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The Ultimate Camping Checklist | Know Before You Go

Going camping is an adventure, no doubt about it. There’s nothing more invigorating than getting out amongst nature and spending time away from the many distractions that invade our daily lives. But without the necessary equipment, your relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of society can quickly turn into another stress-filled experience. 

So if you’re looking to get away from it all and head into the woods, the moors, or even a local campground, here are a few things that you will be happy you remembered to bring along. 

So before you head out into the great outdoors brush up on your camping checklist.

Tent or Canopy

This one may seem obvious, whether you are camping in Big Sur, or exploring a National Park in Hawaii. But far too often campers head off for their getaways expecting fair weather and a sleep beneath the canopy of stars, when in the end what they really need is some traditional camp roofing to keep them dry. Similarly, check if there are any mosquitoes or flies where you plan to camp, as you’ll want to have appropriate netting on your canopy or tent to insure you don’t wake up with stings and bites.

Appropriate Lighting

The two most important forms of lighting during a camping trip are a lantern and a torch. Inexperienced campers might think they’ll be able to get away with just one or the other, but both are designed for very specific tasks. Lanterns (Not the Yi Ping Lantern) provide a wide radius of lighting, and can be a perfect substitute for a campfire if your campground doesn’t allow them.

Torches on the other hand are better suited for illuminating pathways and trails, and their small radius of light will avoid waking others if you
need to use one in the night.

Camping Chairs

Trying to relax for a few days without anything to sit on but the hard earthy ground can turn your peaceful retreat into a painful stay, so don’t forget to bring along a sturdy set of camping chairs for your trip, which you can find at Tesco online.
If you’re planning on hiking in San Diego, and camping there are plenty of lightweight options available, but if you’re driving in and out from your site than you might want to invest in something a little more comfortable, with features like bottle-holders and pockets.


 A Tarp or a Tent Footprint

Even if there’s no rain and your plan to toss your sleeping bag down on the ground and crash beneath the open sky goes unimpeded by weather, you might  very well still wake to a damp and soggy bag. To avoid waking-up soaked by dew or ground water, bring a tarp or tent footprint that you can place beneath your sleeping bag at night.

Camping BBQ or Portable Grill

Nothing says camping like being able to throw some food on the grill and enjoy smoky, flavorful eats in the open air. There are plenty of portable options for barbecues if you’re planning on sticking in one place for you whole camping excursion, but as with the chairs, if you plan to be hiking around, then look for a portable gas or kerosene grill that’s easy to take apart
and transport.

So don’t forget, if you can’t get away for a destination vacation this summer, camping is a great option, just make sure that you bring along all the necessities to make it a fun outdoor time.

Now you’re ready! Get out there and explore some of the best places to visit in the United States.

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