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Six Travel Destinations for 2018

A passport is an extremely valuable commodity that can open the door to new experiences.  It is the first step in traveling the world. After you have a passport  you can hop on an different airlines from Qatar Airways to Delta and soon you’ll be arriving half a world on the edge of endless adventures. The world is literally filled with hundreds of adventurous places. Here are the most exciting places to visit in the United States.


India is a vast and wonderful country to visit. The landscape is beautiful, the culture captivating, and the food delicious. One thing I love about traveling across India is that there are so many different diverse cultures. Plus, Qatar Airways flies to India and they are one of the best in the business.


Namibia is certainly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The country’s vast landscapes provide constant adventure. From the stunning Skeleton Coast to the Brandberg Mountain, the number of breathtaking sights seems to be endless. A lot of visitors actually come to Namibia strictly to see the country’s legendary wildlife. Some of the most popular animals include rhinos, lions, and elephants.


There are lots of things to do in Florence and Italy’s Tuscany region offers a high-level of excitement. For the adventure seekers who love to hike, visiting the Tuscany region will be an absolute dream experience. People can literally spend the entire day touring the ancient towns within the area (for more check out our Intrepid Travel Reviews). Meanwhile, the seaside villas offer a very relaxing atmosphere for everyone. The crystal-clear water looks magical.


Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is arguably one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Due to the city’s wealthy population, exotic sports cars can be seen cruising around town at any given time. While some vacationers like lounging around near the swimming pools, there are others who choose to take in the amazing nightlife. Contrary to popular belief, visitors can still save money on hotels in Dubai. The hotels on the outskirts of the city are typically much less expensive.


New Zealand is the perfect destination for nature lovers. While visitors can opt to take a bus tour, the best way to experience New Zealand is by foot. There are not very many dangerous animals in the country, so vacationers can safely explore the area. Nelson Lakes National Park offers an extremely scenic atmosphere. Like the National Parks in Utah. However, the beautiful beaches allow visitors to surf and fish throughout the year.


This is a great choice for the adventurers who are not afraid of heights. The Swiss mountain tops offer a fantastic view of the surrounding area. When visiting the area, everyone is encouraged to take a dip in the ancient spa.

The world has so many incredible designations that deserve to be visited. These six exciting places will surely leave a lasting impression. So what are you waiting for start shopping for a cheap flight on Qatar Airways.

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  1. one day agra tour by car

    India is beautiful country and you should plan your trip here. It is most beautiful destination to travel in 2018 and You must visit taj mahal if you are planning a trip to india. Thanks for sharing that post.

  2. Great destination you suggested to travel in 2018. India is my favorite country and it have so many good place to enjoy. Historical things are best to get fun here and architecture of these buildings are so amazing.

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