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For over a thousand years Southeast Asia has captured the imaginations and hearts of explorers. And while I am no Marco Polo, I am excited to share my Southeast Asia travel blog in the hopes you will venture to this part of the world and we can be counted among some of the greatest explorers in history.

Southeast Asia is a punch to your senses. The thick smell of delicious street foods waft through the cities, loud shouts of market vendors trying to vie for attention fill the air, and gold covered temples are some of the most ornate in the world. It is a wonderful, chaotic, and mesmerizing place.

The first time I went to Southeast Asia I planned on spending 2 months there, but after 6 months I still hadn’t left. Let’s flash forward even further and in the last 6 years traveling I’ve spent half in Southeast Asia. It is a part of the world that embraces and engulfs you in the most wonderful way.

In this Southeast Asian travel blog, you will find guides, tips, advice, and stories. After soaking up all the post, you’ll have a better handle on what to expect when traveling Southeast Asia. We will go over topics like costs, budgets, and destinations. So let’s explore on the most enticing areas on earth.

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Southeast Asia Travel Blog


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