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Welcome! i’m stephen schreck (pronounced like shrek) but don’t worry i’m not green!

Travel changed my life. it opened my eyes, knocked down doors, and reshaped my life.

And while the travel is still a passion, my biggest passion is to help others achieve their travel goals and dreams.

And have the same life-changing experience i did! learn more about me here.

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-Paulo Coelho

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal”

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Heading to Europe Soon? Ready for cross some of those great bucket list ideas

Don’t worry! I got you covered with everything from budgets, tips, tricks, and guides. You’ll learn everything from budget airlines, to tips on how to travel Europe cheaply. 

So enjoy, and look below to find the web’s best advice on backpacking Europe, garnered from years of traveling across Europe.  

All About

Get ready to Discover Asia!

I’ve spent years traveling across Asia, and it’s become one of my favorite regions of the world.

To travel to Asia is to enter another world. A world full of great food, welcoming locals, golden temples, and epic parties. 

So enjoy, and look below to find the web’s best advice on backpacking Asia.  

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Sometimes I write about things other than travel! (rarely, but it happens.) He are a couple post that focus on improving your life, writing skills, and more.    


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