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Busabout: Sailing Croatia Reviews

This is my Sailing Croatia Reviews. I spent over a week exploring sailing along the Dalmatian Coast exploring a handful of different islands. I loved my time on the boat, the people I was with, and the stunning landscapes. Let’s take a look at what makes sailing Croatia such a special experience.

Sailing Croatia Review

Sail Croatia Reviews

What is a Sail Croatia Tour?

Croatia is home to the legendary Dalmatian Coast. There is no better way to see the best islands in Croatia, rocky coastline, and sun-kissed beaches of Croatia then by sailing the crystal blue waters.

This is why I love doing Croatia Sailing Tours. They are a great way to relax, meet liked minded travelers, and explore the fantastic destinations with a guide. T

What is a Typical Day like When Sailing Croatia?

In a word…relaxing.

Morning – You wake at whatever time you choose and eat the breakfast that has already been prepared for you by the ships cook.

The next order of business for the day is to relax in the sun, playing cards, or reading on the sun deck before the first swim stop of the day.

After jumping from the top of the boat into the cool clear water and swimming for a bit, you dry off and sit down to a delicious Croatian Lunch.

Afternoon -Almost every afternoon you dock at one of the Croatia charming Islands where you guide gives a short tour and tips of everything the island has to offer.

Spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sites and beautiful medieval towns of Croatia before getting ready for that night’s activities.

Night –The nights are some of the best times you will have on Busabouts Sail Croatia Tour.

You will have drinks with people from your boat as well as other Sail Croatia Boats docked at the harbor. You’ll make friends from all over the world, and spend you nights at dance clubs or pubs. It is wonderfully fun.

Sailing Croatia Reviews

Croatia Sailing Review
For this sailing Croatia Reviews I choose Busabout because I heard good things about them. Now I want to note that I paid for this trip so my review is not influenced in any way.

Why I Choose to Busabout

Busabout Sail Croatia

For years I’d been hearing amazing things about the Busabout Sail Croatia tour, so when I started planning this life on the road, sailing the coast was almost at the top of my list of adventures.

I chose to go through the company, Busabout, because they became highly recommended from friends and fellow backpackers, and I enjoyed traveling Europe with them a couple of years ago.

I’m not going to lie; I had high expectations for sailing around Croatia.

In the end, how did this tour stand up to all the hype I had for it? Is a Sailing Trips in Croatia an adventure that is right for you?

I have also heard that G Adventures, and Intrepid run similar sailing adventures, but as I have not gone with them I cannot recommend them

How the Tour Works

Sail Croatia Boat

You spend 8 days on a boat sailing between different islands and coastal towns around Croatia coast.

You wake up each morning to the boat already sailing, and by midafternoon you’ve arrived at a new city that you can explore. You visit famous islands such as Hvar, Dubrovnik, and Korčula.

Most of these sailing tours go back and forth between Split and Dubrovnik. During the peak season, crowds of backpackers flood the port city of Split hopping on and off different boats.

My tour left from Split, looped around, and landed back in Split a week later.

These sailing trips offer a variety of atmospheres.

Some people use this trip as a booze cruise, others as a chance to get a little quality time with their significant other,  and others see it as a unique way to explore the stunning islands of Croatia.

What I Liked

• Of course, the islands were the highlight. Croatia’s coast is a sight I never grew tired of seeing.

• Sailing the Coast is an excellent way to see the towns and islands.

• We had a fantastic crew, which would often join us out for a drink at night. They made us feel at home on the boat and made the experience enjoyable.

• Our tour had a fantastic guide, Matt. He took care of all the small things, gave us advice, and made our lives easy. He would organize events with other boats, walked us around the towns, and tried to make our trip as relaxing as possible.

• Busabout gives each boat their own guide. Some boats from other companies had to share a guide between two or three boats. Thumbs up to Busabout for making this decision.

• The food on the boat was fantastic.

What I Didn’t Like

Let’s see what I didn’t like in this Sailing Croatia Review.

• Water isn’t free and the price on the boat was expensive. If you bought 1.5 liters of water a day, the total cost by the end of the trip was over 20 Euros.  I would buy my water or refill my water bottle when we docked and spent only 9 Euros on water. However, this meant that sometimes on the boat I was extremely thirsty.

• The bar on the boat kept a tab that you paid at the end of the trip, which was dangerous.   This makes it easy to lose track of your budget. Three guys on our boat had tabs of over 500 Euros each at the end (I wasn’t one of them).

Sailing Croatia Reviews – Overall: I loved sailing Croatia. A large part of that had to do with the fellow passengers, guide, and crew of our ship. Busabout offered more for your money than other companies.

If you’re interested in cruising Croatia, for as cheap as possible, you should do it quickly.

At the moment, Croatia isn’t on the Euro, making this country an affordable holiday destination for backpackers, vagabonds, and budget travelers.

Recommened Sailing Croatia Reviews: The Tours

Croatia Island Hopper: You will spend an incredible week sailing the coast, making friends with your shipmates, partying all night, and relaxing.Spend afternoons jumping off the boat into the crystal clear waters of the Dalmatian Coast, and you nights exploring some of Europe’s most beautiful islands.

Length: 8 days

Course: Split – Hvar- Mljet-Dubrovnik-Korcula-Makarska-Pucisca- Omis-Split

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Croatia One Way:With the Croatia One Way you get more time to explore the islands. Spend afternoons in secluded bays, and get off the tourist trail while experiencing the best Croatia has to offer.

Length: 8 Days

Course: Split to Zadar / Zadar to Split

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    1. What were the bedrooms and beds like? I have a hard time sleeping in uncomfortable scenarios, so any detail on that would be helpful 🙂

  1. We live in Italy and did a road trip down the entire coast of Croatia last summer. Loved it! But we do want to explore by boat. Would love to see some secluded spots only accessible by boat.

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Your review sounds great. My partner and I have booked with Busabout for the Croatia Sailing part next September. Will the weather still be good?? and can you tell me if valuables are safe on the boat whilst we go off exploring the sites?

  3. Hi I am doing the Croatia sail in a few months from Split to Dubrovnik. I am arriving two days early in split so i need to organise accommodation do you remember where exactly the boat leaves from so I can organise to be close to it. The website doesn’t have those details?

  4. Hi there. what is the toilet situation like? Im a bit OCD and need working toilets at least. Please let me know. Was the ship air conditioned?

    1. The toilets worked fine and were clean. But I they are not the best or biggest bathrooms in the world. But you are also docked at different island every morning and night and can find a better bathroom there. If you deiced to book please use my link about and help support this site 🙂

      Let me know if you have anymore questions! 🙂

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