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5 Best Day trips paris

18 Outstanding Day Trips From Paris By Train (New 2019)

Day Trips From Paris The Ultimate List Most travelers aren’t aware of all the awesome day trips from Paris. But stick with me, and in the next few minutes, you’ll discover over a dozen adventures outside of the city. I’ve visited Paris over 9 times. And on each visit, I make

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Cool Things Paris

34 Unusual Things to do in Paris (With Photos)

34 Unusual Things to do in Paris Looking for the ultimate list of unusual things to do in Paris? Awesome! Every year, millions of tourists travel to the city of lights. They see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, feast on bread, cheese, and wine; and snap

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Perfect Paris Itinerary

Perfect Paris Itinerary (In 10 Easy to Follow Steps)

Planning Your Paris Itinerary in 10 Easy Steps Heading to city of lights and wondering the perfect Paris Itinerary. Fear, not my fellow travelers. This guide will pave the way. In just 10 easy steps it will let you suck up all the major highlights in one of the best

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traveling with family

The Rewards of Traveling With My Family for the First Time

Traveling with your family “Ok, book the tickets”, came from my mother’s voice from the other end of the telephone. Anyone passing by the little Vietnamese Pho shop would have seen my face frozen with shock. I was standing there frozen in disbelief! For years, I had pleaded, even begged

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great wall of china - A Backpackers TaleI’ve been traveling the world 24/7 for the last 7 years. Along the way I have found some pretty cool places, learned awesome stunning travel tips, and had unforgettable adventures. Helping you travel is my passion. Curious? Check out these fun facts about me!

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