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5 Common Excuses People Give to Avoid Buying Insurance


5 Most Common Excuses People Give to Avoid Buying Travel Insurance

People of all ages have started venturing out on vacations extensively to satisfy their wanderlust and explore the world.

Amidst this increased travelling, what most people often try to avoid is the nominal premium to be spent on insuring their travel.

Here are the most common excuses they convince themselves with, to let go of the much-needed security:

5 Excuses People Give to Avoid Buying Travel Insurance

1. I’m Already Spending Too Much on My Trip

One of the most common excuses to avoid digital nomad insurance is backed by the tendency to cost cut. It is true that international travel does add up to a significant amount of cost. Spending over and above that budget does pinch.

However, when you are already investing so much, just a bit extra is completely insignificant in terms of the risks and additional expenses it can help avoid. In case of any unforeseen situation, paying for a small cover to insure against a much higher expenditure is what the wise never let go of.

2. My Travel Plans Won’t Be Rescheduled

Usually, abroad travel plans are made in advance in order to avoid the appreciating flight costs. Since such trips are mostly preplanned with all details already considered, people often feel very convinced that these wouldn’t change unless any extreme circumstance arise.

However, the funny part about life is that one can’t be sure of even the next moment. Having travel insurance can help in the event of trip cancellations and interruptions. 

3. I Am Quite Healthy

People avoid buying travel insurance by saying they are healthy. However, some things are not in your control- like getting knocked down by a vehicle or suffering an allergic reaction.

What’s important to realize is that travelling, especially overseas, exposes you to a completely different environment and geography.

 The climatic change can impact your health, and if medical assistance is required, it can get extremely expensive in foreign lands.

Moreover, international travel medical insurance comes bundled with many benefits such as cashless hospitalization, accident covers and so on. 

In fact, if you’re hospitalized, it even covers compassionate visits from your dear ones and sends your minor children back home safe and attended!

4. I’m Too Responsible for Losing My Belongings

Many people feel that getting caught in situations involving lost belongings such as baggage, passport and so on is something that they can never find themselves in. What they fail to realize is that being in a completely different environment can get overwhelming for anybody including them. In that situation, even the most responsible people can lose track of their things.

Even if that’s not the case, being in a foreign land where it is obvious that one is a tourist, it’s not uncommon to fall prey to thieves or pocket picketers at public places.

If in the process, what is lost turns out to be something valuable or expensive, repurchasing or recovering it can be extremely heavy on the pocket or full of unnecessary hassles. Hence, it’s wise to be responsible, right before your trip starts.

5. I’m Just Going Away for Few Days

Another common mentality among people is that they feel they’re just going for a brief period, and nothing can go wrong then (whether on the trip or back home).

It’s important to note that emergency at a foreign destination can occur any time, without a notice. How can travel insurance help you in this regard? By covering emergency hotel extensions.

Also, leaving your house keys with your servants or locking it up doesn’t always ensure it’s safe. There is always a risk of burglary. If your servants aren’t careful when you leave the house to them, imagine how slight irresponsibility could lead to dangerous consequences. Hence, it is always better to purchase travel insurance before you leave your house for your next trip.


While people commonly rely on these excuses to save money, the wise always prefer to prevent the bigger problems than having to cure them.

As Jane Krakowski pointed out, “You can have a plan, but you have to be flexible. Every day is unpredictable, and you just have to go with the flow.”

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