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7 Reasons to Visit North Carolina in 2022

North Carolina

Let’s face it; North Carolina probably isn’t your first choice when you are debating about where to spend your next holiday.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the end of this post your realize how much this state has to offer travelers. I visited North Carolina since I was a child, and even today the state is packed full of surprises.

Best Time to Visit North Carolina

If you are planning on visiting North Carolina, there are certain times of year that are better than others. Here are some tips on when to visit North Carolina:


Winter is a great time to visit North Carolina because it is not as busy as other times of the year. This time of year may be cold and snowy but there are plenty of activities to keep visitors busy all day long.

You can go skiing or snowboarding at one of the many resorts in the area, or take advantage of the fact that many shops and restaurants will be closed for the holiday season during this time period.


Spring time offers some beautiful weather conditions but it can still get quite hot during this time period. It is best to plan your trip during this time period if you want to avoid crowds and high prices associated with summer travel plans.

You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking without having to worry about extreme heat conditions or bugs getting in your way!

Here are some reasons you should visit North Carolina in 2022

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks

Ah yes, these well-known beaches are the crowning jewel of North Carolina. Not only are the Outer Banks beautiful but they also packs an importance piece of history that has affected every traveler should do reading this post.

At Kitty Hawk is where the Wright Brothers, two boys from Ohio, had their first successful flight. As travelers we all loving flying, well, a trip to the Outer Banks lets you visit its birthplace.

Outer Banks has perfect weather and offers a fantastic beach Vacation in North Carolina. Still not sold?

Here are some other fun reasons to visit the Outer Banks.

  • Bodie Island Lighthouse
  • 4×4 Off-Roading Adventures
  • Tours to see Wild Horses
  • Kayaking, Hiking, Biking, and more.
  • Stunning Piers and Boardwalks

North Carolina is perfect for Road Trips

Let’s get something straight. North Carolina is stunning. The state has beautiful mountains, rolling hills, and sandy beaches. The landscape makes NC an insanely fun state to road trip around, and it has some of the most scenic drives in America. When traveling around America I always tell people to road trip, and North Carolina is the perfect place to do it.

The Camping and Hiking

North Carolina

North Carolina is the home of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Mount Mitchell, the tallest peak in the eastern part of North America. It is a state filled with untouched forest, and raw nature. Making it perfect for hiking and camping in some of the most incredible spots in the Appalachian Mountain Range, which is just as good as camping in Big Sur,.

The Beer Scene

For us beer drinkers North Carolina is a haven. The state has a massive craft beer scene. In fact, Raleigh has been hailed as one of the top 5 cities in the country for craft beer. You can explore many of these breweries on city bike tours. (Kind of like that time I biked to wineries in Santa Rosa)

Asheville, which we will talk more about in a minute, is nicknamed “Beer City”. There are over 11 microbreweries throughout the city. Asheville has also been drawing big craft breweries like Sierra Nevada, and people say that Asheville has the best beer in the world. If you are a beer lover, then North Carolina is your mecca.

Who wants to plan a road trip as soon as possible? (It has sites almost as good as the attractions of Route 66)

Relax in Asheville or Watch for Celebrities

Asheville is popular among the rich and famous. In fact, some people travel to Asheville just to go celebrity spotting. Famous names like Dave Chappelle and Colin Farrell have often been spotted in Asheville. The surrounding area has also been in a lot of movies including the Last of the Mohicans, Dirty Dancing, and the Hunger Games.

However, there is much more to the city than that. From the stage to the street graffiti Asheville is known as for its incredible art. The city is filled with spa’s and offers a relaxing atmosphere. However, a huge perk of Ashevilleis it is budget friendly so that visiting won’t break the bank.

Escape the Weather in Charlotte

The charm of this major city in North Carolina is that there is a lot of to outdoors. Charlotte has a scenic uptown ( what they call the downtown). The tree-lined streets are filled with cozy restaurants, shops, and parks. A cool thing about Charlotte is that it experiences every season, but not overwhelmingly. Summer is mild compared to many of the other places in the USA, and it hardly ever snows. It is a good option for those escaping the heat or snow.

