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SLICKS Travel System Review – The New Generation of Backpack


I am excited to review a brand new type of backpack. The SLICKS Travel System is taking backpacks to the next level.

In the few months, I’ve had the SLICKS it has changed the way I carry my gear and has quickly become my favorite piece of travel item.

Almost weekly I get offers to try new travel new backpacks and carry-on bags. I turn down 99% of them. I am careful not to dilute my site with products I don’t believe in.

So when I say the SLICKS Backpack is awesome, you’ll know I mean it.

And for the next few hundred words I want to highlight some of the features of the SLICKS. I will go in-depth about my hands on experience with it and what I think makes it special and unique.

Slicks Travel System Nails Comfort


A typical week in my life usually means moving everything I own from one city to another at least once. Needless to say, the comfort of my backpack is an important priority. The SLICKS Travel System nails comfort.

The shoulders straps are comfortable and padded. The entire back area has extra padding on high-stress areas, and the backpack is designed that weight is carried quickly.

I am not exaggerating when I say that once or twice I have forgotten that I was carrying a bag.

The comfort is one of the first things I noticed about SLICKS, and it is one of my favorite aspects of the entire pack.

 The slicks is THE most comfortable backpack I have ever used.”

Tons of Space


SLICKS, ingeniously, was designed to maximize space without sacrificing comfort. . All over the bag are little pockets that maximize you storing capability.

The main compartment opens life a suitcase. Inside is plenty of space for laptops, clothes, and toiletries.
The front of a bag has a vertical zipper. I find this perfect for my massive objects, and all my laptops wires, phone, and camera chargers. It makes it easy to sort and store them.

However, my favorite pockets are the little zipper between the main compartment. Unzip this area and you have secret space between your back and the main compartment.

This area is perfect for valuable you want to keep safe. I stash my passport, spare cash, and extra cards here. This city like Mexico City this can help prevent crime. And yes, I know your asking yourself, is Mexico City safe? With the proper tips and gears it is!

Side note: Please don’t rob me now you know where I keep my valuable items. 🙂

A few other things I love about my SLICKS backpack is how I can change the bag to suit my situation. Say I don’t feel like wearing a backpack for the day. That rarely happens, but say it did.

Well, I can easily tuck away one strap and sling the bag across my shoulders like a satchel. I could also tuck away both straps and use the side handle to carry it like a briefcase. .

Now you are asking yourself! How did the Slicks change the way he travels?

Good question! Let me tell you.

The SLICKS fits every carry-on size for airlines and the way it is built it holds so much stuff. So I thought to myself. Let’s downsize.
Check this out!

I had been using an Osprey Farpoint 70L. However, with 70L of room over the last few years, I have been picking up a ton of junk I don’t need.

When I got my SLICKS, I decided it was time to get rid of stuff that was weighing down my life.

Soon I condensed everything down into my SLICKS and a small day pack.

Now I can fly on airlines without having to pay for luggage!

The SLICKS goes in the overhead bin and my little day pack under my seat. It is perfect and has already saved me over $150 in luggage fees in the last month!

How awesome is that? I’ve already saved almost the price of the backpack. 

Overall I love the SLICKS. Like I said it is my new favorite travel toy. It is a backpack that enjoy thoroughly enjoy wearing and one that I can endorse 100%. It is definitely going on my list of best travel backpacks that help you explore the most beautiful places in the world.

Head over to the SLICKS Kickstarter and help make this awesome backpack a reality!!

17 thoughts on “SLICKS Travel System Review – The New Generation of Backpack”

  1. J Shallow-Miller

    Great review. We have started doing a lot more traveling and we all use backpacks. My is really outdated and I could use some more functionality from it. This sounds perfect.

  2. WOW…sounds and looks like an amazing backpack! It does look very well made and I love that it fits as a carry-on yet holds so much. I also think that it is neat that you can carry it in different ways. Awesome review.

  3. That does sound like a great backpack. What I like the most is that you say it is comfortable. Of course the fact that you save money on airlines doesn’t hurt.

  4. Ohhh I need one of these for my husband. I tend to pack way too much, but he’s much better about getting his belongings to a respectable amount.

  5. Nicole Cochingco Escat

    Great review, I’m sure this would be perfect for my husband, he has a lot of stuff that need to pack.

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