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Let’s Help Students Take FYLTE

The first time I decided to travel overseas I was headed to Ireland as a student.

Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey that would change my life forever. Climbing to the tops of old castles, listening to the sounds of traditional Irish music, and hiking the emerald green hills are all experiences that opened the world in new and exciting ways.

You can trace back the impact that trip had on my life to who I am as a person today.

Visiting other countries and experiencing other cultures is one of the best forms of education. Travel breaks the limits of books and opens the world with fantastic adventures, and life changing moments. Travel also instills an enormous sense of freedom and self-confidence.

Here are also some benefits of travel that I have seen in my life and fellow travelers.

• Traveling helps students acquire a sense of global awareness.
• It also gives a more positive approach to the academic environment inspiring the students to foster the pursuit of higher education.
• The students will develop an affinity towards other cultures.
• Travelling will also help them to learn more about their own culture by evaluating the world’s perspectives on the same
• It will also promote various interpersonal skills like problem solving; prompt decisions, forming their own thoughts, etc.
• In an educational context, such trip will help the students to learn varied forms of art and craft they didn’t know about earlier.
Imparting practical education during such trips will leave a long lasting impact on the students.

For these reasons, I think traveling as a student is essential. One of the biggest promoters of student travel I’ve found is Nomadic Matt, and he has just started a project I find utterly remarkable.



For today’s travel blog, I want to talk about Nomadic Matt’s new foundation that is dedicated to helping send students overseas.

It is called the Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education or FLYTE.
The Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE) is an organization that is working towards helping such students widen their horizons by helping them to visit other countries.

It helps in funding, planning and organizing the classroom trips. Such trips not only help the students to practically test their classroom learning but also help them to expand their acquired knowledge in diverse contexts.

FLYTE is a new organization and needs our help. I believe in their mission as I am sure you do, and together we can help FLYTE take off. FLYTE has a goal of reaching $250,000 over the next couple weeks.

This money will be spent on funding five student trips for the first year. Just think of the difference those trips will make in the students life as the world of travel is opened up to them.
In my opinion investing in student travel is investing in changing a student’s life.

Traveling as a student deeply affected me, and birthed my love of travel. I know first-hand the powerful impact traveling as a student can have on people. I am proof of it.

Let’s promote student travel in the United States by supporting FYLTE. You can donate at FLYTE’s website or through at Nomadic Matt’s website.

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