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Superstar Blogging Review – Best Blogging Course on the Internet

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If I reflect on the the last 4 years of blogging and trace back tk tbe decision that took my blog from a hobby to a profession then it would buying the Superstar Blogging Course.

Travel Blogging isn’t easy! For a long time I struggled.. I was afraid of publishing anything, and no one was reading what I was publishing.

I didn’t know how to run a professional blog. At that time I didn’t even know what my goals were, or how to make my site stick out from the overcrowded blogosphere.

I was fumbling around in the dark in a very competitive industry.

I felt depressed. I was putting my heart and soul into sharing my stories, tips, and advice with other travelers and felt like no one was listening.

I couldn’t crack the blogging code. The harder I tried the more I failed. Nothing seemed to work for me.

Can any of you relate?

Becoming a professional traveler had been my dream from years and I wasn’t going to give up on it.

Luckily right when I was starting my site is when Nomadic Matt first released his blogging course. Can someone say fate!

Right away I bought, and haven’t looked back since.

I leaped at this chance to learn lessons from the top travel blogger. It was the single the best decision I could have made as a new/struggling blogger

This course helped me make that dream a reality, and completely changed the course of my life! .

And Superstar Blogging is launching again TODAY!

This course showed me how to sidestep many mistakes people starting out make.

I learned where I needed to focus my time and energy. I learned the value of growing my audience, developing stellar content, and how to accomplish both.

Now, I know some of you are still doubting, or asking yourself ” Is this course worth the money.” 

Let me and breakdown what the course covers, and how it changed my blog forever!

For me this course was invaluable. I am amazed about how many messages I get from people expressing their dreams of running a succulent travel blog.

I am even more amazed at how many people are unwilling to invest in that future by taking a course.

I am not ones of these people, and you shouldn’t be either.  This course opened the door to let me build the life of my dreams and because of that, it is the best money I have spent online ever! (Outside of my first plane ticket to Italy where I feel that made me fall in love with travel)

So let’s talk about who Nomadic Matt is and do an complete breakdown of what Superstar Blogging offers.

Who is Nomadic Matt?

MattKepnes3 (1)

Nomadic Matt is the biggest travel blogger in the world. His blog has been in featured in websites like National Geographic, CNN, Problogger, Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, and Lonely Planet!

His website gets 1,000,000 visitors a month; he is a bestselling author, and he has started his own educational foundation.

Yeah, Nomadic Matt is about as successful as you can be in the blogging world.

And he wants to teach you how he did it!

How will the course help you?

This course will hand you all the tools you need to become a successful blogger!

The course has 9 units ( Which Matt has broken into 28 lessons)

Unit 1: The Basic’s/ Getting Started

Even if you already have a blog this unit is helpful. It teaches how to think about your brand, the message you want to send, and the type of blogger you want to become.

This lesson helped me to start thinking about my blog as a business. I still read over it sometimes to regain focus and remember my goals.

Unit 2: Registering Your Website

Setting up a new website can seem daunting. My first time logging into WordPress I fumbled around for hours. I wasted hours of precious time trying to figure it out.

Oh, if only I had Matt’s course at the moment. It walks ou through the entire process of setting up your website the right way.

The course covers everything from installing WordPress to recommended plugins and how to keep your site super fast.

Unit 3: How to Write Well and Go Viral

I struggled with writing. I am not a natural writer by any means. Even today my writing process is long, and I have to go through everything I write multiple times.

This section of the course helped me a ton! It taught me how to write and structure engaging well-written content. It even talks about how to write a viral post.

Before this course, not one of my post went viral. After, I have had over 10 posts go viral! Which has brought in thousands of subscribers and readers!

Unit 4: Designing A Website

This module showed me the importance of having a well-designed website. It is filled with tips and tricks I found insanely useful. Matt also shows the evolution of this site and how it has changed over the years.

My favorite thing about his unit is the video at the end where that dissects NomadicMatt and its layout. It was a great inspiration for building my own site.

Unit 5: How to Get Traffic and Grow Your Website

Right now we have learned everything from the basics to designing a beautiful site. Now we need people to come see it right?

This is the backbone of the course. I dug into Matt’s teachings like a tick. It taught me about the importance the right way to network with other bloggers that have blossomed into lasting friendships.

His advice on how to not approach social media the right way. This advice was the core I used to build a social media presence of over 45,000 followers.

However, one significant value in this lesson is how to approach pitching guest post and media outlets. Because the in-depth teaching my site featured on sites like the Huffington Post, Rolf’s Pott Vagabonding, and referred to on MSNBC.

This suggestions and techniques have changed the way everything from the way I approached other bloggers.

Unit 6: SEO

The infamous SEO. This is an another amazing unit that teaches the write way to SEO your blog and post.