The Food

Beer is not the only thing NC has going for it. The city has a world-class food scene including some of the best barbecue you will ever eat in your life. I know almost every article with the title “Reasons to Visit _” talks about food. However, North Carolina is different.

The have had a food revolution with pop-up restaurants bistros offering new styles and flavors of the cuisine. The food in North Carolina has become so popular that it has been written about in the New York Times, and the state is one of the top places to indulge in food in the country.

Best Places to Visit in North Carolina

North Carolina is rich with a variety of attractions, from the mountains to the coast. The state is home to a number of popular destinations that draw visitors from all over the world. When planning your visit to North Carolina, keep in mind that this state is often referred to as “The Old North State,” and it offers plenty of history and heritage.


Asheville is known as one of America’s top destinations for art, music and culture; however, it also offers many other things to do like hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains or exploring Biltmore Estate. Asheville is a great place for families because there are lots of things for kids to do such as visiting the Discovery Place Nature Center or taking a ride on The Great Smoky Mountains Express Train at Biltmore Village Shops.

The Outer Banks

If you love nature and outdoor activities, then the Outer Banks is the place for you. The Outer Banks is known for its beaches, but there are plenty of other things to do as well. You can go fishing or crabbing on one of the many boats available for rent or charter.

There are also several lighthouses along this stretch of land that were built in colonial times. If you want something a little more exciting than fishing, try parasailing! Parasailing is fun for all ages and offers spectacular views of the ocean below.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale and relaxing than parasailing, then head over to Asheville, NC where you’ll find The Blue Ridge Parkway.

This 400-mile road winds its way through some of North Carolina’s most beautiful mountain ranges and offers breathtaking views at every turn!

Best City to Visit in North Carolina

When it comes to the best cities to visit in North Carolina, you have many options. The state has more than a dozen major cities that are worth exploring, and each one has its own unique personality and culture.

Here are some of the best cities to visit in North Carolina:

  • Asheville
  • Charlotte
  • Durham
  • Greensboro
  • Raleigh
  • Winston-Salem

North Carolina is a state that has everything from an emerging beer scene to the beautiful mountains. It is a state worth exploring and offers a lot of fun adventures for those willing to pay a visit to this historic and stunning state. Personally, it is in my top 5 favorite states in the country, and I can’t wait for my next visit.

5 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Visit North Carolina in 2022”

  1. Asheville, not Ashville. Sorry, but it just kept being repeatedly misspelled & I couldn’t help myself. Thanks for writing about a few of the many beautiful, cool & exciting things to see & experience in North Carolina.

    If anyone wants to take a road trip that starts at the beach and ends in the mountains, take a drive through this state. I love to drive wsst on 17, 264 & I 40. You can wake up at the beach, drive for a bit & see everything from the coastal plains, hills, then even bigger hills, and end up watching the sunset at your favorite cabin in the mountains.

    You can drive on a couple of the beaches on the Outer Banks (only if you have 4-wheel drive), take a ferry to an island or 2 – bc that’s the only way to get there – or take a swim in some of the freshwater lakes or Carolina Bays. Both White Lake and Lake Phelps have very clear & warm waters in the summer, which is also shallow & void of sharks.

    If you’re in the western part of the state, go visit the Biltmore Estate and drive The Blue Ridge Parkway, especially during fall. There are so many things to do, you won’t be able to fit it all in 1 trip. I guarantee that if you come to NC once, you’ll want to visit over and over again. No matter what you want to do, you can do bc NC does not disappoint. ?

  2. Nice article. I will point out that while the Outer Banks are lovely, no doubt, no trip to Coastal North Carolina would be complete without a trip to the Crystal Coast, aka the Southern Outer Banks. This area includes the Cape Lookout National Seashore and the communities of Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Some of the highlights include wild horses at Shackleford Banks, the Rachel Carson Reserve and Cedar Island. The NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is certainly worth a visit as are the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and the NC Maritime Museum. The beach at the Point in Emerald Isle is breath taking. Don’t miss Fort Macon State Park. Also Check out the Croatan National Forest and Emerald Isle Woods Park for hiking in the local forest environment.

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