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Most Beautiful places in the world in 2020 Lake Baikal

52 Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel (June 2020)

The 51 Most Beautiful Places in the World To Visit in 2020 Are you looking for the most beautiful places in the world?  Well, you’ve landed in the right place.  Whether you’re looking for a sense of bliss gazing out over mountainous terrain or discover your adventurous nature while hiking through thick jungles, many of

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Winter Adventures in London

For many travelers, visiting London is one of the top destinations on their list. There are two reasons it has earned such a lofty position. Even though London is the best city for budget travelers you can still find cheap accommodation using websites like HostelBookers. 1- London is one of the major travel hubs of

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Week One of the Mongol Rally

Meeting Norbert for the first time felt like greeting an old friend.  Through all the Mongol Rally planning, updating, and drama; we had talked a lot, which made us both feel that we had already known one another for years. Throwing down my backpack, in our comfortable Go With Oh Apartment, we started talking about

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A Little Bit of Liverpool

If your in England and your not busy freezing your ass off at Stonehenge you should check out Liverpool, home of the Beatles, its a great place to visit on your UK holiday.  While there is a ton of Beatle attractions to see and explore, there are also many other attractions worth checking out that

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Flashback Friday: Frozen at Stonehenge

Once a year, on the night of the summer solstice, the fences around Stonehenge are taken down and people, from all over the world, flock by the thousands to dance, watch the sunrise, and party like the ancient Druids. (Does it ever bother anyone else that people tell you what ancient cultures did? I mean,

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