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Tips To See More of South Africa On a Budget

Tips to See More Of South America
On A Budget

Although a fantastic bucket-list place to visit, South Africa can be an expensive trip especially if you don’t plan ahead. You want to see all the top sights and enjoy your visit, so what can you do to cut down on costs during your trip?  So whether you want to tour along the West coast of South Africa or hand out in the  cities you’ll find something of value here.

Here are some top tips to see more of South Africa whilst travelling on a budget.  

6 Tips to See South America
On a Budget

Find Cheap Domestic Flights

To make the most of your South Africa trip, you may want to fly between major cities to maximize the time you get to explore. It is easy to do so and affords you more time in each city than other ways of transport.

 You can find great deals on internal itineraries such as flights from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. Do your research and find the right cheap flights to suit your budget so you can see more even on a short trip.

Use Uber in Cities

When staying in cities it can be hard to choose the right type of transport to get around. Currency can be confusing and there is the potential to be charged higher prices when using metered taxis. 

With the regulated taxis of Uber South Africa, all drivers are vetted have taken and passed the right tests and the fares are more reasonable too.

Consider Camping

In the warmer months for those travelling on a budget, camping is a great option in South Africa. There are plenty of great countryside campsites such as within the grounds of Tsitsikamma National Park and inside Kruger National Park. 

It is a really affordable way to enjoy the country without paying high prices for accommodation. Just pack your car with all your gear and head off.

Drive yourself

If you are looking at camping then driving is an excellent budget option. Even if you aren’t camping, if you are planning on covering plenty of miles, driving yourself can be a much cheaper option that taking guided tours or booking on a pre-planned holiday. 

It also gives you more flexibility, planning your own route and making changes if you wish.  

Take Free Walking Tours

In most major cities you will find free walking tours on offer. Most are guided by history students or those who are just passionate about the city. 

You will learn a lot from these knowledgeable guides and visit places that you wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. 

Although the tours are free, if you have a good experience it is advised to tip your guide for their time. This is still a cheaper option than paid tours and the quality will be just as good.

Cook For Yourself

Although eating out in South Africa can be cheap if you choose the right places, to save even more money you should think about cooking your own meals

Staying at a campsite, apartment or hostel will enable you to do your own cooking and save money on both food and drinks. 

When you arrive do your grocery shopping, stocking up on what you need will mean you are free to enjoy the rest of your trip. Picking up smaller bits on the way.  

See, you really can visit and enjoy South Africa on a budget!

As you can see if you are careful and make some small changes you and still enjoy everything that South Africa has to offer whilst travelling on a budget. 

Just make sure you plan ahead and choose the sights you want to see the most, sorting everything else around this. 

Save on travel and food whilst spending your cash on what really matters.

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