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Summer 2013 Itinerary

The first year of my new life will be an around the world trip. It is so close that I can’t believe it. However, time seems to be getting slower and slower. I try to make the hands of the clock turn a little faster  by daydreaming about over-night trains, searching hostels, and looking up China tours.

After much debate I have settled on my itinerary for my first five months (see picture below). May 12 through September 28 I will be making my way around these countries.Then flying from England into Central and South East Asia.  and making my way down to Australia. (I will be updating this with cities as it get’s closer to my departure date.)

Along the way I will be knocking items off my and creating new bucket list iideas left and right. I will be working on conquering things such as the the running of the bulls all year long. It is going to be one hell of an adventure. One that can’t come soon enough. Travel is my life, it is what I live and breath for, and this life on long-term travel has been to long in the making, and can’t here soon enough.

 * Update

Apparently I can’t settle on anything since this Itinerary totaled got rocked when I did the Mongol Rally, which was an amazing challenge to conquer. In a couple weeks, I will be headed to Munich for Oktoberfest, and then off to India, where I will spend the next few months exploring South East Asia, and Indo-China.

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  1. sounds like a fantastic itinerary!!! excited to follow you on your journey. and if something changes and you end up in norway…ill take ya out for a beer.

    1. Thanks Tom, yes I can’t wait! I am now at the fun part, were I get to make arrangements and plan everything out to a certain degree. I loved your post on Cinque Terre and Oktoberfeast. They gave me some great insight!

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