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Wonderful Indonesia

11 Travel Tips to Know Before You Travel to Indonesia

Who doesn’t want to travel to Indonesia. I mean it is a country that offers beautiful landscapes, rare wildlife experiences, epic dive spots, and vibrant corals to explore. It’s also a great place to relax on beaches, learn yoga or how to surf. I’ve spent a lot of time in

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Diving the Vibrant Underwater World of the Similans

One of the best diving experiences I’ve had was in the famed Similan Islands off of Thailand’s coast. I arrived in Koa Lak after a 16 hour bus ride that was supposed to only last 11. As you can imagine, I stumbled off the bus exhausted. My first order of

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A Comprehensive List of Backpacking Malaysia Travel Tips

Successful Tips to Backpacking Malaysia Backpacking Malaysia is to embark on an adventure packed full of impressive sights, bright cities, and friendly locals. Combine that with a varied landscape that ranges from dense green rain forest and jungles to some of the top islands in the world covered with white

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The Art of Squid Jigging

The first time I heard the term “Squid Jigging”, I had the same reaction you are having now; “What the hell is Squid Jigging?”. Let me take a second of your time to answer that question. Trust me, it will make the rest of the post easier. Squid Jigging is

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great wall of china - A Backpackers TaleI’ve been traveling the world 24/7 for the last 7 years. Along the way I have found some pretty cool places, learned awesome stunning travel tips, and had unforgettable adventures. Helping you travel is my passion. Curious? Check out these fun facts about me!

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