This unit is deep and covers every aspect of SEO. I was clueless on SEO before this lesson. After putting this SEO advice into practice, I now rank in the top ten for some highly competitive terms on Google.

I have used the wealth of this unit to build up a following of over 43,000 Unique Views a month.

Unit 7: How to Make Money With Your Blog

Ah, the million dollar question. How to I make money off this website I have poured my heart into. For those asking that question, this unit will be your bread and butter.

Matt goes give tips, advice, and strategies for making money off your blog. The unit covers everything from affiliate links to product creation and more.

Matt showed me that my blog was a window front. A blog without a product is owning a restaurant without having anything on the menu.
Since then I have run a travel consulting campaign on my site. Just launched my own tours, and have made thousands of working affiliate links.

Unit 8: Newsletters

As bloggers, we are also marketers. This is something I never thought about till I took this course. The most important tool in our marketing arsenal is our Newsletter, and Matt showed me how to build and create a lively newsletter community.

Unit 9: How to Work with PR, Tourism Boards, and Brands

Working with tourism boards is a good way to long term relationships with brands, gain additional exposure and also build additional revenue.

Because of Matt’s teaching I have learned the value of building these relationships and how to approach them, Since taking Matt’s course, I have worked with dozens of brands, and tourism boards. Without selling out and keeping my message pure!

Through is course, you will learn the in’s and out’s of what makes a good travel blog.

You will learn how to connect with your audience, how to rank in Google, and where to focus your attention.

Superstar blogging helped me create my brand, and any success of my blog has been a direct result of Matt’s teaching.

This course changed my life! What are you waiting for get Superstar Blogging now. 

And a Ton of Extra’s

Here are a few NEW things you can benefit from!

Expert Interviews with leading Industry Leaders.

Rand Fishkin founder of Moz.com (secrets of ranking higher in searches, getting good-quality links)

Jodi Ettenberg from Legal Nomads (talks to us about the power of storytelling and how bloggers can improve their writing to hook readers)

Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness (Steve gives his advice on creating a community around your blog that grows itself)

Plus many more!

Plus, Blogger Case Studies

There are also case studies and breakdown of other successful blogger. It lets you see what is working and offers a ton of inspiration and ideas to think about.

What other bloggers are saying about course.

If you are a new, or struggling blogger and looking for some excellent advice and guidance, this is the course for you.
Personally, starting with this course made my life so much easier! It helped me focus my blog, content, and priorities

Since Superstar blogging my site has won numerous awards and been featured on sites such as Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding, and The Huffington Post.

Sites like MSNBC and the EPOCH times have linked to my articles because I learned how to create excellent content!

Matt’s course saved me a lot of time and headache. Three years later I still endorse it and am learning new things from it.

Invest in your Future Today!

Superstar Blogging in yours for the one-time price of $349.

For that price, you get lifetime access and support.

You also have the option of paying in installments.

When I bought I the course I view it as an invest in my career, and it is an investment that had personally paid for itself over and over again.

If have the desire to make a career getting paid to write, and are willing to learn and put in the work then this is the course for you.

My advice is to invest a few hundred dollars in future and start learning how to craft your blog into a profitable business.

Invest in your blogging career by getting the course now! 

4 thoughts on “Superstar Blogging Review – Best Blogging Course on the Internet”

  1. Thanks so much for this.
    I have been wanting to start my own travel blog and I feel now it is the time. However, there are so many online resources!
    Do you know what is the difference between Matt’s course and the Travel Blog Success course? Everyone seems crazy about the last one.

    Any tips would be helpful!

    1. Hey! I am glad you like the review. I have checked out TBS as well. It is a great program as well, but I would recommenced superstar blogging. I found it a lot more in depth and helpful. It really changed the way I approach blogging as a whole, and mindset of running a travel blog.

  2. Hey Stephen (almost the same name!), thanks for your review! I have exactly the same question and I would ask you to go deeper. In few days TBS will have the fall sale and it’s time to decide. TBS or SB? Need your help!

    What about the facebook group in the Nomadic Matt’s one? TBS members are saying that it’s one of the best point of the course.

    Then, is the content updated (I mean, TBS was made 6 years ago for example. Some SEO stuff might not work anymore)?

    Your answer will probably denfinitely influence me. So glad that I found this article!

    1. Hey thanks for asking and sorry for the delay. So I find more detail, and better webinars are in Matt’s course. Matt’s Course is a lot newer as well. This also means the FB group is a lot newer. So while it is not as active as TBS FB. Which is fantastic. Matt group is picking up steam. Overall I would suggest Matt’s course ( http://bit.ly/2cxey4t) but if you are sold on TBS it is also a great course. The fall sale is going on here http://bit.ly/2duC3xd

      Hope that helps.

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