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A Romantic Getaway Like Never Before in Alaska

For travel adventurers, Alaska is a centre for some amazing sports that include skiing, kayaking and mountain biking. With a diverse terrain consisting of mountains, forests and open spaces, it is a sparsely populated state meant for the best recreation and exciting adventures of your lifetime.

As trip planners all over tell us a list of adventure sports to do before your turn 30, you’ll find Alaska is the perfect spot to try most of them. It also boasts of a huge variety of wildlife and some of the most senic beauty in the entire world. that will give you a completely new outlook on life.

Enjoy the vast wilderness of Anchorage

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The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage is home to the Alaska National Heritage Center that displays the traditional art, craft and dwellings of the indigenous groups of the region. The city is also the getaway route to some nearby mountains that promise a magnificent display of vast wilderness like never seen before. If you are planning a romantic vacation with your partner, you might want to add this destination to your travel planner for the next time. You can also engage in some interesting day activities like visiting the display at Alaska’s Aviation Heritage Museum or spending the day at the Alaska Zoo.

Cruise away to Juneau

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Do what you have never done before; take a cruise to Juneau, a completely isolated cruise-ship stop reachable only by boat or seaplane. This place offers hikes, beautiful wildflowers and the gorgeous view of the Gastineau Channel.  Enjoy the glaciers and the unforgettable sights of dolphins, local birds and animals while you breathe in fresh, chilly air at Juneau.

Weekend at Fairbanks with the Northern Lights

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If you want a slow-paced peaceful weekend, Fairbanks promises you that and more. Enjoy the display of some luxurious vintage cars at the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum or take a walk in the Running Reindeer Ranch with the reindeer in Alaska.  As Fairbanks is located within a ring-shaped region around the North Pole called the auroral oval, you can see the yellow-green Northern Light in a clear night sky. Check watching the Northern Lights off your Alaska itinerary planner with this holiday.


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A popular cruise route, Ketchikan has been popular for its many Native American totem poles that are on display across the town. Take some time off to visit the Misty Fiords National Monument, a glacier-carved piece of wilderness that features snow-capped mountains, mesmerising waterfalls and salmon-infested streams that will rejuvenate you. Enjoy the scenic beauty that also possesses wildlife consisting of black bears, wolves and majestic bald eagles.

Sitka – Fortress of the Bear

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Treat the animal lover in you and visit Sitka, located at the Baranof Island. This place is popular for the Fortress of the Bear, where you get to come close to these revered creatures of the forest that fill you with warmth. Relax and enjoy boat trips or visit St. Michael’ Cathedral for some alone time while at Sitka.

While the big city life has much to offer, a getaway to Alaska is an enriching experience in itself and needs to go in you’re travel planner immediately

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