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Life Lessons in Travel

20 Life Lessons You Learn Traveling the World in Your 20’s

What you need to know What you need to know What you need to know This week I hit a life milestone. I transitioned out of my 20’s and into my 30’s.  In the past, the thought of turning 30 was always followed by a flop sweat, yelling at the top

Adventure Travel Blogger - Thailand

Terror in Thailand: Surviving A Tropical Storm on A Lifeboat

Water isn’t my thing, which you might already know, but over the last year, water and I have come to a fragile arrangement. I’ll keep my cool, no pun intended, in the water as long as water agrees to not chuck huge waves of itself in my face. After all

Facing My Biggest Fear and Scuba Diving on Koa Tao

Deep has been one of my biggest fears for my entire life. I’m okay on boats, both big and small, but push me off into the water and though I might act manly, * Cough* and act like everything is fine, * Cough Cough*, I assure you, that inside I

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Hi! I’m Stephen Schreck (pronounced like SHREK), but don’t worry I’m not green.

I help people discover the world by helping them plan their trips with useful travel tips and guides.

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