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5 Tours in Split, Croatia That Cannot Be Missed

Croatia, dominantly represented by its ancient ruins, exotic culture, fine cuisine, and pleasant weather, makes it a traveler’s paradise. Its nucleus, Split, forms the harbor for solo, family, and group tours. 

Unravel this exceptional trip experience by booking Split tours. Acting as the gateway to the best islands in Croatia, Split also features some of the most notably interesting relief features such as the deep karst mountains embedded on the Dinaric Alps, dense forests, and the scenic Dalmatian Coast. Or you can travel from the Split to the medieval town of Dubrovnik

Its Mediterranean climate offers delightfully mild weather, making it an ideal travel destination all year round. The best season to get intimate with Split is during winter when the crowds are few and prices considerably low. However, water lovers can partake of its splendor during the spring months of March to June. Spring is the ideal season. The nightlife breaks out at this point as a good number of tourists flock the town. Summer is undoubtedly the busiest with a swarm of humanity adorning the town streets with diversity.

Being an industrial center, the transport system in Split is multidimensional and well-planned, making it easier to conduct day tours from Split. Therefore, if you are planning on going to Split, here are some of the best tours you cannot miss:

Walking and Biking Tours

Walking tour in Split

There is no better way to experience an assortment of pristine beauty and historical memories of Split than through guided walking tours. (Or book a tour with G Adventures, read our review of G Adventures). Capture the sights and sounds of the town as you make your way to the Diocletian’s Palace. 

Be mesmerized by the ancient architecture and feel its mysterious character by the touch of your hands. 

Discover the Peristyle Square, the heart of cultural delicacies and a sweet spot for a coffee fest. If you wish to escape the rowdiness of the town, walk or rent a bike to Marjan Hill and revere the panoramic views of the old town as you invigorate your soul. 

Explore the churches on the hill and stretch further to the preserved cemetery that is a symbol of tranquility.

Krka Waterfalls

Plan a day trip from Split to the Krka National Park and get lost in a refreshing swim below the sequential Krka Waterfalls. Its scenic beauty and delicate ecosystems are a sight to behold and a perfect location for camera lovers. 

You will also get the opportunity to engage in cultural workshops and learn more about the history of the locals. Getting there is not a problem as one has the option of taking a boat ride or a drive to one of the main entrances.

Plitvice Lakes

day tour from SPlit - Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts and is the epitome of natural beauty. It encompasses a collection of sixteen magnificently aligned lakes together with epic waterfalls. 

Guided walking tours in the park provide familiarity with the terraced lakes that constantly illuminate different colors. These color variations are as a result of the mineral composition and the angle at which the sun’s rays hit the water beds. 

What was captured by someone else’s camera lens isn’t exactly what you will see this time around.

Boat Excursions

Hop onto a speedboat to have your interpretation of the mystic Blue Cave and be awed by its magnificence blue rays. The sun’s splendor is experienced when it hits the cave beddings and illuminates an incredible view. Stop at the Monk Seal Cave and unfold the mystery within, like the Waitomo Glowworm Caves,. 

Pass by Komiza on Vis Island and immerse in the turquoise waters or enjoy some great coffee. You can also stop by the coastal town of Hvar and have some relaxation time.

Other boat tours to include in your itinerary include the Blue Lagoon, Trogir, and Solta tours.

Food Tasting and Wine Tours

One can never leave Split without experiencing the mouth explosion of unique tastes of their delicacies. This culinary tour is bound to lighten all your senses and make the walking tours even more delightful.

Discover their unique olive oil and savor it with a combination of the Dalmatian bread. After an indulgence in their lovely meal, it’s time to head for some wine tasting as you get to learn more about their wine history and culture. Dive into more plates of the Dalmatian food and take in as many coffee servings as you can.

Indulging in the above Split tours rewards one with a complete exhilarating travelers’ (There are great tour companies out there, read our Intrepid tours review) experience and an appreciation of a well-preserved culture. Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to soak in all the sensational aroma from their locally brewed coffee. 

The taste itself will form a delightful picture in your mind that is hard to decipher. Collect a few or ample amount of souvenirs from the cultural centers to have a piece of Split wherever you go.

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