer you wrong, huh?


Nested not far from Bergen, in the very heart of the fjord region, Hardangerfjord is considered to be the most picturesque fjord in entire Norway. Hardangerfjord is all about fascinating mountain views, glaciers, gentle hills, and mild climate. 

Spring is definitely the best season to visit this charming corner of Norway as it is the time when the shores of Hardangerfjord wallow in flowers and blossoming trees. All in all, the region is primarily known for its enchanting countryside panoramas, idyllic orchards, and the production of the best cider in the country.

Those, enjoying hiking and climbing mountain slopes, will be pleased by the wide range of trails and landscapes Hardangerfjord surroundings have to offer. One of the most breathtaking landmarks of the region is one-of-a-kind cliff Trolltunga, set 1100 meters (3600 feet) above the sea. 

So if you consider the possibility to explore this amazing spot, you may easily get to Bergen directly by plane or from the capital of Norway, hopping on a scenic train Oslo to Bergen.


Geirangerfjord has embodied the best a fjord can have: a twisting ribbon of bright blue water framed by a ridge of high snow-capped mountains and gorgeous cascades of waterfalls. Generally, Geirangerfjord is called the kingdom of waterfalls, featuring the three most beautiful ones: “The Seven Sisters”, “The Suitor”, and “Bridal Veil”. All this beauty is located in the Sunnmøre region, in the southern part of the country.

Geirangerfjord stretches between the mountains for 15 km (9 miles), having maximum width is 1.3 km (4260 feet).

The name of the fjord derives from the similarly titled village of Geiranger, having the population of only 300 people and set on the place where the Geirangelva River flows into Geirangerfjord.

In 2005, the fjord and its adjacent territories were added to the list of natural heritage sites by UNESCO.


Located in southwestern Norway, Lysefjord, is a great destination to reach for a day trip from Stavanger (Wherever you are traveling always plan a day trip, whether it is Norway. Or the best day trips from Copenhagen ). Lysefjord surroundings are a real paradise for hiking lovers as to catch the best views over the fjord, you’ll need to climb the world’s longest wooden staircase which has 4444 steps. Pretty challenging, don’t you think? 

But the result is worth the effort! Having climbed the stairs, you get to a dizzying height of 740 meters (2427 feet) above sea level to adore the bird’s-eye views.

If 4444 steps have only warmed up your spirit of adventure, you may also head to such world famous viewpoints as Preikestolen as well as the plateau of Kjerag to see the giant stone trapped in a crevice. Sounds tempting enough? The good news is that the local hiking festival is held around Lysefjord every September so you have a chance to explore these beautiful lands in a company of co-travelers.


Dreaming to explore more of dramatic views and wild Scandinavian nature? Not afraid of extreme Arctic temperatures? Head to striking Lofoten Islands! Apart from fantastic Northern Lights and great mountains, looking like a huge never-melting ice-cream, Lofotens feature some scenic fjords as well. One of them is the tiny narrow Trollfjord which is only 2 km (1.3 miles) long. The width of the narrowest part of the Trollfjord is only 100 meters (328 feet), but in the summer even such cruise liners as “Hurtigruten” can sail there.

There is a legend connected with the emergence of Trollfjord. It is believed that a long time ago there existed a lake divided from the fjord by the strip of land. But once two trolls quarreled with each other and one of them threw his huge ax which cut the land and formed a channel. That is why the fjord is so narrow and named after a troll.

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